Why You Keep Getting Rejected By Every Girl

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Why am I getting rejected by every girl?

Even if every girl on the planet rejects you, know this: getting rejected is better than fearing rejection.

After all, it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

Putting yourself out there and getting a ‘no’ is a whole lot better than watching other guys get all the action.

Don’t you agree?

However, when you feel like crap from being rejected by every girl, things can get tiring — especially if you do not understand why girls keep saying no to you.

But the thing is … 

Girls tell you that you are funny, sweet, and easy to talk to. More than once, they also said that you would make a great boyfriend. 

But these same girls did not want to date you. They turn you down whenever you ask them out or tell them you like them.

Even when you think a girl (who share a similar interest with you) would go out with you, she did not, after saying she had to ‘think about it.’

It bugs you that this lack of success with girls still plagues your social life. 

Even your mom is urging you to find a girlfriend. You know it’s something when she keeps asking like a broken record.

This horrible luck with girls has affected your self-esteem because every time you ask a girl out, you always get rejected for no apparent reason.

You don’t get why they don’t want to be with a guy who they like to spend time with.

Your friends are of no help. You can’t make plans with them now that they always have plans with their girlfriend.

When you are the only one who is still single in your social circle, it can get lonely.

How can you get a girlfriend when literally every girl you’ve asked out has rejected you.  

Now, if you are tired of being rejected, of getting repeated rejections, you probably want a magic pill or a super-secret technique to make girls never say ‘no’ to you again.

Who wouldn’t when every girl you asked to go out with you said ‘no’?

I don’t blame you.

But, I know you know there is no such thing. 

I also know you want answers and still looking for ways to change your situation because your confidence takes a hit with each rejection.

How rejection can make you stronger 

As you know, dealing with rejection is an important skill, especially if you’re kind of an introvert, shy when it comes to dating girls, or has social anxiety.

The moment you decided to ask a girl out, you made the decision to risk getting rejected by her.

Rejection is a healthy part of the dating game, as long as you understand why you keep getting rejected.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some of those reasons may have nothing to do with you, while some are related to your behavior and the way you present yourself.

Know the difference. You should know when it has nothing to do with you personally and when you need to adjust your behavior and actions.

If you are learning from every rejection, it should get less and less the more you know what to do and what not to do.

Like my uncle says, you’ll learn more from a disastrous conversation than an exciting interaction because it allows you to rapidly develop your social skills.

It is a learning process that makes you earn a sweet ‘yes’ from a girl.

What matters is to learn something from each rejection. Why did a girl turn you down? 

More precisely, why did she turn down your approach?

Why you always get rejected 

You thought she likes you. You think she is interested in you, so you ask her out. But alas, another rejection.

This happens to a lot of guys. They think a girl is giving them clear signals of interests, but in actuality, she was just being friendly or a natural flirt. Watch out for those mixed signals.

Even if she seems friendly, that does not automatically mean romantic interest.

Pick your battles wisely.

Is She Flirting Or Just Being Friendly?

It can be easy to misread her signs. So when you asked her to go out with you, her answer confounded you, and she looks confused

Was it that unexpected? 

It was like you caught her off guard.

Well, she is friendly because …

You are in that zone. The girl you like automatically puts you in the friend zone. 

And you caught her off guard because your sexual intentions are not clear, which is why you ended up in the friend zone in the first place.

Sure, you don’t get rejected immediately. The girl laughs at your jokes, smiles at you, and gives you her time and attention because you’re a nice guy.

But, the moment you make a move, she rejects you.

When you’re too much of a “nice guy,” willing to bend over backward to please people, or when they say you’re going to be a good boyfriend to some lucky girl, you have been placed into the “serious relationship guy” category.

That’s fine and good if that is what she is looking for to date. But… if the girl you like is looking for a guy who excites and thrills her, you are friend-zoning yourself.

If the girl you are hanging out with is looking for someone like you, you’d be dating her right now.

Avoid this time consuming, frustrating process. If you want to date a friend, know how to unlock her legs, or have a clear intent from the get-go.

You are not her type. There will always be girls who will not be into you.

If she is not attracted to you and she doesn’t feel you’re a match for her, there is not a lot you can do to change that.

This is not just about physical appearance, although it could be. Women have different criteria as to what makes her ideal mate. *

If you’re a skinny ninja, you stand no chance with a girl who’s only into buff oily dudes. She has rejected you before even get to say a word.

Again, pick your battles and look for girls who are into you.

She has another guy on her mind. When a girl is emotionally committed to another, she won’t give you a second look. 

If she is in a relationship with a man she truly adores, there is nothing you can do to break this barrier.

But you can avoid a rejection from this type of girl if you pay attention to her behavior and body language.

She lost interest. There could be several reasons, like boring topics, when a conversation feels like it lacked passion, excitement, and connection.

Think about the things, words, and actions you do when you are with her. Do you make her feel special? 

When you can make her feel good about herself and very interesting, she will let her guard down. So don’t just talk all about yourself. 

Ask her about herself and really go into detail. Show that you actually care about her life.

Get to know her at a deeper level without giving the feeling of being in a job interview. 

Make her laugh and smile by having a fun and flirtatious conversation style that you can even make small talk sexy.

In Closing

These are just some of the possible reasons you keep getting rejected. And there are many reasons why you will face more rejection.

Every situation is different and unique.

But there’s good news: No girl really wants to see you cry by rejecting you.

Additionally, rejections allow you to not waste time with a woman who is not into you.

Most rejections are meh.

And the worst that can happen is hearing a no. Women won’t scream at you after hitting you with her handbag or throw a drink at your face.

Other people don’t care about your rejections, either, so never get stuck on a ‘no.’

Just remember that the most successful men got rejected more than you.

You are probably making all these rejection-causing mistakes because you don’t know how attraction works.

That’s why if you want success with girls, don’t chase. Instead, get a complete education on attraction and seduction.

Girls are attracted to confidence. And being good with girls because you know what you’re doing will give you that air of self-confidence girls are drawn to.


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