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The One Thing You Must Do If You Want To Date A Girl

How many of your interactions with women are like this:

You meet a woman for the first time and have a conversation.

You talk with her for a while about different kinds of stuff from TV, friends, the holiday she is going on to her favorite cocktail.

It’s a fun conversation.

You seem to hit it off with her. She smiles and laughs. And you can tell it’s all genuine.

So you keep talking with her. You continue the conversation and keep up the discussion.

It ends with her friends dragging her to go somewhere else. So you smile at each other and say, “Bye, it was nice to meet you!”

It seems like a fairly normal conversation, right? And you can leave it at that if you’re not interested in her.

But, if the idea of dating her pops into your mind, there’s something you must do.

And you must do it as soon as possible.

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How To Be A Little Mysterious And Drive A Girl Mad With Curiosity

how to be mysterious
There’s no excitement when there’s no mystery.

Because the more we know about something, the less interesting it becomes.

And if you want to keep a girl interested in you longer, you should learn how to be mysterious.

Even just a little.

You see, having an air of mystery can make a girl curious about you because you will seem a little more intriguing and a little more exciting.

She’ll keep thinking about you. She’ll want to know more about you. And this will drive her to spend more time with you.


Although being a little mysterious is to your advantage, don’t think using mystery will automatically make a girl go mad with desire for you because you’d be wrong.

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Simple Ways to Handle Awkward Silences

Silence is golden!

Why then can it become awkward when it is often wise to say nothing?

Well, it’s not actually the silence that makes things awkward, but the tension and uncertainty created by that silence.

When you suddenly don’t know what to do, and it becomes preferable to say something than nothing.


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How to Make a Girl Trust You

how to make a girl trust you

For a girl to date you, she needs to trust you.

For a woman to have sex with you, she needs to trust you as well.

And you don’t build trust in a relationship later. No. You develop trust from the start.

And if you want to build trust, even if you know nothing about attracting a woman, you need to avoid giving her the wrong vibes and turning her off.

Think of the interaction from a woman’s point of view.

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Things To Talk About With A Girl

If you’re looking for things to talk to about with a girl during your getting-to-know-each-other phase in your first few meetings, well you’ve found the right place.

You can use these topics as starting points for any conversation so you can then explore other good and interesting things to talk about with each other and avoid getting into a staring contest.

We’ll start with…

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3 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Boring

things guys do that girls find boring

What are the things guys do that make girls yawn, turn around, and talk to some other guy?

Or just end the date early?

There are plenty and it may vary from girl to girl but, there are some things that they all seem to agree on… like what’s listed below.

If you happen to make girls not want to be around you that much, you’re probably aware of what I’m talking about.

If not, it’s better to not be clueless about the things that you probably do if girls want to saunter off far away from you.

After you read this, I think it’s safe to say that “boring” is another word for what turns women off.

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How to Build Rapport with Women

If you know what you’re doing, and you’re following this path of attracting women, you’ll know how important building massive rapport is in the seduction process.

For one, if she don’t trust you enough, she won’t give your her number.

And if you don’t get her number, there’s no chance of a second meeting happening.

It just stops.

Your road is abruptly cut-off and you can not proceed with her anymore. That’s how important building rapport with women is.

It let’s you continue to play the game way with her and get past to just knowing you and having fun with you for a short amount of time.

It is what you need to do if you want to make her to fall in love with you. And if you want to make things serious with her.

Even on the first meeting, if you can’t build enough rapport, she won’t feel comfortable talking to you. And if that happens, the conversation will go nowhere. And it needs to be balanced, too.

You can’t be just pouring yourself out while she’s not even letting you get a glimpse of her life. You’ll just creep her out that way.

She’ll feel much more comfortable if you can make her talk about herself as it actually builds more trust and comfort.

You can ask her about things that you genuinely want to know about her.

Use open-ended questions instead of questions requiring only a straight answer. You want to ask her about something that gets her “feeling” something.

As it is all about her emotions when you’re building rapport with women. Of course, to get things started, you have to open up first even if it goes against your nature. Since we are men, getting all emotional is not one of our strong suits.

Actually, men tend to hide their emotions since it gets in the way of doing things most of the time. And it’s been like that even before the first men started living in caves.

But now, it’s actually more beneficial to let some emotions slip out if you want to get her to open up.

Because she wants to know that you can understand her feelings, you have to let her know how you also feel and communicate emotionally. It’s what creates bond and a strong connection with women.

If you can’t do that yet, don’t fret there’s a way.

You have to know who you are first, your past, and what you want in your life. And what you believe in. It will make you stronger and you won’t need to hide what you’re feeling anymore.

And once you can speak freely about your feelings, building rapport with women and making her comfortable because she trust you fully, will become natural to you in no time.

How to Save a Dying Conversation

Conversations can be saved if you can recognize it early enough, and you know how to save a dying conversation.

It’s good practice, too, if you want to improve your conversation skills and take it to new heights.

Sometimes, when a conversation goes stale and boring, it’s not worth saving. But, if you have your reasons and you want to give life once more to a dying conversation, there’s a few tips you can follow to bring a conversation back from the depths of the abyss.

Look, it can happen to anyone, so do think it’s unnatural that the conversation you’re having with a pretty girl turned into a staring contest. We can all run out of things to say, and, most of the time, you can just let it ride until one of you start again.

But… don’t take too long to get the conversation “restarted”, unless you want the girl to get bored. Why? Because when that happens, don’t expect anything from her.

No second date, no sex, nothing.

So what do you do when the conversation starts sinking like a boat full of holes?

First of all, don’t panic.

It will only cause you to doubt anything that you’re going to say next. And you’ll be thinking useless thoughts about how to save the situation from stinking.

So don’t push it downward faster than you need to, if what you want is to bring it back up and get her eyes to light up again.

Don’t blame yourself, too. It may have something to do with her.

So you better have something when or before that happens. You should already know what you want to happen, and there’s a road you’re following to get there. You’re already prepared for anything or most of what could go wrong — like the conversation dying.

That includes knowing what to say to a girl beforehand, and using those as a guide to prevent the conversation from fading to nothingness. And to recognize the situation when it starts to deteriorate.

If you can do that, you can quickly change topics.

Abruptly cut the thread of what you’re talking about that leads to nowhere land and immediate switch to something more exciting and interesting.

To do that, you can say anything out of nowhere, make an observation, make an excuse to talk about her, or just lead and take her somewhere new to stimulate both your brain waves.

If you can do this, you’ve just bought yourself some time to come up with something better to talk about so you can easily save a dying conversation no matter how dire you think the situation may be.

Conversation Starters With Girls

Starting a conversation with girls becomes easy when you already know what to say.

When you already have something in your mind to say to her that you’re definitely sure to get a good response since you’ve proven it and used it yourself before.

Of course, what I’m talking about are good conversation starters with girls, or in short openers.

There are a lot of types of openers and ways you can use them to start a naturally-flowing conversation with women.

Some are good for certain situations, and there are also some that carries with it a big risk of getting rejected out right. Whatever the case may be, you can pick a good conversation starter with girls that you like and try them for yourself.

If you find something that works well with you, you can stick with it to make getting into conversations with women a breeze to do. And all you have to do now is make the conversation with her longer and interesting using your improved conversation skills.

When you got that handled, you’ll be confidently approaching every pretty girl you see without a care what for happens next — since you’re sure she’ll have an interesting and fun conversation with you.

That works more to your advantage as well, since you’ll be making more approaches and not limiting yourself and unnecessarily putting pressure on yourself to approach a specific girl.

And you don’t need to say anything impressive at all to get conversations started.

Something as simple as making a comment on what’s happening will get the ball rolling. Or just simply asking a girl about herself will get an interaction open between the two of you.

That’s because asking a good open-ended question is a really good way to start an engaging and interesting conversation with someone. Just pay attention to details about her or your surroundings and you’ll have something to talk about with her in to time.

When you notice something, ask her about it or make a comment about it.

Even giving her a compliment that’s genuine and real— not something she’d heard before — will give you the chance to know more about her.

Making your compliment genuine makes it seem like you’re interested in her. And that makes it way easier to start a conversation with a girl than remembering a pickup line you heard somebody told you to say to her.

If you’re more directed, showing your interest in her shows you value her, and in turn she’ll be interested in you. It’s now your chance to let her get to know your wonderful personality using your sense of humor to make her laugh and make the conversation fun.

And staring with humor itself is a wonderful way to start conversations with women. It puts you both in a good mood and sets the vibe of the interaction to be light and fun.

You see, starting a conversation with girls is not hard. You just need to be prepared and confident enough to get things started, either by using a conversation starter or just being your natural talkative self when you want to talk to people.

Questions To Ask Women On A First Date

It’s only natural that you want to know things about the woman in front of you (or beside you) on the first date, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that you can ask her anything you like.

If you know what to talk about with a girl, you’ll less likely to offend her or worse bore her to death. Keep this in mind when you want to ask a series of questions that may lead to an interview from hell. Don’t become her worst date yet.

Although it’s fine to ask her questions on a first date, it shouldn’t be the focus of the conversation. Instead, focus on having a good time and keeping her entertained, amused, and occupied.

But if you end up talking to her and enjoying the conversation with her as you build loads of comfort and attraction, having a few questions in mind to ask women on the first date will save you the trouble of scouring for something to talk about while you keep her waiting.

If you don’t know what she’s into, or she’s so new you don’t know what she likes yet, it’s always a good thing to ask questions about her. Find out what she likes to do for fun, or the kind of food she enjoys the most.

This will give you some idea on what to do the next time you go out with her.

Since when going out on dates, preparation is key. And it will only make it easier to be successful if you already have something in mind that fits her personality.

Another thing you want to find out is if you’re compatible with her.

And asking what she like and don’t like is part of that. You should also want to know if she’s looking for something serious or just having fun so you know what to expect with her at the end of the date.

Don’t make things too serious, otherwise she’ll look at you with doubtful eyes and won’t trust you — the opposite of what you want. Use humor and make her laugh, inserting the things you want to know in between.

It’s always ideal to ask something in a humorous way so she’ll answer your question while stimulating her emotions at the same time.

Keep digging using your prepared “questions to ask a woman on a first date” list while keeping it light and funny instead of weird and awkward.

Using Storytelling to Attract Women

When you’re taking to a woman, you gotta know how to captivate her and pull her in to what you’re saying. And the longer you have her attention, the more time you’ll have to create attraction and build a long lasting bond with her.

Which is key if you want to successfully attract women and have a relationship with her. You can use storytelling every time to attract women. It’s one of the best tools you can learn and use to make her fall for you with just your words.

But, you gotta know how it’s done right, though. You can’t tell a story in a boring and bland way. Even if what happened in the story is so normal and nothing special, the way you tell it to anyone who’s listening will make it captivating and engaging.

That they want to know what happens next. All glued to every word you tell them, and they listen with anticipation and excitement like kids waiting to open their present on Christmas eve.

That’s the effect you’ll have if you can use storytelling successfully to attract women. And the way it happens is all under the radar, she won’t suspect that you’re targeting what every women wants in a man when you tell stories.

If you can embed your desirable qualities every time you tell a specific story to a girl, you’ll be able to awaken her feelings of attraction for you and strengthen her desire to be with you. And it will encourage her to tell stories, too, which is a good thing, really.

So, think of a story. It can be something that happened to you during the day, or something that you did once in your entire life. Anything, it doesn’t really matter what it’s about. Since what’s important is how you structure and tell it to your listener.

When you have the main story or the general idea of what’s it about, you need to find something that will get the girl — or anyone listening — to listen and pay attention to what comes next.

It should be interesting enough that they’ll stop talking and wants find out more about what you’re trying to say.

Do something unexpected, or make her curious to get her interested to what comes next. Then you get to tell your story. Keep in mind though, that you don’t want to be boring. If it’s too informational and nothing happens, you’ll lose her attention.

Move things along, and keep the story moving. It doesn’t have to be long. You can keep it short, even under a minute or two will do if it’s filled with feelings and emotions women likes to know about.

And be sure you’re telling about a good characteristic about yourself in a way that’s subtle enough to get pass through her logical brain. You don’t want to tell it directly since that would be just bragging and will only turn her off.

Tell it using as little information as you can about your embedded attractive qualities. As long as you’re able to get the message across and she was able to pickup on it, should be fine.

The best stories should involve her along with what’s happening to make the interaction more of a conversation that just you talking. Make it interactive so she can get involved and immersed in the story.

Let her grow with you, feel what you must have felt, and experience the joy of getting through something together. You can do that in your story.

And, to end your story, make it so that everyone listening goes into laughter or empathize with you as you resolve what happened in the story. End it in a high note, or use humor whenever you can.

When You Run Out Of Things To Say

When you run out of things to say, what comes after is silence.

And an expression of feeling lost and a sense of nervousness and uncertainty. You stutter and say filler words as she stares at you trying to understand what you’re saying.

Until she can’t take it anymore and says goodbye politely, leaving you disappointed but at the same time relieved that you get to live another day. And try again with another girl, and hopefully this time, you never run out of things to say.

Back up a bit, instead of losing hope when you run out of things to say… you could ask her a question — an open ended one — and let her speak. That takes the pressure off of you and you get to relax a little, maybe for a while if she’s got a lot to say.

Sometimes, you can just wait and say nothing.

Ride the silence and don’t feel uncomfortable about it. More often than not, she’ll start talking and move the conversation along.

She’ll take the floor while you think of things you can say to contribute to the conversation. You don’t have to force things to happen, it’ll naturally take its due course and you’ll be amazed at how well it goes.

That should be enough time to stir the conversation to where you want to take it. Maybe something that happened to you during the day or a funny story you just remembered. If you’ve polished your conversation skills, you’ll always have some interesting story to tell.

You’ll be able to pull out topics you know by heart while minding what to talk about with her. You’ll have it all in your head, and when or if ever the time comes that your brain comes up with nothing but air, you’ll have something handy to talk about.

But probably the best thing you can do when you run out of things to say is to not hold back. Whatever comes to your mind, don’t filter it and just let it come oozing out. Speak your mind no matter how bold you may think it is.

It’s worth talking about since your subconscious mind may have picked something up from your conversation with her that’s itching to get scratched.

So, when your run out of things to say, remember these tips well and continue the conversation as if nothing happened. Sooner or later, it won’t be a problem for you and you’ll wonder why it ever occurred in the first place.

Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

Sometimes guys forget themselves and say things they should never say to a woman, and then wonder why she got upset or looks at him with piercing eyes burning with disgust. Or the attraction she had for you just dies.

And to avoid damages, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let someone else take the heat. While you gets the love.

Almost all women are sensitive about how she looks, so don’t mention anything that will negatively impact her self-esteem with regards to her appearance. Unless, of course, you’re helping her put together an ensemble.

So watch out making comments about her weight, age, or shoes unless it’s a genuine compliment on your part.

Now if you want to attract her, here are some things to never say if you don’t want to get repelled. Remember what attracts women to men? Use that as a guide on how to act in front of her and the things you should say to her.

That means being a real man who’s in control and in charge of his life and circumstance. Someone who doesn’t seek to impress. So don’t say anything that mentions your new sports car or how much money you’ve got in the bank which can only be interpreted as bragging.

If you want to take her out, don’t seek permission. Just ask her out outright and plan for it. Do it in a confident and self-assured way and tell her what you’re gonna do together. Make it sound like fun and that she’ll miss out big-time if she didn’t come.

Don’t rely on her to think of where and what you’re going to do. Since you’re the one who asked her out, it’s only right that you have some plan. If you don’t, check out some date ideas.

Continue to lead the way for her throughout the date while keeping calm and not asking for mommy if she wants to do this or that. And to really enjoy the date, and not face a bomb waiting to explode, avoid talking bad about people she knows.

That includes her friends and family, no matter how much you don’t like them. That just showing her your insecurity and talking trash about someone is never a good thing, anyway.

And when you stepped on a land mine about to explode, don’t tell her to relax. Don’t say it. Just go along and agree to what she’s saying and show you understand. And next time, remember the things to never say to a woman.

How to Correctly Compliment a Girl

Complimenting a girl may seem easy, but if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up insulting her and saying something completely wrong which was meant to be a compliment.

It happens to most guys who don’t pay attention enough and neglect what’s really worth complimenting in a woman. You really can’t say a generic “applies to all women” compliment if you want to make a girl feel good about herself.

Because that’s what a compliment should accomplish. It should raise her self-esteem and not be used as something to manipulate her to liking your or getting your way with her with sweet words.

When you say a compliment to a girl correctly, it should boost her self-confidence. It needs to be genuine and sincere to make her feel valued and appreciated.

No matter how much women love to receive compliment from other guys, if it’s not something true and honest, it won’t mean much. It’ll lose it’s effectiveness and you’d wish you’ve never said it.

If you have something you like about her, don’t be afraid to say it if you honestly think it makes her special. Even the most beautiful women needs to be reassured and reminded of their “worthy of compliment” attributes.

Just be original on how you say your compliment.

When you say something she’s already heard before, it will only seem as insincere and unoriginal. But when you say it in your own way, you’ll come across as someone who pays attention and appreciates her.

Compliment her in great detail, describing what you genuinely appreciate and like about her. That’s how you correctly compliment a girl and make the compliment authentic and promote attraction towards you.

You compliment shouldn’t come from attempting to get a reaction from her, either. Give your compliments with no strings attached. The most powerful compliments are given without expecting anything from her.

If you want to get good at giving genuine compliments correctly every time, practice giving compliments to your friends when you notice something you appreciate about them.

This will help you feel a little less awkward when you want to compliment a beautiful woman. And it will help you generate some attraction and trust to any girl you give it to correctly.

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