7 Sure Ways To Gain Her Complete Trust

Trust is not easy to win when you don’t do the things below from the get go.

how to make a girl trust you
You know she trusts you, if you can lead her along to take long walks on the beach with you!

How do you make a girl trust you?

As you know, for a girl to date you, she needs to trust you.

For a woman to have sex with you, she needs to trust you as well.

And you don’t build trust in a relationship later.


You develop trust from the start.

And if you want to build trust, even if you know nothing about attracting a woman, you need to avoid giving her the wrong vibes and turning her off.

You don’t want to be rejected because you don’t look like someone who can be trusted, do you?

Think of the interaction from a woman’s point of view.

When a girl goes out, she has a social responsibility to dress up and to be as sexually attractive as possible, without being tasteless.

And usually, as she’s sitting with her friends (who also look great) a guy will come up to her group and start an interaction.

However, even if he’s funny, has a certain charisma, and seems like a nice attractive guy, does she trust him?


She wouldn’t leave her bag with him or tell him her deepest secrets.

You see, even when there’s strong sexual attraction, trust is necessary if you want to date a girl.

She still needs to feel she knows you well enough to trust you enough to commit herself to date you.

So what do you do to gain her trust?

How do you make a girl trust you?


When you approach…

Be Trustworthy

If you are fake. she’ll sense it; other people will sense it, too.

If you tell her something you’ve done, but in reality haven’t, make your voice sound deep than actually is, pretend to be cool but in fact aren’t, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

No woman can trust a guy who she sees as fake. So don’t try to be someone you are not just to pique the interest of a girl.

Instead, be real.

TIP: Build integrity and it will not be hard to win anyone’s trust.

And it will be easier to gain her trust when you are true to yourself in front of her.

Don’t be afraid to be clear about your intentions, either.

Don’t lead her on by saying you’re interested in a long-term relationship if you are just seeking some short-term fun.

Even if you managed to deceive her temporarily with the fake aspect of yourself, she will eventually see right through you and immediately peg you as someone who cannot be trusted.

Then it will be nearly impossible to make her trust you again.


Be someone much easier to trust; be someone comfortable in his “own skin.”

And, don’t make her uncomfortable with your…

How You Look At Her

If you can’t take your eyes off her, even if you are admiring how gorgeous she is, being stared down will make her feel like a piece of meat.

Avoid looking at her in a very suggestive way with an expression telling you’re very much into her.

Don’t be like that crude guy who keeps staring at the girl’s mouth, keeps eye contact longer than normal or doing the undressing-her-with-the-eye thing.

On the other hand, if you’re nervous, you may tend to look away or avoid eye contact.

This only makes you appear shifty and uncomfortable. And not trustworthy.

To get a girl to trust you instead, do it like this:

Eye contact should be brief but frequent.

As a rule of thumb, make more eye contact while you’re listening, but a bit less while you’re talking.

Another thing you want to do is don’t just focus on her. Instead…

Be Neutrally Sociable

Show you aren’t just interested in her.

Focus on meeting all of her friends in depth.

Don’t speed through conversation with them just so you can get back flirting with the girl you like.

Don’t be overeager and in a hurry to attract her.

Same goes for teasing too much too soon that she feels overwhelmed to get involved in the teasing. You need to…

Take Tiny Steps

What do you say to make a girl trust you?

At first, talk on a very basic, easy going way with no pressure on her using your opener.

Have a decent reason to talk to her using an interesting, unique, funny opener delivered directly and confidently.

Don’t go up to her just because she’s hot.

Ask her and the group about something or tell them something they can easily reply to.

Talk about neutral stuff, especially the subject of your opener.

Don’t ask her about her job or where she got her shoes.

Don’t focus on getting something out of her.

Then, once you’ve been talking a little while and you feel target has warmed to you enough. You can ask her how she knows the people she’s with, how long she’s known them, etc.

The next stage is talking about you and her, conveying commonalities.

This is a good time to gather as much info about her and use her responses as fodder to strengthen your connection with her.

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Use the information you get to convey you understand her, that you know who she is. And if you can, demonstrate you belong to the same social group.

Additionally, you can use stories that indicate you share similar views and opinions.

However, if you find something you strongly disagree on, you can disagree without being disagreeable.

After that, you can talk more privately about slightly deeper topics like hopes and dreams, fears, favorites, and use one of the oldest tricks in the book to make her trust you…

Let Her In On It

You can just tell her one of your secret or a childhood story no one knows.

It doesn’t even have to be a ‘real’ secret.

You see, by sharing yourself, she will start to get the feeling she knows you and, hopefully, she will open up with some of her secrets.

However, never push her beyond what she is comfortable with. You should be aware when to go for more intimacy and when to back off.

Anyway, the most effective way to build trust with a girl is to…

Get Her To Know You

The more time you spend with her, the more she will see you are a normal guy.

A great way to spend more time with her is to go to different places because this allows you to do more things with her.

Result: She will feel she knows you and trust you more.

And be sure to…

Take Her Hand And Lead


Because when she can see that she can rely on your decisions — and that your decisions are good for her, the more she’ll trust you.

After a while, she will stop judging your actions and go along with whatever you suggest.

Remember, for a woman to have sex with or date a man, she needs to feel some level of bond or emotional connection.

For a girl to trust you more, she needs to get to know you and understand you.

So show her she can trust you.

When you say you’re going to go right, don’t go left.

TIP: Be consistent, show that you trust her, and trust yourself.

This is essential to any successful relationship.

And this will all depend on the things you do and the things you say–your words and actions.


Making her trust you and earning her trust should be easy if you know what you’re doing.

One more thing, if you want to make her trust you completely…

Don’t be scared to let her in on your flaws. Why?

Simply because if you tell someone something that’s against your interest, they’ll tend to trust you more–a basic trait of human psychology.

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