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How to Get a Girl Interested in You

If you know how to get a girl interested in you, you’ll find it much easier to attract girls and make her chase you, if you want.

Of course, there’s an easy way to make her interested so you don’t have to make it hard for yourself to capture her attention.

By the way, as you are probably aware, you will be attractive to some women and, let’s just say, unappealing to others.

Sadly, not every girl will like you.

Not everyone likes apples after all. (No. I’m not saying you’re an apple, but if you are, stay away from those oranges.)

Now, where were we?

That’s right! You want to can make it easier on yourself to get a girl enticed to you.

Well, here it is…

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How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

Want to get a girl to give you her number?

But are you now able to start and have a fun conversation with women with some levels of attraction and rapport?

If so, then you are now ready to know how to close by getting her number before the end of the conversation.

how to ask a girl for her number

Why go for the number?

Because getting a girl’s phone number is the classic way to close when you want the best way to keep in contact with her.

(You can also go for other things, of course, and that’s up to you.)

But before you ask for her number, here’s something you have to consider:

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How to Get a Girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend

If you want to get a girlfriend but don’t know how… this could be the most important page you read all day.


Because even if you’ve been single for years and have no idea where to start.

Or been in the game playing the field but haven’t found that special girl yet…

This may help you get a girlfriend. Fast!

You see…

If you stop and think about it, you’ll get yourself a girlfriend if you can find that one girl who’ll agree to be your girlfriend, right?

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The One Thing You Need to Create Instant Attraction at Bars and Clubs

As you may already know, having a casual conversation during the day is very different to picking up girls at night.

During the day, you can be as easy going and casual as you want. You can start a natural conversation, and chat about anything you want. It has a relaxing feel to it.

You’ll have more options, too. You can move around. You can go anywhere and not limit yourself to a certain location. If a street is not bearing any good harvest, you can easily walk to the nearest one.

At night, it’s more primal. It all comes down to how you present yourself. Walk confidently, and you’re already ahead of most other guys in the game.

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How to Meet Women in Bars

Bars are a great place to meet women — or just practice meeting women.

There are a lot of women in bars expecting to be approached by guys. They prepare for it like a sport. And the filter out and disqualify unworthy competitors.

That makes it challenging enough for most guys to drink a few shots before going in on the girl they chose to meet.

And if you’re acclimated to meeting girls in bars, and you know how to do it right, you’ll find it easier to get the girl’s attention and keep it for how ever long you want than any other guy in there.

That means, you know how to properly use your body language, your tone of voice, and your appearance to your advantage. You’ve got the basics down to attracting women.

You’re confident. You know how to talk to women and make the conversation engaging and interesting.

Even with all that, if you want to be able to meet women in bars, you’ll have to customize your approach to suit the kind of atmosphere and vibe of the place.

It can be difficult to carry on a conversation if it’s too noisy and there’s a lot of distraction in the environment. So it’s a good idea to find a place to bring her along after you’ve “open” her to continue your conversation in a more appropriate and quiet place.

Before going in the bar to meet women, be sure you’re in a good and positive mindset. Smile, enjoy yourself, and be open to meeting women. Girls don’t like men who sulk in the corner and wait for opportunities to come. Don’t do it.

Don’t expect that to happen. Most of the time, they’ll just ignore you and won’t send you those “come here” signals when they want you to approach them. Instead, go dance and talk to people. Keep yourself busy and enjoy yourself.

Meeting girls in bars should be easy. If you can approach her and get her engaged without feeling insecure and being able to handle anything that comes your way.

Meeting women and finding a great girl is a numbers game.

Take risks and conquer your fears. Do it as many times as you can and you won’t have a problem on meeting women in bars ever again.

How to Get Girls Phone Number

Want to know how to get a girls number? Awesome. It means you’re past the initial hurdles and you’re on your way to building more comfort and trust with women.

If you’re having a hard time getting digits, it could only mean she’s not comfortable enough to give it to you. You haven’t created enough trust in her, yet. If you did, she’ll be giving her number to you, even if you haven’t ask for it directly.

Or could it be that you’re simply not asking for it? If so, what’s stopping you?

If you want to see her again, ask for her number.

If you want to date her, get her number.

It’s easier, again, if she’s attracted and comfortable with you. You could create plans right there and then where you’d take her along. That way, she’d have to give you her number if she wants to come with you.

You could sell her whatever your plan is and make it interesting for. And she’d only miss out by not coming.

Find things you have in common with her and build some anticipation. Then invite her to some related activity at a later date about what you’ve been talking about. If she’s interested enough, she’ll give you her contact details when you ask for it.

Make her want to see you again by leaving a good impression. Girls don’t always offer their number on their own. It can happen but don’t expect it.

It’s your role as a man to get her number and plan for a second meeting later on. So it’s important you know how to get a girls number.

If it happens that you don’t find the girl interesting enough, you don’t have to force yourself to get her number. You can just say your goodbyes without getting her number.

When she don’t want to give her number, it’s best to just continue the conversation and create more attraction. Ask for it again later, or settle for something else like her email address instead.

But don’t get too hung up on getting the number. It won’t do you any good if every time you talk to a girl, you get desperate about going for the number.

How To Overcome The Fear of Meeting Women

It’s natural to feel fear when doing something you’re not familiar with.

That includes the fear of meeting women if you’re not comfortable to it yet. If you haven’t put in enough time and effort into approaching and talking to women before in your life.

And even if you’ve done it thousands of times before, that certain feeling of fear will come back (although not as strong) and you must overcome it every time.

If you don’t yet understand it, your fear of meeting women comes from doubting yourself and not having enough confidence. This will cause you to over think things and rationalize your current situation.

So one of the best approach to overcoming your fear of approaching women is believing in yourself and building your confidence. That will happen gradually as you move forward and consistently meet women.

How fast it goes depends on you. If you have a lot of time in your hands right now and you want to overcome your fear of meeting women right away, you can spend a lot of your time approaching and meeting women to gain more experience.

Once you’ve done an insane amount of approaches, your initial fear of starting a conversation will be easily manageable. And sometimes, things will just flow naturally like it’s supposed to.

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