Some guys make going for the kiss a big deal and get nervous and screw it up without getting to kiss the girl. When you feel the time is ripe, just go for the kiss and and enjoy the moment and the pleasure it gives.

You should be able to read the body language of the girl you want to kiss, and should have just warmed her up before you attempt to go in head first. If you haven’t touch her even just a little and you go for the kiss, it will just be awkward.

Like after a good date and all you did was talk, no touching, and you took her home. She’s at her door, and you don’t know whether to go for the kiss or not. Most of the time, she won’t let you kiss her since she was not yet comfortable to your touches.

And it’s better to have kissed her before you took her home, so there’s none of that awkward moment right in front of her door.

Create the situation where you’re able to go for the kiss, and then watch the signs so you’ll know when you can pull the trigger and make your move.

What you want to look for are signs of interest coming from her so there’s less chance of her pulling away.

When the time comes, just go for the kiss.

Don’t ask for permission whatsoever. Look her in the eyes and her lips for a couple and seconds and then kiss her. If she pulls back, don’t make a fuss about it, just try again a few minutes later.

This shows you got the confidence and persistence to get what you want. She’ll respect you and be attracted to you more. Just stay relaxed and comfortable as you enjoy the experience.

You can make the kiss short or long, it’s up to you.

But you don’t have to rush things. Don’t force her to do anything against her will. If you’re going too fast for her, slow it down a notch.