How to Text a Girl for the First Time (After Getting Her Number)

how to text a girl for the first time - a girl looking at her phone
She’s waiting for your first text message…

So you want to text her for the first time.

Texting a girl for the first time can be anxiety-inducing. 

Although there is no reason to get nervous, it can happen, especially if she is incredibly attractive to you.

In this article, you will get what you need to know to send her a message she can’t ignore that will get her texting back. 

Did you know that her replying to your first message is a form of investment? Even if it is minor, it will help grow her attraction in you.

Then you can start a conversation over text and arouse a desire in her to go on a date with you.

To do that, you don’t want your first text message to a girl to be unconfident or start a boring conversation, like the ones below.

  • Hi, It was nice meeting you. How are you today?
  • Hey, this is Mike, remember me?

Since you know how crucial it is to get things right (you are reading this after all), you’ll need a proper way to text a girl for the first time.

Texting a girl with confidence is essential if you want to get a good solid start with your girl.

Avoid simple mistakes that hurt your chances and making her not want to text you back.

  • You can send a very casual and to the point first message, but you don’t want to send her a long-winded message from the get-go.
  • Pushing for a conversation with your first text can be overwhelming and something way too much for the first text in most cases.
  • Never send a hi or emoji because it makes you look lazy and unimaginative.

Make sure you don’t lose her on the first text by avoiding a couple of common texting pitfalls.

Never Be a Bore

If you think you’re the only guy texting a girl, you’re in for a nasty surprise. She is likely to have more guys than you think vying for her attention. 

That is why you have to make yourself a bit different, in a positive way, from the herd.

The first thing you have to do to accomplish that is to avoid being boring. 

When you let a conversation stagnates, you are possibly handing the girl’s attention and attraction over to a more engaging guy. 

So when you sense that a conversation starts to drag, switch topics, or say bye. 

Make Her Feel Comfortable

Avoid a situation where you’re texting a girl, and out of the blue, she suddenly stops interacting with you.

To keep her engaged, you also have to keep her comfortable. 

If you make her feel uncomfortable in some way, she will start ignoring your text messages. 

To make her comfortable texting you, keep your text interactions light and fun. It is one of the rules for texting girls.

You can also ask her questions you know she knows the answer to just to get her comfortable with texting you and getting texts from you. 

Then let the text messages flow naturally to other topics and interests.

Keep Your First Text Message Simple

More often than not, your first message is an introductory message. 

Something like the one below, though not the best first text message to send a girl, will usually get a similar reply.

  • “Hey [name], it’s [James]. It was nice to meet you today.”

Be sure to use her name when you tell that it was great to meet her. Why?

Simply because her name, to her, is the most important word in the world. And it is an easy way to get her attention. That’s one of the power of using names.

Additionally, anyone will feel valued and respected when you remember their name after a meeting. It makes for a positive impression and makes her comfortable.

Then after you get a reply, you can reference something from one of the things you talked about.

Make Her Remember You With Your First Text

Using this may not be something you will always be able to do, but keep it in mind just in case.

But when you have made a connection with a girl, you can remind her of that connection you had, along with the emotions she felt, with your initial text message.

So a great first text message to send a girl is to immediately pick up where your last conversation ended. Or simply use something you talked about with her.

It just has to be memorable that it instantly brings up something you talked about.

And be sure to craft your first text message with the same tone and congruency you used when you met her.

If you were cocky and funny, then be cocky and funny in your text messages as well.

If you met her in a fun and flirty vibe, be sure to continue the fun vibe or the flirty vibe with her in your initial text messages.

Consider a text conversation a continuation of your in-person conversation. If you seem like a different person suddenly, you can guess what that would make her feel.

When you text in the same style as you talk in person, you’ll have the same response from her. And she gets to relive the conversation with all the emotions.

This is important when you text a girl for the first time after you meet her.

Get it wrong, and you’ll get ignored. Do it right, and you get the opportunity to start a fun conversation with her.

Make Her a Curios Cat

When you bait her with something that gives her a strong desire to know, human nature tends to take over from there.

Any text message then can be made more impactful and can’t be ignored when you add this flavor.

  • “Hey [name], know what was great about meeting you?”

She’ll be curious to find out what you are talking about and start a text interaction with you.

When to Text a Girl for the First Time

You don’t have to overthink when to text a girl for the first time because you don’t have to wait.

Moreover, if you wait too long, you’ll probably get the “Who’s this?” reply message. That is simply not the best way to start texting a girl. 

I remember waiting to text a girl one time, and she got upset.

So if you want to make it easy for yourself, send her a quick text after her number entered your phone book. 

Anything casual would be fine, but the funnier, the better. 

If, after you get her number, you’re still there standing behind her, use that opportunity. Make her laugh over text for the first time with something like …

  • “That guy behind you is super hot!” 

Missed that chance? It is not the end of the world. 

In Closing

When you start texting a girl on a positive note, you’re in a great position to escalate from there.

And if you really want her to get heavily invested in you that she naturally wants to keep the conversation going.

That can happen when text messages are exchanged at a rapid pace that it is closer to a real-time conversation and emotional momentum starts to builds up.

So always keep it playful, tease her and get her talking about herself. Then when she starts to get engaged, you know you can ask her out.

Text her and get started. Pick up where you left off, if possible.

The crucial part is what you follow up with. 

Always remember that emotion makes people take action, whether it is responding to your text or agreeing to go on a date with you.

You’ll also ensure that you get her attention with your text message.

Assuming she did not give you her phone number out of politeness, a perfect first text message can get her smiling from ear to ear.

If she likes you and you built quite the attraction in her, she’ll be eagerly expecting your first message.

However, if she seems neutral, you didn’t have time with her, or simply she doesn’t know you, you can still make her giggle with your very first text message with magnetic messaging techniques.


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