Mixed Signals From A Girl (And What To Do About It)

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Do you know why she’s sending you mixed signals?

Want to know why you’re getting mixed signals from a girl? There are a couple of possible reasons you’ll find out shortly.

As you know, dealing with mixed signals from women can be a challenge.

One day she’s warm – she flirts, she laughs, and she seems really interested in you.

Everything seems to be going well with this girl; you feel like you have a chance with her.

Then… out of nowhere.


Something destroys your world.

One moment you’re both enjoying each other, the next she’s the queen of ice.

One moment she’s easy to get along with, but now she doesn’t seem to be that interested in you anymore.

She ignores you, treats you like air.

She’s cold and aloof.

And why does it seems like she’s avoiding you?

She won’t respond to your call.

She flakes.

Every little thing seems to happen that gets in the way of her getting together with you: her friend’s in town, her cat is sick, she has to get up early?


Who’s this girl who replaced that warm fun-to-be-with girl you used to know?

Then before you get the chance to give up and forget her, she’s warm and fuzzy all over again.

Now tell me who wouldn’t get confused with girls sending mixed signals.

Is it any wonder some guys go nuts.

Does she likes me or not? Why is she hot and cold?

How will you know if she’s interested when she won’t make her feelings clear.

Instead, she confuses you with mixed signals.

Why does some girls make it complicated — if she like you, what’s with all the games?

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Why Some Women Give Mixed Signals

Did I do something wrong, what the hell happened?

Tell me!

Before I tell you though, you’ll have to understand this first: Girls can be friendly.

And what appears to be flirting and signs of interest can be just some men’s wishful thinking.

If that’s not your case then…

I’ll tell you what, there are a couple of reasons.

And maybe you DID something wrong.

Maybe you were indecisive or too slow and you kept waiting for the “right” moment.

Now you missed your chance — your window of opportunity has closed itself shut with BANG.

IF before she likes you… now…

She’s Disappointed

Now she’s not so sure if you like her or not.

She’s thinking: “Maybe he doesn’t like me, what is he waiting for?”

What she’ll do is she’ll pull back a little and see how you act — she’ll test you.

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She’s still at that stage where she’s still trying to figure you out. So she’ll send probing signals, wait and see if you’ll bite.

She won’t put herself out there in the open where she’ll be an easy target.

She will not be the aggressor in this game.


Because she doesn’t want to put herself too far out there and get rejected, no matter how small the chance of rejection is.

That would be too devastating for her.

She doesn’t want to risk it

Also, she wants to know if you’re really as confident as you seem you are.

She wants to know if you’ll continue the pursuit, if you like her, if you’re serious about her, or if you’ll just give up just like that.

Could this be your girl? Or is she…

A Natural Flirt

She’s the girl who likes the attention men gives her. She’s got a lot of guys circling around her — her adoring fans.

She enjoys the fact that she can get any man she wants.

She likes the validation, the positive reaction which assures that she’s attractive, and the fun of flirting; she enjoys it and assumes you do, too.

She’s there to flirt and enjoy the game.

A girl who’s a natural flirt is almost a pro at making guys swoon over her, making them feel like she likes them.

She does things that make it seem like she’s approachable, almost interested — even when she’s not.

She wants to keep you around, she doesn’t easily anger, almost unaffected.

If this is not your girl…

Then there’s the girl who doesn’t really know what she wants —

The Crazy Girl

She can’t decide whether she likes you or not.

She’s young and doesn’t have much experience with guys and relationships in general.

She keeps changing her mind!

She’s hot and cold.

Press the right button and she gets warm; press the wrong one and she cools down.

She can easily agree, then change her mind just as easily.

She just can’t make up her mind.

Are you getting mixed signals from a crazy girl?

Let’s move on…

On the another hand, your girl could really be interested and just dialing down on the signals because she doesn’t want to appear desperate.

Though she wants to make things clear, but when she thinks she’s being too aggressive, she will pull back.

She will try to look like she’s not that interested for fears that you’ll find her too easy and get turned off.

You need to be patient with this type of girl. Understand that getting mixed signals from her is a normal part of her behavior of trying to feel comfortable around you.

So let her be more comfortable around you.

This should give you some clue why you’re getting mixed signals from a girl and what these mixed signals are. (1)

And now that you know why you get mixed signals, now what?

How do you make things clear?

What Can You Do When You Get Mixed Signals From A Girl?

Figure out what type of girl you’re dealing with, then go from there.

If you think you’re dealing with a natural flirt, for example, you can go along with her and play this never-ending game.

That is one of your options, not the only one, of course.

What you have to keep in mind is that, even if she’s not the flirty girl…

The important thing is
to move things forward!

Moving things forward puts you on the offensive.

And this is to your advantage because you’ll discover things as you bravely charge in seemingly complex terrains.

You’ll know what type of girl is sending you mixed signals; you’ll know if she’s just testing you, or if she’s playing with you, or if she’s simply confused about her own feelings.

So… confidently move things forward. Escalate.

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Make your intentions clear.

See if she goes with you.

Get her to comply, ask her out, go for the kiss, sex, or relationship.

Once you take decisive actions, she’ll have to decide to go along or to get left behind.

If she’s testing and she’s really interested, she’ll be glad you did. If she’s not interested, she’ll make it known to you clearly.

If she’s the flirt, she’ll deflect and will always have a reason to slip away. Be direct with her.

Get a solid answer.

If you can’t get any, or she’s slippery as an eel, move on or play on.

Take Charge

Don’t think about the mixed signals she’s giving you. Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” to make your move.

Go for it.

A guy who knows what he’s doing with women knows that women find him sexually attractive.

Of course, you should know which stage of the attraction process you’re in so you’ll know exactly the right actions to take.

Once you do, it becomes easy, easy, easy.

Where To Go From Here

Always pay attention to her actions as much as you do her words. If she says one thing but you observed something else, you may want to get a clear look at what her signals truly mean. (2)

Look, getting mixed signals from a girl you like can be confusing, confounding, and complicating.

More than that: There isn’t a standard way that everyone behaves.

And you don’t have to deal with it if you don’t want to. Makes your dating life simple.

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