19 Simple Reasons Why She Doesn’t Respond to Your Messages

What happened to her? Why is she not texting back?

Why did a girl not respond to your message?


In most cases, when a girl doesn’t respond, it can only mean either she can’t reply, she won’t respond, or perhaps both. Who knows? 

Right now, you can only guess. 

So let me help you guess.

I take it you met a girl, and she gave you her number. Then later, you typed a message, then hit send, expecting a quick reply.

So you wait.


You get no response. 

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

You could’ve either moved on or tried again later, but you’re here trying to figure out why she didn’t respond.

So why didn’t she text back? 

There can be far too many possible reasons.

Let me give you some example situations why a woman doesn’t text back:

She gave you the wrong number. Or a fake number or someone else’s number. You’ll never reach a woman who doesn’t want to be reached. She could have also entered it wrong, of course. And you didn’t bother to check or confirm.

She was just being polite. She gave you her actual number, but she got no intention of entertaining your romantic pursuits. Since she didn’t want to reject you or hurt your feelings, giving you her number seems like an easier way out.

She sobered up. When she woke up the next day, she realized she had handed out her number to a couple of random guys. Now she’s clear-headed and didn’t want anything to do with you anymore. 

She’s too shy. She could also be a reserved type of girl. When a girl is too timid to respond, you could warm her up to get her to reply. [Read: Ways to make a girl trust you]

She met someone else after you left. And the guy was much more attractive and muscular than you–just her type. So you’re quickly forgotten after she found the love of her life.

She’s not that into you. And she’s giving you a hint by not texting back because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. If you’ve given her plenty of chances, but she remains cold as the moonlight. Move on. 

She has a houseful of kids to take care of. How can she find the time to reply when she’s got toddlers running around. By the end of the day, she’s tired and doesn’t have time to text back. She also thinks you wouldn’t like her if you knew. That’s just life.

She wants to play… Hard. To. Get. She’s playing “that” game. She is interested, but she doesn’t want to appear too easy. She wants to see you put in some effort into the chase. Are you game? [Read: Is she playing hard to get?]

She forgot. She was in the middle of preparing dinner for her kids when you sent her your text message. You could give her some time to see if she responds. Otherwise, send her another text at another time.

She’s not ready. To start a texting relationship or any relationship. Even if she flirts, she could still be not over her previous guy. Or her career is eating all her time for other things, so she won’t be able to give you any. No need to push. 

She is testing you. She wants to see what you’ll do. Are you going to be needy and desperate for her attention? Don’t you have anything else better to do? Do you even have a life? She wants to know if you got what it takes to handle a woman like her. [Read: How to handle a woman’s tests]

She dropped her phone. Or threw her phone out of anger. Either way, her phone is broken, and it will not be taking your messages right now. She may not even have her phone with her. The repair guy certainly won’t be responding to any of your messages. 

She is driving an emergency vehicle, rushing to the nearest hospital to deliver a guy with zip-related genital injury*–who’s wailing at the back like a three-year-old–when you texted her. You couldn’t have picked a better time.

She’s being careful. She’s the type of girl who’s not very trusting and tends to keep her distance. She won’t go out of her way to text you, so she may take time to get back to you. She may engage in a conversation once in a while but not until you can get her to trust you more.

She’s texting another guy, who’s keeping her engaged and entertained. She may answer your text message, but there’s no sense of urgency to text you back. And you’re probably not standing out to her at this time.

She’s traveling. Do you know how long the flight is from the Moon Base to somewhere in the Alpha Centauri system? She wouldn’t be able to check her messages while in deep cryogenic sleep, even if she wanted to.

She got her hands tied, literally, to a chair. If you get a response from her, you can be sure she did not type that message–one of those scary Teletubbies did.

She was arrested for soliciting. What did you think she was doing there in the first place, being all flirty and friendly with you? The girl has to work, you know, to feed her kids and pay the babysitter.

Hopefully, I’ve given you enough reasons to figure out why a girl didn’t respond to your text message.

I know–it can be confusing, frustrating, and very annoying when a woman doesn’t respond to your text message. 

It sucks! 

So don’t take these things seriously.

Anything can keep a girl from her phone. And sometimes, it can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. 

So don’t lose your cool and start checking your phone more than usual–that every little notification makes you pull it out of your pants, hoping it would be her.

It’s best to back off a bit and not jump to anything.

If she likes you and wants to get romantically and intimately involved with you, she will let you know in some or another–like introducing you to her kids and asking you to stay for dinner.


Another reason she does not reply

When a girl doesn’t respond to text messages you send, another reason why she doesn’t text back is your text message.

It’s possible–if you’re used to sending boring, lame, and sloppy text messages to girls and don’t always get a reply.

If you want to attract women with your messages, you want to make sure you always send the right kind of message to them. [Read: The text messages to attract women]

However, even generic messages can get a response–if you are able to create a powerful emotional connection with her.


Because no matter what, if she didn’t feel a strong enough bond with you, a woman is not going to take the time to respond even if her cell signal is strong.

So when you are meeting a girl, make sure you spend some time getting to know her and letting her know about you. 

Before getting her number, focus on building a deep connection with her, the kind that will make her happy just hearing from you again, and you’ll have no texting woes to worry about.

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