How to Make a Woman Chase You–Without Using Tricks

Want to make girls chase? Then you should learn how to make a girl fall for you!

First, hit the breaks and stop going after that girl. You shouldn’t be chasing women.

If you want to get women to chase, the answer is quite simple.

Become a man women want

Embody all or most of the qualities women look for in a man, the characteristics that consistently appeal to women, and be a man worth being chased by women.

The more a woman knows you’re in demand, the more she’ll chase you.

Then slowly let them have a taste of your value without giving them everything.

Well, that’s the idea in a really simple way most guys should be able to easily understand.

And since it’s much, much better and more fun to make women chase you, you’ll be having the time of your life when you can trigger a woman’s inner instinct to go for the chase.

Everybody loves the chase–even dogs.

You see, if you can get women to want you, you’ll get more women desiring you. If you give her the impression that you always have other options, guess what?

It will prompt her to chase you . . . hard!

And it’s not that hard, either.

Once you understand most of the concept of attracting women and get yourself bathed with the attractive traits of the man women deeply want, getting a girl to fall for you becomes almost effortless.

Don’t screw up the basics

Most guys screw up on the most basic things that attract women–like getting a good first impression.

A woman will scrutinize your every detail. So you want to avoid giving her the impression you’re under-equipped.

Look, confidence is a magnet that makes women want to chase you.

When you come off secure right off the bat, she’ll become curious and will want to understand your depth.

But don’t go overboard and get too cocky or you’ll be sending her running in the opposite direction.

Use your body language, tone of voice, and look to make yourself sexy.

Start working on yourself to make sure you are chase-worthy. If you can show her that you are strong and secure, not desperate, you can make her work a little.

Be patient. Although some of these things may take you some time, it’s worth it if you really want to get women to chase you.

After that comes the little things, the nuances of dangling the bait in front of her and pulling it just the right time.

Getting her to chase you

That’s why you don’t want to show her all your cards.

Be a little bit mysterious and make her think about you.

When you first meet a girl, don’t spill your guts. Don’t be an open book and become easy to read. Hold back. Use the power of maybe.

A little suspense, a little mystery goes a long way to making women chase you.

Show her that you have many more layers for her to peel. When you can intrigue a girl, be prepared.

But don’t be too aloof like you’re hiding all your interest in her. You have to balance it out with just the right blend of challenge and showing interest.

Drop signs here and there and leave a trail of interest in her. Tell her she was in your dream the other night. Letting her know you thought of her when she’s not around will make her want more.

Will a girl chase you if you ignore her?

You can’t make girls chase by completely ignoring her.

Find a middle ground where she knows you have some interest in her but she’s not quite sure. Science proves that women are more attracted to those whose feelings are unclear to them. So use that to your advantage. (1)

When I say challenge, you have to be able to set the stage where she’ll want you.

Don’t be a pushover who can easily be kicked out, instead be firm and confident when you stand your ground. Have a strong type of character while not being rude or bragging. Know that you have power when you need to do something.

And you don’t want to be too available for her.

Women don’t want someone who’s always available 24/7.

Giver women reasons to chase you

You see, when you allow your absence to let her breathe, you’re building anticipation and excitement without doing anything.

Anticipation, more than anything, can make her want more of you.

You’re giving her a reason to chase you.

You’re not a convenience store open all the time. You are a man who has important stuff going on in his life and has a busy schedule. And she would feel lucky to be included in that busy schedule.

Get lost, give her space, get busy, and be in demand.

When you decline or ignore her invitation, it will give her the impression that she has to work to get your attention.

Do this right and she won’t stop thinking about you.

Then you want to keep her on her toes if you want her to really chase you.

Turn the tables and get her to prove that she is worth your time and attention. And why you should keep her and what makes her special compared to other girls.

You are making yourself the selector. Of course, be subtle about this and not too serious, either.

Then you want her to open up to you. Get her emotionally attached. Make what you say and do matter to her.

To do that, you need to make her feel understood.

To sum things up, if you want to get women to chase you even to the end of the world, just give her a good enough reason. And she’ll enjoy every moment of the chase as much as you do.

Stop chasing girls, make girls chase instead!

It’s worth noting that if you want women to chase you, you should not be an easy prize. If you’re easy, your appeal will diminish. And once a girl thinks of you that way, she’s not going to change her mind.

When you stop chasing women, you’ll often notice they’ll start wanting you. So it’s best if you stop chasing girls and make girls chase you instead.

You’ll drive women a bit crazy with your magnetic attraction. As the attraction starts, the chase ensues. Make an impact, get her interests, and walk away.

I know this barely scratches the surface of making girls chase you.

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Have fun!


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