A woman’s test is basically her defense against low value men hitting on her and trying to pick her up since she can’t let just anyone in and have access to her.

Think of it as a guard repelling anyone who tries to enter her front door.

Though it doesn’t mean that once you pass the initial test it’s over. It’s actually “on” all the time. She’ll always test you to see if you’re good enough to be her man. So you better know how to recognize when you’re being tested and how to handle a woman’s test.

The former is simple enough to do.

If you think you’re being tested, then you are. Or if she’s acting strange, in a way you wouldn’t expect of how a woman treats her friends or other people then you know what’s happening.

Better yet, just assume everything is a test so you don’t miss a thing and you’re always ready to handle her tests whenever it comes. And there are many ways to handle her tests.

But to be successful at dealing with them, you have to be calm and confident. You can’t freak out even for just a little bit, and you can’t show it even for just a second. So relax and remain calm and respond in a cocky and funny way if you know how it’s done.

That’s one way to handle a woman’s test.

Another thing you can do is just ignore her altogether and continue what you’re doing like it didn’t happen. If you’re talking to her about something and she tries something to make you react, just continue to conversation like nothing happened.

And if she tries to make you do something you don’t want to do, you can always make her jump first or attach a condition before you agree to do anything for her.

Then again, you don’t have to do anything for her and you can just defuse the situation using humor.

All you gotta remember when you’re dealing with a girl’s test is, again, to be calm and relax like a monk. Don’t argue with her, complain, or even get upset even just a little.

Know when she’s trying to be cute with you and handle it properly.

Because when you passed her tests, you’ll get better attraction from her and improve your relationship with her. And when she’s testing you, you already know that there’s some interest for you already.