How to Kiss a Girl Well: Kissing Tips for a First Timer

How do you kiss a girl properly–especially if it’s your first time?


Did you know that the most sensitive part of the human body is not the genitalia?

It’s true. Lips are the most sensitive.

According to scientists, a woman’s lips are a hundred times more sensitive than her fingertips. That’s why some women can reach orgasm from kissing.

But you have to be a really good kisser to do this.

Before you can get to that level, you have to know how to kiss a girl properly. It all starts with this:

Keep your lips as soft as marshmallow. Dry and cracked lips can make the kiss uncomfortable for her. So keep those lips soft if you expect to kiss a girl well.

Before you kiss a girl

Before I get to that, there are some things you have to keep in mind before you grab a random girl and give her the smooch.

(Seriously though, don’t just grab a random girl to smooch.)

As you know, before you kiss a girl, you have to make sure she’s interested in you. There are a lot of ways I’ve covered for you to know if she’s interested and when to kiss a girl. You can read them here and here and here.

So you have to pay attention if you want to kiss a girl. See how she responds to your flirting, to your touching, and to your charms.

Once you know she’s into you, the possibility of kissing a girl is on the table.

Of course, you’ll also have to let her know you’re interested in her so leaning in for a kiss won’t come as a surprise to her. You don’t want any misunderstanding at this point, believe me.

Tell her with your eyes. When you make eye contact, hold her gaze and show a slight smile. This simple move can tell her a lot about your intent.

When you want to kiss her

Going in for the kiss can be scary when you haven’t done it enough.

You get nervous and make a big deal out of it that it starts to show in the way you attempt to kiss her. And that’s a no-no when you’re going in for the kiss.

You should always be in control and confident when you want to kiss a girl.

It’s just like when you’re starting out to meet women, you didn’t know what to do at first — but as soon as you get some interactions under your belt, you start to become quite proficient at starting conversations with beautiful girls.

Some guys talk and talk, and try to wait out for the right time to kiss a girl.

Though there’s the risk of getting rejected when you go for the kiss, it’s how you deal with it that makes it possible to get a kiss.

So, don’t wait for the “perfect moment” to kiss the girl before you actually try and lunge in for the kiss. There’s no such thing and it will never come.

And if you hold it out until the last moment, you never know what could happen.

Why not go in for the kiss whenever you want to?

That’s shows confidence and total command of being a total badass with women. Even if she’s not yet ready, she’ll respect you for simply trying and not running.

Of course, to make her ready to receive your kiss, you should have already made some form of physical contact with her.

Warm her up. When you’re alone with her, get closer, hold her hands, and throw your arms around her. If she’s allowing you to do these actions and she’s cooperating by reciprocating, it’s a sign of she’s okay with the idea of kissing you.

But you don’t want to be too eager. Go with the flow and make it natural.

Having touched her arms, her hands, and even her hair while she’s leaning in, and you notice her body language matches yours, leading to her becoming aware and more comfortable of your touch…

And as you increase the level of intimacy with each and every touch, you’ll notice…

When she’s ready for the kiss

If you make your touches longer, you’re holding her hand and she’s okay with it, you’re getting closer when she’s already “kissable”.

When that window of opportunity opens…

When that moment comes up…

You can make your move right there when you stop talking and look into her eyes and lips. Move closer until you can feel her breath in your face.

If she doesn’t kiss you first, and before you go in and make your landing, and if your situation calls for it, you can tell her something like, “Do you want to kiss me?” or “Shouldn’t we be kissing already?”

If she agrees, don’t waste time.

Once you’re in position, you can go in for the kiss — slowly.

Lean in closer. Closer. A little more.

When you’re about to make contact and lock lips… stop. Let her seal the kiss. You don’t have to. But I suggest that’s what you try. It shows confidence and you’re giving her the chance to turn away.

Or just pull her closer and enjoy the moment your lips makes contact with hers.

Remember to take it slow. Move your lips slowly and feel how she is responding.

Kissing is about being in the moment. Focus on what you’re doing with your lips. Don’t be too aggressive. There will naturally come a time when it feels natural to use your tongue.

You can continue kissing her if she’s leaning in and wants more.

However, if it seems like she’s done with kissing, smile and continue with what you were doing before the kiss. This makes the kiss natural.

But what if…

… She turns away? You need to set the sexual vibe and escalate your touches.

Get more intimate, get closer, more intense eye contact and talk in a smooth, deeper voice. Then you can try again, and see if she reciprocates.

Be sure not to force anything on the girl.

It will only make things more uncomfortable with her and you’ll end up not getting the kiss. Or worst, you’ll end up alone. If she still doesn’t kiss you, regroup and try again later.

How you should kiss a girl

You should start slowly and work your way from there. It’s better to start gently and increase the intensity slowly. Kissing can be very intimate so make sure she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Women don’t like sloppy kisses. Use your lips properly and gently to give her a full smooch.

Kissing is not just about the lips. You can also use your hands to caress her face and body to raise the heat to another level. You know what’s even better? Pull her closer and use your whole body to press against her.

Here’s an interesting video I found for you that covers quite a lot which starts asking girls from how should a guy kiss a girl to using tongue on the first kiss…

In closing

The basic rules of kissing is to get consent, don’t be too aggressive, and it’s okay to mess up. And of course, look for those signs of interests.

Kissing a girl can be as simple as leaning in, tilting your head, and planting a passionate kiss. But if you’re not used to each other, holding her close and making contact with her lips can be made into a great deal.

However, once you’re past that stage, remember to keep your lips soft and careful with those tongue. Even when making out becomes regular, introduce your tongue slowly.

Keep kissing fun and adventurous. You may need more practice but you’ll get better.

Just so you know, kissing her lips is only the start of getting into that intimate physical connection.

Thanks for reading!


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