How to Get Women Interested In You–And Wanting More

Getting a girl interested
How do you get a girl interested?

Being able to get women interested in you is vital.

If you know how to make a woman like you, getting a date with a girl is like picking the juiciest apples from a tree.

If you know how to get a girl interested in you, you’ll find it much easier to attract a girl and make her chase you.

Of course, there’s an easy way to make her interested so you don’t have to make it hard for yourself to capture her attention.

By the way, as you are probably aware, you will be attractive to some women and, let’s just say, unappealing to others.

Because not every girl will like you.

Not everyone likes apples after all. (No. I’m not saying you’re an apple, but if you are, stay away from those oranges.)

Now, where were we?

That’s right! You want to can make it easier on yourself to get a girl interested in you.

Well, here it is…

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How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

Want to get a girl to give you her number?

But are you now able to start and have a fun conversation with women with some levels of attraction and rapport?

If so, then you are now ready to know how to close by getting her number before the end of the conversation.

how to ask a girl for her number
Want to get her number?

Why go for the number?

Because getting a girl’s phone number is the classic way to close when you want the best way to keep in contact with her.

(You can also go for other things, of course, and that’s up to you.)

But before you ask for her number, here’s something you have to consider:

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How to Get a Girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend
This may help you get a girlfriend. Bicycle not included.

If you want to get a girlfriend but don’t know how… this could be the most important page you read all day.


Because even if you’ve been single for years and have no idea where to start.

Or been in the game playing the field but haven’t found that special girl yet…

This may help you get a girlfriend. Fast!

You see…

If you stop and think about it, you’ll get yourself a girlfriend if you can find that one girl who’ll agree to be your girlfriend, right?

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How To Approach A Mixed Group Of Girls and Guys

how to approach a mixed group of girls and guys

Here’s a scenario for you…

You’re with some friends–two guys, one female, and two other girls you only know a little.

Let’s just say they’re friends of friends.

You’re out socializing and having a good time when… a guy walks towards your group and starts a conversation with your female friend.

You can’t hear their conversation or what they’re saying but… you can tell he’s not asking for direction to the bathroom.

Time passes.

A couple of minutes later, as you glance back over, you see this guy still there talking to your female friend.

He’s hitting on her. He must be!

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Do You Fear Approaching Women?

do you fear approaching women
Why do guys fear approaching women?

You shouldn’t!

Sure. Walking up to a girl and starting a conversation with her can be very uncomfortable, daunting, even scary.

Just the thought of it can trigger flight or fight response if you haven’t done it before.

But once you’ve done it enough, you’ll be like a fish in the sea.


Why is approaching women one of the biggest fears most guys have when it comes to interacting with women?

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How to Expand Your Social Circle to Meet and Date More Women

When you lack dating options within your social circle, it’s time to tap into your extended social circle.

Meet more women through somebody you know!

If your social circle doesn’t have a lot of single and attractive women in it, you can meet a lot more girls through somebody you know using your extended social circle.

It’s common for most guys’ social circle to lack a single pretty woman in them. And if you want to meet new women, the solution to this is very simple.

It is to break out of your current social circle and tap into your extended social circle.

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Creating Instant Attraction at Bars and Clubs

As you may already know, having a casual conversation during the day is very different to picking up girls at night.

During the day, you can be as easy going and casual as you want. You can start a natural conversation, and chat about anything you want. It has a relaxing feel to it.

You’ll have more options, too.

You can move around. You can go anywhere and not limit yourself to a certain location. If a street is not bearing any good harvest, you can easily walk to the nearest one.

At night, it’s more primal.

It all comes down to how you present yourself. Walk confidently, and you’re already ahead of most other guys in the game.

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How To Make A Woman Notice You

If you’ve ever had the experience of going out with your friends but most of the girls don’t seem notice you.

These women seem to ignore you’re there and just pay more attention to your friends. You might like to meet one of those girls but she’s just not giving you the time.

After that episode, your self-esteem feels like it took a massive blow sending you to the pit of despair. Then you swear to yourself that you don’t want to go through that trauma again. So you ask the question:

How do you make women notice you?

If you stay a while, you’ll know how to get her attention and keep it long enough to get the girl you like to notice you.

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How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

Most guys who are not used to regularly approaching and meeting women, and who are just starting out on the road to attracting women experience approach anxiety. It’s the first hurdle you have to overcome to get good at attracting women. It stops you from starting a conversation. It gives you trouble every time you want to meet a beautiful woman.  And slows you down when you give in to approach anxiety. If you don’t conquer your approach anxiety, you’ll … Continue reading…

How to Become More Social And Less Shy

You can take being comfortable around other people, making and enjoying the company of friends as slowly as you want.

Be more social: image of friends on the beach
You can make friends and have fun

In the next few minutes…

I’m going to tell you how to become more social using a few key ideas you’ll read below that will allow you to make friends and have fun in social settings, and of course, get women.

As you know, being social is at the core of meeting and attracting women.

You could even say it’s at the heart of a lot of things that make us human–including your life satisfaction.

After all, if you want to achieve something in your school or at work…

… if you want to get ahead in life and make something of yourself, you need to be able to handle social situations with ease.

You see, being social is a fundamental requirement in life for a simple reason:

Humans are social animals.

And it is also why most successful people view connections as more valuable than a diploma.

It is also the secret if you want to live a hundred and beyond. (1)


Life is just easier if you’re more social.

So if you want to get good meeting girls or live a long happy life, start becoming more social by reading the rest of this page.

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How to Meet Women in Bars

Bars can be a good place to meet women. Why?

Because women expect to meet men here. This is the place they expect to socialize with other people.

In fact, there are a lot of women in bars expecting to be approached by guys.

Like a sport, they prepare for it and the filter out and disqualify unworthy competitors.

With those kind of expectation, it makes it a bit challenging for guys not to drink a few shots before going in to talk to a girl they would like to meet.

And you can expect a lot of brush offs before you hail a taxi back to your place.

So what can you do to successfully meet girls at bars?

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How to Get Girls Phone Number

Want to know how to get a girl’s phone number?

Awesome. It means you’re past the initial hurdles and you’re on your way to building more comfort and trust with women.

If you’re having a hard time getting digits, it could only mean she’s not comfortable enough to give it to you.

You haven’t created enough trust in her, yet. If you did, she’ll be giving her number to you without you even needing to ask for it.

Or could it be that you’re simply not asking for it?

If so, what’s stopping you?

Getting a girl’s number will allow you to follow up with a girl you like so you can ask her to meet you again. Remember…

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How To Overcome Your Fear of Meeting Women

Do you feel petrified at the thought of meeting a beautiful woman?

That’s okay!

It’s natural to feel fear when doing something you’re not familiar with.

That includes the fear of meeting women, if you’re not comfortable to it yet…

… If you, like most guys, haven’t put in enough time and effort into approaching and talking to women before in your life.

And believe it or not, even if you’ve done approaches thousands of times before, that certain feeling of fear will come back (although not as strong) when you stop for a period and hole up in your cave.

And you must overcome it once more.

Now, if you want to start overcoming any fear you have of interacting with women, there’s a simple exercise you can do.

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