How to Get The Girl And Avoid The “Friend Zone”

There is a line you have to cross if you want to successfully attract a woman.

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How many of your interactions with women are like this:

You meet a woman for the first time and have a conversation.

You talk with her for a while about different kinds of stuff from TV, friends, the holiday she is going on to her favorite cocktail.

It’s a fun conversation.

You seem to hit it off with her.

She smiles and laughs. And you can tell it’s all genuine.

So you keep talking with her.

You continue the conversation and keep up the discussion.

It ends with her friends dragging her to go somewhere else. So you smile at each other and say, “Bye, it was nice to meet you!”

It seems like a fairly normal conversation, right?

And you can leave it at that — if you’re not interested in her.

But, if the idea of dating her pops into your mind, there’s something you must do.

And you must do it as soon as possible.

You must cross the line

What is this thing you must do if you want to get the girl (and avoid sinking into the friend zone)?

It is this:

You must cross the line from being a friendly male stranger into a sexually attractive man as soon as possible.

What that means is that you can’t stay in the “safe zone” for very long before you let a woman know you are sexually interested in her.

You see, when guys are already in the safe zone, talking to a woman in a normal, decent way, it is common to get complacent.

It can be a pretty good place. You feel like you’re partially winning her over.

Why risk crossing the line?

Why rush things?

It’s no doubt crossing the line seems like a big risk to take because you don’t know whether the woman will suddenly raise her shield when she realizes what you’re doing or thinking.

It can be scary (or pretty tricky) to take the next step, especially when you don’t know the ins and outs of “the game”.

And, although it doesn’t sound that difficult, a lot of guys can’t seem to get past this line in real life.

But this is something you must do if you want to move things forward, attract women, and get the girl.

Don’t delay the progression of your relationship with her and get yourself friend zoned.

So how do you go from a normal conversation to one that involves flirting and teasing and sexually motivated behavior?

The first step forward

If you know how to talk to women, you should be easily able to do the first step which is to…

Get the conversation flowing smoothly and easily.

Stay relaxed and let whatever you’re talking about flow naturally. Click here for topics to talk about.

You don’t have to fuss too much about what you’re saying. Just be upbeat while speaking clearly.

And, before you move to the next step, you should get her laughing.

Don’t worry. If you’re able to laugh easily, she will, too, most likely.

The next step…

… is to say something like, “That’s nice. You’ve got some [a trait you like in her] in you. I like that!” to create some rapport.

Then you step things up by dropping one or two teasing comments.

By this time, if she reacts well, you’re pretty much in the flirting territory. (The F Formula can help you greatly with this.)

Now you need to continue building attraction by flirting and teasing her.

Then, before you know it, there will be a spark and some chemistry between you and the girl.

This spark can be the start of a small flame as you create more rapport and sexual chemistry with her.

So don’t let it die out.

How to keep the fire alive and burning

Begin to engage in tactility (if you haven’t already).

Start with some light touches on her knee or upper arm. Then take it up a notch by playing a game with her hand or something.

Next, build deeper rapport with her by telling her short but interesting stories to allow her to know you.

After a while, if she’s flirting back and showing you signs of interests with her body language, let her know you’re sexually interested in her with something like, “Something about you draws me in…”

That should show her that you’re not just being friendly with her, that you’re sexually interested in her.

Remember, you have to do what’s necessary to make progress with a girl if you want to date her.

And when you succeed in creating that fire between you and a girl as a result of having a conversation with her which she enjoys herself and feels at least partially attracted to you, it’s vital you add fuel to that fire to prevent it from dying out.


If you want to know more techniques to improve your conversation skills so you can easily attract women…

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