8 Mistakes to Avoid When Complimenting a Girl Over Text

When you want to compliment a girl over text, the last thing you want to do is come across as “creepy.”

Instead of making her feel special and appreciated, you make her feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Instead of making her like you, you unintentionally insult her.

Instead of making her day, you cause its ruin.

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3 Ways To Be More Interesting Over Text With A Girl

How you hold her attention comes down to how you interact with her and how you make texting more interesting.

Are you a dry and boring texter? 

Do you find it hard to hold an interesting conversation over text going?

Do the girls you text always seem to disappear after a couple of text exchanges?

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How to Get The Girl And Avoid The “Friend Zone”

There is a line you have to cross if you want to successfully attract a woman.

If you wantt o date a girl, couple

How many of your interactions with women are like this:

You meet a woman for the first time and have a conversation.

You talk with her for a while about different kinds of stuff from TV, friends, the holiday she is going on to her favorite cocktail.

It’s a fun conversation.

You seem to hit it off with her.

She smiles and laughs. And you can tell it’s all genuine.

So you keep talking with her.

You continue the conversation and keep up the discussion.

It ends with her friends dragging her to go somewhere else. So you smile at each other and say, “Bye, it was nice to meet you!”

It seems like a fairly normal conversation, right?

And you can leave it at that — if you’re not interested in her.

But, if the idea of dating her pops into your mind, there’s something you must do.

And you must do it as soon as possible.

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How to Make a Girl Smile: 7 Things To Make Her Smile

how to make a girl smile - girl smiling ear-to-ear
“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.”

If you want to make a girl smile, you’ll find it easy after reading this page…

… because you’ll get several ways to make her smile, whether it’s a new girl or the woman you’re in a relationship with.

As you probably know, being able to make girls smile is essential if you want to attract women.

Because when you make a girl smile, you generate good feelings. and she’ll associates those good feelings with you.

Do you know what that means?

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How to Avoid Boring a Girl Out of Her Skull

beautiful girl bored
Do you know what happens when a girl gets bored?

“Life is too short to be a boring company.” -Andrew Mason

You can’t make a girl feel attracted to you and bored out of her skull at the same time.

Especially if she’s attractive.


Because, as you probably know, attractive girls get hit on all the time.

That’d be like trying to go forward while you’re on the reverse.

You simply can’t get a woman interested and attracted when you’re too dull.

In fact, being boring is one of the biggest turn-offs to many women of all kinds of ages, professions, and walks of life, if not the biggest one.

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How To Be A Little Mysterious And Drive A Girl Mad With Curiosity

how to be mysterious
You can still be a little mysterious and make her curious…. even without a mask!

There’s no excitement when there’s no mystery.

Because the more we know about something, the less interesting it becomes.

Just think of the movie you watched last night. Will you watch it again? Probably not.

So if you want to keep a girl interested in you longer, you should learn how to be mysterious.

Even just a little.

You see, having an air of mystery can make a girl curious about you because you will seem a little more intriguing and a little more exciting.

She’ll keep thinking about you. She’ll want to know more about you. And this will drive her to spend more time with you.


Although being a little mysterious is to your advantage, don’t think using mystery will automatically make a girl go mad with desire for you because you’d be wrong. Why?

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How To Handle An Awkward Silence In A Conversation

You’re on a date with a girl. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s an awkward silence hanging in the air.

What awkward silence almost feels like… facing the void.

Silence is golden!

Why is it then that silence can become “awkward” when it is often wise to say nothing?

And why do you feel that need to say something?

Well, it’s not actually the silence in a conversation that makes things awkward, but the tension and uncertainty created by that silence when you suddenly don’t know what to do.

You want to break an awkward silence on a date.


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7 Sure Ways To Gain Her Complete Trust

Trust is not easy to win when you don’t do the things below from the get go.

how to make a girl trust you
You know she trusts you, if you can lead her along to take long walks on the beach with you!

How do you make a girl trust you?

As you know, for a girl to date you, she needs to trust you.

For a woman to have sex with you, she needs to trust you as well.

And you don’t build trust in a relationship later.


You develop trust from the start.

And if you want to build trust, even if you know nothing about attracting a woman, you need to avoid giving her the wrong vibes and turning her off.

You don’t want to be rejected because you don’t look like someone who can be trusted, do you?

Think of the interaction from a woman’s point of view.

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Things To Talk About With A Girl

what to talk about with a girl - people talking
What do you talk about with a girl?

If you’re looking for things to talk to about with a girl during your getting-to-know-each-other phase in your first few meetings, well you’ve found the right place.

You can use these topics as starting points for any conversation so you can then explore other good and interesting things to talk about with each other and avoid getting into a staring contest.

Here are some topics that can help you get to know her better and get the conversation going and going.

We’ll start with…

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3 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Boring

things guys do that girls find boring
When the girl you want to talk to would rather (comfortably?) sleep on a tree…

What are the things guys do that make girls yawn, turn around, and talk to some other guy?

Or just end the date early?

There are plenty and it may vary from girl to girl but, there are some things that they all seem to agree on… like what’s listed below.

If you happen to make girls not want to be around you that much, you’re probably aware of what I’m talking about.

If not, it’s better to not be clueless about the things that you probably do if girls want to saunter off far away from you.

After you read this, I think it’s safe to say that “boring” is another word for what turns women off.

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3 Easy Ways to Tease (and Flirt With) Her

ways to tease and flirt
Ah, the power of teasing!

There are many reasons to tease but the one I like is teasing for fun and bonding.

Playful teasing strengthens the bond of closeness with a girl while you’re amusing yourself and … definitely avoids being boring. Why? Because teasing makes you a fun, friendly and interesting man to be around.

Add humor and excitement to your conversation and you’ll be able to attract women easily.

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How to Build Rapport with Women

If you know what you’re doing, and you’re following this path of attracting women, you’ll know how important building massive rapport is in the seduction process.

For one, if she don’t trust you enough, she won’t give your her number.

And if you don’t get her number, there’s no chance of a second meeting happening.

It just stops.

Your road is abruptly cut-off and you can not proceed with her anymore. That’s how important building rapport with women is.

It let’s you continue to play the game way with her and get past to just knowing you and having fun with you for a short amount of time.

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How to Save a Dying Conversation

Conversations can be saved if you can recognize it early enough, and you know how to save a dying conversation. It’s good practice, too, if you want to improve your conversation skills and take it to new heights. Sometimes, when …

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Conversation Starters With Girls

Starting a conversation with girls becomes easy when you already know what to say. When you already have something in your mind to say to her that you’re definitely sure to get a good response since you’ve proven it and …

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Questions To Ask Women On A First Date

First dates may lead you to roses and sunshine full of burning passion or a scorching desert with nothing but a mirage of an oasis.

Although it can be nerve-wracking, the anticipation to meet a girl on a first date is enough to make you daydream. But before you expect too much, having a slew of questions to ask women on a date, can be an easy way to maintain a conversation.

If you’re looking for first-date questions to make your date with the girl you like a moment to remember, you’re in luck.

To really get to her heart, you should prepare your own interesting queries and well-chosen first-date questions based on what you actually want to know about her.

Great questions ensure you never have to endure awkward moments of silence or bad small talk. Instead, you’ll have the chance to enjoy engaging, open-minded, and easy back-and-forth conversations with a girl. I’m sure she’ll enjoy your company so much she can’t wait for the next date with you.

Aside from having a good engaging conversation with your date, good first-date questions should allow you to get to know her personality, past, compatibility, and whether you’re a good fit for each other more quickly.

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Using Storytelling to Attract Women

When you’re taking to a woman, you gotta know how to captivate her and pull her in to what you’re saying. And the longer you have her attention, the more time you’ll have to create attraction and build a long …

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When You Run Out of Things to Say

Even if you run out of things to say, it’s not the end of the world–or the conversation.

Cannot think of anything to say?

Just when you’re starting to get the hang of talking to a pretty girl and you feel like you’re making good progress and building a connection, you suddenly don’t know what to say.

When you run out of things to say, what comes after is silence.

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Things You Should Never Say to a Woman You Like

Shhh… Don’t say it!

What are the things you should never say to a woman?

There are statements that can be insensitive or offensive to a woman.

Sometimes guys forget themselves and say these things they should never say to a woman, and then wonder why she got upset or looks at him with piercing eyes burning with disgust.

Or the attraction she had for you just dies.

And to avoid damages, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let someone else take the heat. While you get all the love.

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How To Compliment A Girl

The best way to compliment a girl on her eyes, her body, her looks, her fashion, or her tattoo.

It’s how you compliment her

Getting a compliment feels good, doesn’t it?

It’s sort of like getting a social reward and has the effect of making you want to do better.

And you know what they say, behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.

That’s why in good marriages, research has found that compliments outnumber criticisms five to one.

If you want to compliment a girl in a way that puts a smile on her face, keep reading.

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How to Make Girls Laugh

If you’re able to make girls laugh, you’ll get some hearty side-effects.

Like what?

You’ll be able to easily attract women since you’re funny and women love men with sense of humor.

What’s more, every time you make women laugh, you’ll be giving them good feelings and emotions that, in time, will become associated with you.

You see, being funny and making her laugh is a great way to establish a connection with her.

Plus, when you can be yourself and enjoy each moment you spend with the ladies, you’ll be showing them that you are confident, relaxed, and comfortable around women.

However, if you want to be seen as high value, you gotta use the right kind of humor — the kind that attracts women.

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