how to approach women
“Hey, How long are you going to stand there and stare?”

If you ever wanted to approach a random cute girl and start a conversation with her but couldn’t… then you’re about to learn how to approach women… anytime… anywhere.

Approaching women, if you break it down, if you look at it from a detached perspective, is easy.

After all, you just need to take the first step and continue until you’re close enough to talk.

Close enough to get her attention, if you don’t have it already, and then you start the conversation with her.

That simple act of walking towards her is the hardest part. Why?

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Because of “fear”.

A fear caused by uncertainty. A fear of not knowing what will happen next.

Because you’ve never done it before.

Because of other excuses that pop up in your head. How do you get over this fear? More about that later.

There’s something you need to know first. It is important. And your success depends on whether you can pull this off or not. And that’s having a good…

First Impression

That’s right.

Make Small Talk Sexy

In approaching or in meeting someone new, first impression is critical.

It is everything.

You only have a few seconds to make her think you are confident, a winner, and worth talking to. So make it count.

Attraction begins at that moment. You need to be confident, relax, and calm. As you probably already know, confidence plays a huge part in attracting women.

Now… there are ways to get over your fears or anxiety of approaching. But the most effective is to just ignore it and approach quickly. Done multiple times, you’ll have the balls to…

Approach Any Girl You Like

You start with what’s easy. You don’t want to lift 200 lbs of weight when you’re still all bones and skinny. That would be suicide.

So, take simple steps that are easy. Like asking a simple question with a simple answer.

Do it a couple of times and move on to something else. A longer question with a longer answer. As you gain the experience it will be easier and easier to approach any girl you see.

Because you’re gaining confidence.

There’s also the “three second rule”. What you do is walk up to her within three seconds and not a second later.

If you do go over 3 seconds, you’ll start thinking self-defeating thoughts. You’ll get nervous. You’ll convince yourself not to approach.

You’ll think of all sort of reasons not to. She’s talking on the phone. She’s not that pretty. She’ll probably reject me. And you’ll agree with yourself.

How do you fix this?

Approach Immediately

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Don’t just stare at her for two hours without doing anything.

If you do she’ll leave and you’ll feel down for letting a good chance slip by. So go over there and remember the three second rule.

Now, not all girls will “cooperate” with you and talk to you.

It happens. And you should expect it.

Don’t deny the possibility of rejection. It’s part of the game.

The faster you get over it the better off you’ll be. And the faster you’ll improve.

To make it easier to accept rejection, there’s a couple of mindsets you can adopt.

Do it for fun: Since you’re doing it for fun… you don’t care what happens. You’re having fun and that’s what’s important right at that moment. And women will feel that, too.

If they’re fun they’ll have fun with you.

Or, you can avoid getting rejected altogether. If you can read body language properly, you’ll know when she’s ready to be approached.

She’ll be sending you all sorts of signals. And you’ll know if she’s interested or not by those signals she’s sending your way. This should tell you something…

Women Want to be Approached

Why? Because if you approach, they’ll feel beautiful and feminine. If you don’t, they’ll doubt themselves.

So, If they’re inviting you, don’t turn them down. If you still can’t, that must be because of another reason.

The other thing that stops men from approaching is they don’t know what to say to her. What to do next. And how to start the conversation after the initial set of words.

For what to say: Once you get close, there are a couple of ways to open.

One is to go direct. Tell her your intentions directly.

This shows you have balls and works way better during the day. Know that you’re forcing her to make a decision based on your approach. Is it a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

Another way to go is “under the radar”.

You’ll start with an innocent question or statement and let her get a “taste” of your personality. And then later on in the conversation, you make your intentions clear.

After that, you can talk about anything. You can use this anywhere that’s because…

There’s no place or situation where you can’t approach

You can do it in the street, schools, clubs, cafe, library… anywhere you want to meet women.

Whether you’re shopping, dancing, or running.

So… don’t let anything stop you.

Be confident.

Approach immediately.

And have fun.


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