Attractive Male Body Language


If you want to be able to attract women instantly (or at least have the chance to), you got to have to be able to display an attractive male body language capable of communicating your inner confidence and masculine strength.

I don’t care if you’re good looking or not, in good shape or not, have a ton of cash or not…

… simply having an attractive body language every time you meet and attract women, will give you a definite advantage whether you know it or not.

It’s such a crucial part of attraction that it should be one of the first things you should really try to improve.

Yet, it’s one of the most overlooked aspect that most guys ignore. Instead, they focus on pickup lines and memorize words on what to say to girls.

Well, guess what, if your body language is not attractive enough, knowing what to say will only give you just a few second of air time with a girl. If you don’t know how to say it properly with the right body language, even this flow will not work for you.

So get it clear, and transform your lousy body language into an attractive body language that turns head and steals stares from even the prettiest women out there. How do you do that?

Let’s start with how you stand.

You should feel stable when you’re standing still, not shifting your weights, with your feet planted slightly shoulder width apart. Get used to standing like this to improve your balance and base.

When you’re standing like that, avoid fidgeting like a nervous wreck with a mental condition. It’s very unattractive. Keep your hands steady and on the side to keep it from fiddling with something.

And keep your eyes looking straight forward.

Don’t look down, if you want to look away, look up or to the side, never down. It’s a sign of weakness and has a negative effect on your emotions, again unattractive.

When you move your head (or any part of your body), make it slow. Moving your hands slowly will draw attention to it and add a little suspense to what you’re doing. Notice how high status men move with smooth and slow movements?

That’s attractive body language for men.

Apply it in the way you walk and move, even how you talk, and you’ll appear more high status and confident. You’ll look so smooth that you’ll seem comfortable and relaxed.

This will make you stand out from every one who are rushing frantically.

Having an attractive male body language will instantly give you a better first impression and make you stand out from all the other guys in the same vicinity.

Even if you feel a little nervous and uncomfortable, keeping your body language attractive will still allow you to appear confident and composed.


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