Conversation Starters With Girls

starting conversation with a woman
Ask her about herself

Starting a conversation with girls becomes easy when you already know what to say.

When you already have something in your mind to say to her that you’re definitely sure to get a good response since you’ve proven it and used it yourself before.

Of course, what I’m talking about are good conversation starters with girls, or in short openers.

There are a lot of types of openers and ways you can use them to start a naturally-flowing conversation with women.

Some are good for certain situations, and there are also some that carries with it a big risk of getting rejected out right. Whatever the case may be, you can pick a good conversation starter with girls that you like and try them for yourself.

If you find something that works well with you, you can stick with it to make getting into conversations with women a breeze to do. And all you have to do now is make the conversation with her longer and interesting using your improved conversation skills.

When you got that handled, you’ll be confidently approaching every pretty girl you see without a care what for happens next — since you’re sure she’ll have an interesting and fun conversation with you.

That works more to your advantage as well, since you’ll be making more approaches and not limiting yourself and unnecessarily putting pressure on yourself to approach a specific girl.

And you don’t need to say anything impressive at all to get conversations started.

Something as simple as making a comment on what’s happening will get the ball rolling. Or just simply asking a girl about herself will get an interaction open between the two of you.

That’s because asking a good open-ended question is a really good way to start an engaging and interesting conversation with someone. Just pay attention to details about her or your surroundings and you’ll have something to talk about with her in to time.

When you notice something, ask her about it or make a comment about it.

Even giving her a compliment that’s genuine and real— not something she’d heard before — will give you the chance to know more about her.

Making your compliment genuine makes it seem like you’re interested in her. And that makes it way easier to start a conversation with a girl than remembering a pickup line you heard somebody told you to say to her.

If you’re more directed, showing your interest in her shows you value her, and in turn she’ll be interested in you. It’s now your chance to let her get to know your wonderful personality using your sense of humor to make her laugh and make the conversation fun.

And staring with humor itself is a wonderful way to start conversations with women. It puts you both in a good mood and sets the vibe of the interaction to be light and fun.

You see, starting a conversation with girls is not hard. You just need to be prepared and confident enough to get things started, either by using a conversation starter or just being your natural talkative self when you want to talk to people.


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