Things To Talk About With A Girl

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What do you talk about with a girl?

If you’re looking for things to talk to about with a girl during your getting-to-know-each-other phase in your first few meetings, well you’ve found the right place.

You can use these topics as starting points for any conversation so you can then explore other good and interesting things to talk about with each other and avoid getting into a staring contest.

Here are some topics that can help you get to know her better and get the conversation going and going.

We’ll start with…

The weather?

The weather is one of those mundane things you can talk about that has a rich potential as a springboard to other interesting conversation topics.

When mentioning the weather, you can move the conversation to other related (or non-related) things like how the weather affected her travel, her outfit choice for the day, other places she’s been to with different weather, great things to do on a type of weather, foods that are good on a certain weather and so on.

I’m sure you can think of other interesting things to talk about with a girl that leads to an exciting interaction and a deep connection.

What are her interests?

You can talk about the things she likes, not just the things you like or comfortable talking about. You see, the conversation is not just about you or your interests.

Instead, use this opportunity to gather as much new information as you can about the girl you are with.

That is the reason you are talking with her, isn’t it? To get to know her better and find out if she really fits with the type of girl you’re looking for.

So let her do the talking.

Women love to talk about themselves.

If you like, you can just be the mysterious gentleman who reveals a bit about himself.

Encourage her to talk more about herself and you will have more potential topics of conversation to talk about by listening to her in as short as ten minutes.

What’s happening?

Another topic you can talk about is what’s happening currently around you in your area or current events. This could be what the popular media is talking about.

Use this as another starting point to find out more about her other interests.

If she’s listening to something, find out what’s on her playlist.

A recent movie she’s seen, where her favorite band is playing, or the series she’s watching are things you can talk about with her that can go on and on.

The key is to have both of you sharing and participating in the conversation.

Ask the right questions so you can get more details.

Open up and share

You can then share your own interests, a story about a hobby you enjoy, a controversial opinion of something, a shiny new widget you want, an interesting piece of news you heard this morning, an amazing secret that really surprised you, and just about anything you fully know inside out so you can talk about it more when she ask you more about it.

If you share a passion for the same interests, it becomes pretty easy to add your own experiences.

And she’ll want to hang out with you more.

Even if it’s indirectly related, you should still add your experiences so you can show her that you understand what she feels. This can deepen the connection and understanding between the two of you.

Being on the same level and gets her will easily make her trust and connect with you.

You can then lead her to another topic where you can show enough confidence, passion, and expertise and she’ll not only think highly of you, you can trigger more positive feelings from her.

If you’re proud of what you do, you can also talk about your work. You obviously spend a lot of time doing what you do. This allows her to see how well regarded you are in a certain field which will certainly raise your value more.

And more importantly, this will also allow you to find out where her passions lie. Like most women, she’ll be happy to talk about her interests and share her views.

But if she’s the type of girl who’s a bit shy and reserved, you’ll have to engage her interest with enough interesting stories.

You can even switch topics every few minutes to keep the conversation fun and alive.

Anything interesting

Talk about dreams, families and childhood memories, crazy experiences, travels, hobbies and, of course, relationships.

Lead the conversation the way you want it to go. That is your duty.

Additionally, being well read will make it easier for you to find enough things to talk about and keep the conversation flowing as well as making a good impression, making her attracted.

So read a lot of things you’re interested in so you’ll have a roster of topics and things to talk about with girls.

That way, you’ll never run out of things to say.

Good food and cooking

And if you want something that’s safe and fun to talk about, there’s always the topic of food and places to enjoy good food. Share interesting foods you know and invite her out to places with good food.

Then you can easily segue to setting up your next meeting.

Anyway, it may seem like it’s difficult to find enough things to talk about with a girl you just met because you don’t know her that much. So keep her talking and find out what she likes about…

  • Hobbies and interest
  • Music, movies, and books
  • Current events and news
  • Goals, dreams, and aspirations
  • Food, travel, and adventure
  • Childhood stories

Additionally, have your own opinions and add your own experiences.

Of course, don’t forget to sprinkle in some humor and lightheartedness. Share amusing stories and jokes to keep the conversation enjoyable.

Remember, you can get to know her while making a good impression with a wealth of things to talk about. Just avoid topics that may lead to negative emotions. Instead, find a common interest and engage in meaningful conversation.

If you want a more comprehensive guide to making your conversation interesting, check out Make Small Talk Sexy: Conversation Escalation.



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