How to Find a Girlfriend (Without Being Rich or Handsome)

How many times have you said to yourself…

I want a girlfriend!
how to get a girlfriend

When you see couples holding hands, you wish that was you.

You’ve always wanted someone to hang out and have fun with.

You want someone to ask you if she’s your girl. And you’ll say “yeah” with a big smile on your face. 😀

There were girls you’re interested but then you got rejected or something like these happened…

  • You met a nice girl and gave your number but you didn’t hear back from her.
  • You talk to a girl, flirt all night, exchange numbers but when you called she can’t remember who you are.
  • You get a hot girl attracted to you but as the night goes on you just feel her slipping away.
  • You saw someone you wanted to meet but some other guy got there first.
  • You know the girl that you know would be perfect for you but can’t muster the courage to talk to her.
  • You meet a girl, get on a couple of dates but out of nowhere she said something like “I think we should be just friends”.

Isn’t it frustrating when someone you’ve met heard that you’re single, and they’re shocked ’cause you’re not a douche or a jerk like other guys.

You know what you want in a girlfriend

In fact, you have a list of the qualities you want in her…

  • Beautiful.
  • Sensitive.
  • Caring.
  • Smart.
  • Loyal.
  • Doesn’t smoke.

Someone you can trust… Someone that can also be your best friend and likes what you likes… Someone who understands and won’t judge…

Someone to spend everyday with, mess around with, and wear you shirts when she comes over…

But you haven’t met someone with these qualities.

And you don’t want to settle for less. Because you know…

you deserve someone special

Probably a life partner.

You’re not desperate but…

So, you tell yourself you’re not in a rush.

And you want to wait.

Because you thought you’d rather be alone than settle for someone you don’t love completely.

And because you’re told not to be desperate and settle because you won’t be truly happy.

But sometimes you can’t help asking yourself…

  • “Why hasn’t something happened yet?”
  • “Why isn’t she here yet?”
  • “Can she come to my life already!?”

Even though you have read some articles and books about relationships. They don’t seem to help at all. Or they just don’t make sense.

It’s not your fault!

There’s a lot of crap out there.

…if you have a girlfriend

Imagine yourself being able to talk easily and naturally to any girl. No matter how hot she is.

Would that help you find a girlfriend? I bet it would.

Let’s say…

You saw a girl who happens to look like a model from a fashion magazine. And she’s sending you some powerful signals.

Do you have what it takes to accept her invitation?

Can you imagine yourself…

  • Cuddling together
  • Taking pictures together
  • Going shopping together
  • Laughing together

The truth is, you can make it happen.

I’m pretty sure you’ll do all the fun things you’ve always wanted to do with a girlfriend.

Here’s the thing…

I’m sure you already know. Waiting will not do you any good.

Heaven will not set you a pretty girlfriend all of a sudden just because you’re feeling blue…

You can’t just wait around and hope she’ll fall into your lap. (I wish that was the case, too. Believe me! :))

You have to do something.

That’s why you’re here, right?

So, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

It’s simple really…

It still amazes me when I remember something about a guy who’s total geek/nerd, fat, wears a weird shirt and still gets a girl.

A different one every night.

The only difference between you and that guy is that he knows what attracts women and knows how to use it.

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