Become a Badass at Attracting Women

A Step by Step Guide on How To Attract Women

Everything has a start. A middle. And an end.

Same goes for attracting women.

But for most guys, meeting women, talking to them, and getting their number is so agonizing they don’t know where start.

And, even when they were able to talk to the girl they like.

And everything seems to go well…

… they still end up with a puzzled look on their face after the girl he was talking to turns around and leave for (seemingly) no reason whatsoever.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else... to become a badass with women

Well.. if you don’t know how to start a naturally flowing conversation with a woman or how attraction happens or…

… how to leave with her number in your hand and a big smile on your face then keep reading.

If you’re ready…

Here, download the guide below. It will make things a bit easier to understand.

It is something you can use immediately, anywhere, and in any situation.

It will even tell you what to say and when to say it. So go ahead.

Click to Download
Click to Download

Got it? Do you already have it opened? Did you find a flow chart? Good.

What you have there on your hands now is a…

Proven Process of Attraction Based on
Solid Principles of Psychology and
Body Language!

You’ll notice the stages you have to go through to successfully attract any women you like.

In fact, this is exactly what happens in every successful relationship; how it should move from one phase to the next.

And… you want to follow this exactly.


Because there are certain consequences when you skip a step.

But once you’re familiar with each step… it becomes easy and automatic. You’ll know where you are and what to do next, naturally.

It’s like having installed in your brain…

A Map in The Maze of

Here’s the hard part: For that to happen you need to practice it just like any other skill.

Yes, attracting women is a skill. It can be learned and improved… to “badass” level.

Those who seem to attract women naturally… actually learned it. The only difference is that they can’t explain how or why.

They just do it.

And there are those who have perfected their techniques through learning, practice, and experience just like an expert martial artist. They gained enough knowledge and experience until it becomes natural and built-in.

And… you can do it, too.

Let’s get to it…

The Approach

The secret to the approach is in how you walk and how you carry yourself — your overall body language.

You should project…


It’s one of the core qualities that attracts women. It has this effect on women that attracts them… get’s their attention… and pulls them in toward you.

And just like anything worth doing in life, you can improve and develop your confidence.

Here’s a tip when you approach: If it’s at night, approach from where the girl can see you so you don’t creep her out.

The approach is as easy as moving your feet in front of the next… but most of the time…

The First Step is Also
The Hardest

Once you’ve gone over that… the next step is…

The Opening

This is where you open your mouth and say something to her.

A banter… or anything to get her to listen and get the conversation started. Make use of your sense of humor to make her laugh and giggle so it starts on a positive note.

If you forgot what to say… or can’t think of anything to say on the spot… a simple ‘Hi’ followed by an introduction will do.

A compliment works well, too. Just be specific, sincere, and genuine.

Once she’s already hooked — she’s laughs at your jokes, she initiates touch, etc… you can start…

Qualifying Her

Qualifying means screening her. Is she up to your standards? Is she a cool girl?

This is how you solidify the attraction. If she qualifies herself… you’ll know she’s also into you.

You can do this by asking the right questions. Or could it be that she’s already bragging something about herself? Like how good of a cook she is…

… or she brings up something completely unrelated to what you’re talking about that makes her desirable to you.

Once that happens, you then continue on to…

Building Rapport

Now you’re getting into a more up close and personal conversation with her.

This is where you build that connection that leads to seduction. You want her to have that deep connection with you that she’ll feel like she have known you for years.

A way to do it: Ask open-ended questions about her. Keep the focus of the conversation about her. Let her talk. Listen intently to her answers. And then relate something back about yourself.

Simple right?

At this point, after you’ve gone through each step, you can already get her number, schedule a date, or go somewhere… if that’s your goal.

Again, refer to the Attraction Guide you now have for more details.

Especially for the qualifying and rapport stages since it tells you what to ask and how to interpret her answers.

There’s even a mini lesson in there so you’ll…

Know What Type of
Girl She Is

If you want more detail about these stages, you can… join this free webinar. Only a limited number can get in… so reserve your spot while it’s still open.

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Now what?

Now that you know this… this means you’ve already started your understanding on becoming a badass with women. You’ve just taken your important first step.


Here’s a tip: Practice each stage until you can do each one with ease.

If you do… you’ll gain experience, develop your confidence, and dramatically improve your overall interaction with women (or anyone).

You’ll be a new man.

Have fun,


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