What Attracts Women to Men

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Attraction is the natural feeling of being drawn to another individual and desiring their company.

So what draws women to men? 

What pulls a woman to desire a man’s company?

Below are some of the things women find irresistibly attractive in men. And knowing these things gives you an unimaginable advantage over other guys. 


Because it saves you time from making some pretty common mistakes. And, of course, just imagine knowing the secret combination to a lock most men are not even aware of.

If you want to step up your dating game and increase your level of desirability or charm, be sure to read every word.

Why These Traits Are Attractive to Women 

There are several traits that women find highly desirable in men. But before I get to them, you need to understand why women find these traits and behaviors so appealing.

You see, attraction happens at the primal level. 

The long years of evolution and the environment they grew up in tend to dictate what most women want in a man. 

Looking at female attraction from an evolutionary perspective, males who are providers and protectors are desirable to women. 

In short, men who can provide and protect attract the most females.

Although the days of being chased by sabertooth tigers are well behind us, instinct still guides the female brain to pick males with animal magnetism. 

That’s why a trait that shows you’ve got healthy genes attracts women.

Of course, it doesn’t explain everything, and not all of these points will be valid for all women. 

Many other factors can come into play that is beyond the scope of this page.

In short, what triggers uncontrollable attraction in one woman may not necessarily ignite the passion of another. 

But in general, if you can display a majority of the things that attract the ladies, you will have the power to evoke a woman’s interest.

With that being said, let us start with the most attractive trait.

Why Confidence is Attractive 

Women are attracted to guys with genuine confidence.

But what is confidence?

According to the Oxford dictionary, confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

In short, confidence is a belief in yourself and in your ability to face life’s challenges. You know who you are and what you’re capable of. Since you feel secure, you don’t need to bring others down to lift yourself up.

And when you show that you are comfortable with yourself, you give off a certain charm. You project positivity that others can’t help but feel through your words and actions. 

Additionally, your conversations can flow more naturally, and interactions may go more smoothly. 


Because when you project confidence, you can make people feel relaxed and at ease. 

Want to make other people around you feel better about themselves?

Let your confidence shine and radiate positivity. And you not only make a strong first impression — you become fun to hang out with as well.

That’s confidence in a nutshell.

As you know, women can be pretty accurate at reading your body language. So they can tell if you are self-assured. 

Your body language: your actions, your walk, your posture, your eye contact, and your tone of voice instantly reveals if you are relaxed, happy, and comfortable.

If you lack confidence in meeting and starting a conversation with beautiful women, it may take time and effort to build. But if you’re willing to challenge yourself, you can develop rock-solid confidence and feel invulnerable even in the face of the most beautiful women. 

The Truth Behind Humor

As you know, humor is remarkably effective in making a woman interested in you.

Go to any dating site, and you’ll see that most women list a good sense of humor as an essential trait in a potential partner.

Multiple studies have made it clear: women are more attracted to men who can make them laugh. *

But why is humor attractive? 

Why do women find funny men sexier than bland ones?

There are a couple of reasons:

Humor attracts women because first, being funny shows a lot about your outlook, attitude, and how you approach life.

For instance, if you can make women laugh, it reveals how you’ll likely handle yourself when tough times arrive — that you will be able to smile through them.

Since happy people approach life in a lighthearted way, that makes them a good companion in life.

It’s one reason why women value the lightness and playfulness a man with a sense of humor can bring.* 

It balances the seriousness of life. 

When you can add a pleasant experience to a woman’s life, she enjoys being with you.

Another reason why women find funny men sexy is that humor is seen as a sign of intelligence. 

People with a quick wit typically have the intellect to match.

It’s only logical that women would go for intelligent men. A man with smarts would be better able to provide for and protect a woman and her child.

But that’s not all. 

Humor also can make others comfortable. You probably have experienced how it lessens anxiety and incites relaxation, which makes it easy for you to get friendly with almost anyone.

So make a woman laugh, and you’ll help her relax. And when you’re laughing together, she’ll feel safe with you, too.

It doesn’t end there, either.

You see, when you’re able to laugh together, you can use it as a sign of good chemistry. Why? 

Because having a shared sense of humor exposes that you both have similar points of interest.

You suddenly understand each other.

And more importantly, how she responds to your humor is a good gauge of her level of attraction and interest. Laughing is a genuine and involuntary reaction. 

You can’t control it. 

So when you both laugh, it can lead to something more serious. 

But the question is… what type of humor is most attractive?

Well, according to research, clean humor is the most attractive for both short-term and long-term relationships overall. The researchers also found that people with positive humor have better self-esteem, more control over anxiety, and greater self-competency.

And according to legend survey, it’s the main weapon used by average guys to attract women.

So now you won’t have to wonder why some attractive women sometimes choose not-so-good-looking yet funny men.

And if you want to laugh your way to her pants, be sure to use the right kind of humor I discuss here.

Ambition Stimulates a Woman’s Desire 

If you have passion, desire, determination, drive, and focus, you are a man with ambition. 

And ambition is aphrodisiac to women. 

The reason?

Why do women tend to prefer men who are rich, well-educated, and ambitious? 

At first glance, it might seem like it is all about the resources. 

But that’s not all there is to it.

It is natural for women to desire the best man they can attract. Evolutionary psychologists claim this is because of the “inherent sex difference arising out of sexual selection.”

Men are driven to seek women who will give birth to healthy babies. On the other hand, women are motivated to look for men who can provide the necessary resources to survive.

That is why women prefer to marry partners who are culturally successful or have a high potential to become one.

Research conducted throughout the world supports this. 

In an extensive study including 10,000 people in 37 cultures across six continents and five islands, women rated “good financial prospect” higher than did men in all cultures. And the “ambition and industriousness” of a prospective mate were more important for women than for men. *

As you can see, your ability to provide is just as, if not more, important than the resources themselves.

It’s true, women are attracted to men with resources. 

But aside from material things, they are more attracted to the inner drive that got the man his wealth.

That means you can attract women with your drive and passion even if you haven’t got there yet. Just the desire and determination to achieve success makes you attractive to women. 

For women, material resources are only symbols of security. That’s why they want to see your desire to make yourself a better person and to create a great life.

Simply put, women are attracted to men who know what exactly they want in life.

So dare to dream. Live with intention. And never settle in life. 

Have the passion to achieve your ambition. Actively pursue your goals and build the kind of life you want to be living.

If you are a guy who knows what you want in life and is going after it… if you are a guy who does not give up easily to get what you want, you are already much better than most guys floating through life and just going with the flow.

When you have the motivation and drive to grow and prosper as an exceptional individual, no woman can resist such charm.

And guess what? 

That’s not all.

If you want your woman to remain attracted to you in the long-term, she must look up to you, respect you, and admire you.

And of course, women will naturally come to look up to you with respect and admiration when you’re always doing your best and always trying to get better. 

It is a turn-on.

So where do you start? 

Know your purpose as early as possible.

The best way to do this is to ask yourself what you’re most passionate about. 

Then, when you know what you are here to do, you have direction, you can get things done.

Once you have direction in your life, be fully responsible for your life and deal with your issues head-on.

You also need discipline and commitment as it brings about consistency, and consistency brings about results.

Look: There’s a reason why those men who dominate the business world also get the most women.

And no, it’s not just because of power and money. It’s because men who take responsibility in other aspects of their life are likely to take responsibility for their relationships.

Women expect responsible men to take care of the family instead of leaving at the first sign of trouble.

“The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of the man.”

Roy L. Smith

And guess what?

A man who has ambition will not only find women gathered around him but also other men. It brings about respect from people. Since people tend to respect and gather around a man with ambition, this can easily put you in a leadership role.

Women Want Men Who Can Lead

Leadership is the capacity to lead, influence, or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. 

Scientist Robert Trivers has shown that leadership has been one of the most important and attractive male characteristics.


Because men with leadership offered the greatest chance of survival for women and their offspring.

It’s also one of the reasons why most women are attracted to dominant men.

What to develop your leadership skills?

Start with having a developed sense of who you are, what you can achieve, your goals, and your ability to affect your emotions, behaviors, and communication. *

Then you could put yourself in situations where you are forced to take the lead. It could be something as simple as taking control of your group of friends, or it could be something as ambitious as founding your own company. 

Either way, leading will instantly boost your attractiveness.

Researchers found that people who are a part of a specific group were much more likely to find the group’s leader attractive than people not in the group. *

Let’s go to the physical part.

Women Prefer Strong Men

Evolutionary psychologists have shown that women choose men for their genetic quality and ability to provide resources.

A man’s genetic quality and capability to provide can be seen in his ability to fight and keep resources. 

And one crucial component of a man’s ability to fight is his upper body strength.

When researchers at Griffith University in Queensland surveyed 150 women, almost all of the participants preferred men who they perceived to be physically strong as opposed to men who looked weak.

The researchers also concluded that how physically attractive a man was based on three things: how physically strong he looks, how tall he is, and how lean he is. *

Furthermore, looking strong was much more important for a man’s attractiveness than being tall or lean.

Having said that, what are the cues of upper body strength that make a man attractive? 

Glad you asked. 

They include having wider shoulders, being physically fit, and having greater handgrip strength.

But there’s a caveat. 

Though big muscles are a sign of good health and good genes, and having a muscular body makes you subconsciously attractive to women, you shouldn’t go overboard. Why? 

Because less-muscular men were thought to be a better fit for long-term relationships. 

The guys who had big muscles? Women were more likely to want them for short-term relationships.

What About Good Looks?

Researchers have concluded in favor of personality over looks.

Though you don’t need the looks of a Hollywood male lead, you still want to put effort into making yourself look as handsome and put together as you can.

As you know, being good-looking gives you an advantage when it comes to dating.

Aside from the visual signs of health, being physically attractive helps get you ahead in life through the halo effect — a psychological bias where you unconsciously take one aspect of somebody as a proxy for their overall character. 

It’s why good-looking men are assumed to have better personalities, more trustworthy, kinder, and smarter.

And if that’s not enough, scientists found that both men and women are more inclined to choose a partner who is pretty much as attractive as they are.  *

Though being good-looking helps with the initial impressions, desirability and building attraction is more than just appearance.

A man might catch the attention of a woman because he’s hot, but it’s not going to make her want to have sex with him or be his girlfriend just because he looks like a Greek god. When she starts to get to know him, and he turns out to be a block of wood, it’s easy to see why he’ll end up as firewood. 

In fact, what you look like becomes much less important over the long term while other factors increase dramatically.

UT Austin researchers found that it’s uniqueness that defines attractiveness over time rather than just looks or charisma. *

You can leverage your looks in the short-term, but what makes you more attractive in the long run is something else. 

Looking good is fine, but don’t rely on it for attraction.

Attraction, after all, is more than looks.

What’s more, and this might surprise you, studies show that average-looking people are actually more attractive than unique-looking people. 

Scientists think that because of all the stored faces we know in our life, we subconsciously have a very good idea of what looks normal and hence attractive. *

So don’t worry about your face and/or your height. But do hit the gym and do style yourself to look handsome. 

What Really Attracts Women

Even if you don’t tick every box of what girls want in guys, what I want you to remember is this: 

What really attracts women is how you make them feel when you’re around them.

And having the traits that are attractive to women certainly makes it easier.

It automatically happens. 

You see, modern women may not have to depend on men to survive when choosing a mate, but what makes a guy attractive works subconsciously.

You may have heard that attraction is not a choice. That’s because it bypasses the critical mind and directly triggers the limbic brain. 


You can engage women’s limbic brain through nonverbal cues like touching, leading, and smiling. 

When you flip the right switches, women will not have a choice but be attracted to you. It’s the same reaction you have when you see a young woman sporting great curves in the right places.

There’s also something called emotional contagion

This occurs when someone’s emotions and related behaviors lead to similar emotions and behaviors in others partly because of the “mirror neurons” in the cerebral cortex.

For example, if someone approaches you with a smile, you have a natural tendency to smile back. But if they approach you with a frown, your tendency is to frown, too.

This often happens within milliseconds and without you being fully conscious of it.

Now, you may have noticed that the traits that attract women the most are also traits that make you masculine. 

Aside from being physically strong, being confident, ambitious, assertive, decisive, proactive, relaxed, and funny are some positive masculine traits that you want to embody as a man. 

Make her feel feminine with your masculinity.

Use your masculine energy to make her feel excited, stimulated, and aroused.

This is what makes a man sexy.

Let’s wrap up!

What attracts women to men is the personality, behavior, and inner qualities that make him masculine — and his ability to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction based on this.

Here are just some of the traits that make a man desirable to a woman:

  • Confidence. Believe in yourself and feel secure in who you are.
  • Humor. A display of wit makes you sexy. 
  • Ambition. Go after your dreams with gusto.
  • Strength. No need to wrestle with a bear; just display the right cues.

And most importantly, make her feel feminine with your masculinity.

If a guy has masculine energy, confident, and charming, a woman will naturally feel attracted to him.

But — there is a plot twist.

As you already know, aside from a man’s resources, his genetic gifts are decisive in the selection process.

However, numerous studies have found that women’s mate preferences shift with their menstrual cycle. During peak fertility, they are attracted to more masculine and socially dominant men. They can be less picky as well. 

On the contrary, women are drawn to more feminine and compassionate men — those who offer greater prospects for a long-term relationship — during their less fertile phases. *

From what I gather, women are most fertile in the days leading up to ovulation. *

And a common sign a woman is about to ovulate is that her desire for sex increases. Not only that, she will look sexier, her walk becomes sexier, and her hips have a more sensual swing when she dances. *

So depending on the situation, what attracts women can be complicated.

Anyway, now that you know what girls find attractive, don’t you want to know how to use this knowledge to get the girl?

If so, on the next page, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for attracting women starting from your approach.

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