Going in for the kiss can be scary when you haven’t done it enough.

You get nervous and make a big deal out of it that it starts to show in the way you attempt to kiss her. And that’s a no-no when you’re going in for the kiss.

You should always be in control and confident when you want to kiss a girl.

It’s just like when you’re starting out to meet women, you didn’t know what to do at first but as soon as you get some interactions under your belt, you start to become quite proficient at it.

Some guys talk and talk, and try to wait out for the right time to kiss a girl. Though there’s the risk of getting rejected when you go for the kiss, it’s how you deal with it that makes it possible to get the kiss no matter how many times she resists.

So, don’t wait for the “perfect moment” to kiss the girl before you actually try and lunge in for the kiss. There’s no such thing and it will never come.

And if you hold it out until the last moment, you never know what could happen.

Why not go in for the kiss whenever you want to?

That’s shows confidence and total command of being a total badass with women. Even if she’s not yet ready, she’ll respect you for simply trying and not running.

Of course, to make her ready to receive your kiss, you should have already made some form of physical contact with her. Warm her up. Touched her arms, hands, even her hair when she’s talking.

This will lead to her becoming aware and comfortable of your touch. And as you increase the level of intimacy with each and every touch, you’ll notice when…

she’s ready to be kissed.

If you make your touches longer, you’re holding her hand and she’s okay with it, you’re getting closer when she’s already “kissable”.

You can make your move right there when you stop talking and look into her eyes and lips. If she doesn’t feel any discomfort, you can go in for the kiss, slowly.

But if she turns away, you need to set the sexual vibe and escalate your touches.

Get more intimate, get closer, more intense eye contact and talk in a smooth, deeper voice. Then you can try again, and see if she reciprocates.

Be sure not to force anything on the girl.

It will only make things more uncomfortable with her and you’ll end up not getting the kiss. Or worst, you’ll end up alone. If she still doesn’t kiss you, regroup and try again later.