How To Talk To Women


Not knowing how to talk to women stopping you from having a dating life?

You don’t know the “right” words to say to her.

You don’t think there’s anything interesting to talk about with her.

Or you think you’d bore her, things will become awkward, and then you’ll get rejected.

Sounds familiar?

Well, you’re not alone.

Most of the time, it’s the sole reason a guy don’t approach a beautiful girl he’s interested in meeting and forming a connection with.

And this stops him from trying. Every. Single. Time.

And nothing happens unless… he tries to get over this hurdle and learn how to talk to a woman in a way that attracts her effortlessly and smoothly (she won’t know what hit her).

So how do you do that?

How do you make women like you after you’ve said your ‘hi’ or your ‘hello’ to her?

Here’s some important things to remember:

What you say is not as important as…

How You Say It

It’s true,

It’s not in your exact words.

You can say anything you like, say it the right way, and it’s like water under the bridge. She’ll get what you really mean, what’s behind those words, and she’ll size you up just like that.

That’s because spoken word is only about seven percent of the whole message.

The most important and critical part is often times undetected (by most guys at least).

But women are adept at this part of communication. She’ll know instantly if you’re nervous (lacks confidence) and if you’re trying to impress her (needy).

So to make things even…

Listen To What Her Body Says

Look at her body.

Watch how her body moves? Why?

Because the subtle movements she makes, from how she moves her head and eyes to how she turns her whole body… tells a lot about what she’s thinking and feeling.

If you become an expert at reading body language, there’s almost nothing she can hide behind her words (no matter how sweet or bitchy she is).

How’s that for a skill?

You’ll be able to tell instantly whether she likes you or just being polite.

If you think you’re going nowhere with her… you can save your time, cut your losses and move on.

If she’s starting to get bored, you can quickly change what you’re talking about and make things a little more interesting.

Change it to an engaging topic.

If you want to know what you can talk about with her… it’s simple.

Keep Things Light and Funny

And positive in the beginning, and as you get to know each other a little better you can then talk about more intimate and rapport building topics.

Just avoid the negative and the sensitive ones and you should be fine.

Don’t mention anything about your divorce or dirty laundry or anything that will make her uncomfortable knowing too soon.

Keep the positive energy flowing. Why?

Because it’s all in your energy.

If you’re like a black hole… who would want to be around you?

So keep it fun and light and…

Move Things Along

You want to be the one moving things along.

Lead the conversation where you want it to.

Don’t let it slip to boring because that’s what she might think of you after the conversation. And your conversation with her will be shorter.

The next thing you know she’ll be looking for an excuse to escape your range (especially during the night in a bar or club scene).

You keep things moving by doing most of the talking in the first five minutes or so.

Have a game plan, ask the right questions, and use some of the tools master conversationalists have in their toolbox.

And then, after a few minutes, balancing it out and backing off a little until she’s doing most of the talking and you’re just listening to her every word.

Yep, you should…

Use Your Ears

When you listen… running out of things to say is not a problem.

Focus on her and maintain eye contact.

Actively listen. Nod, agree, and give her a little piece of what you think.

You can expand, branch out, and relate to what she’s saying. All of this is only possible if you listen.

Show interest… show her you’re interested and you’ll both enjoy the conversation.

With that being said…

Knowing these things will make you better at talking with women. But if you want to be really good and way ahead of other guys… you have to do this one thing:

And that’s getting to know and understand women.

Understand them, learn what makes them tick, and find out what they enjoy.

You do that by being around women and talking to them.

So… talk to them whenever you get the chance.

Don’t be shy, they don’t bite (not that hard anyway).

You can even make small talk sexy.


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