Getting women is on every healthy guy’s mind.

Doesn’t matter the age or race or status, when it comes to getting beautiful women, all guys want to know how it’s done right.

There are literally tons of materials written about the subject (of attracting women) you can find in any decent book store or online shop.

You can even learn it on your own using trial and error and by watching what other guys who are good with women are doing.

Though the goal remains the same, there isn’t just one way of getting there.

But you do have to act and do something if you want to get women. You may get tired, and you may begin to sweat and get nervous.

But carry on my friend, carry on.

If want to get women, you got to make the first move. And to make the first move, you have to be confident in your ability to make the woman like you for who you are, using your conversation skills you’ve mastered through social interactions.

With this, you’ll know how to get her interested and keep her talking.

Let her talk about herself, and let her tell you how to get her. If she’s interested, she’ll help you and she’ll make it easier for you to get her.

Realize that it’s a (mating) game

But it’s not a competition between the two of you.

It’s more like a dance where you move with her and try to lead her with every step. You have to be good at it so you don’t step on her foot and ruin your chances of taking things further.

If she’s comfortable and trusts you enough to sway and move with you, you can take things to another level.

Or just get her contacts and continue some other time — sooner, I hope.

Whatever the case, the steps to getting women remains the same.

Call her or text her, and take her out on a date. Continue where you left off, bringing her closer and closer to you until the connection you’ve built with her is solid and strong enough for the next stage — you already know what that is, don’t you?

That’s how you get women. (Or at least one of the roads to get women.)

The way may have some bumps or slopes that goes up and down. It may come easy for some and tumultuous for others.

One thing is for certain, you have to move your feet and get moving as you learn the ways get beautiful women.

And when you own the skills, you can attract women whenever you like.