how to be attractive to women

Albert Einstein once said:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

I believe that’s the best way to handle most things, so let’s keep things simple.

If you want to be attractive to women, you have to remove or change what’s unattractive about you. You should shed all the things that makes you “ugly”.

She will not see your what’s attractive about you… if it’s covered with garbage… if it’s buried underneath a layer of “ugliness”.

So it’s time to clean up… to get rid of the ugly… and…

bring out your sparkle.

And as you may know, shiny things always gets a lot of attention.

How many and how much work you need depends on you. Where are you at right now? Are you covered by a thick layer of unattractiveness? Or do you just need to take a couple of baths to be attractive?

And if you want to be attractive to women…. this fact remains: It’s time to bring out your attractive qualities.

First, you need to identify what’s unattractive about you.

Make a list if you have to.

To get started… here’s a list of the most common:

Looks do matter

Find out what makes you look “ugly” physically. Ugly here simply means not taking care of yourself and not about your God given looks.

What’s the state of your body? Are you overweight?

Do you have a good style?

Does your hair fit with how you look?

What’s the image are you trying to project?

You you can change most of these things relatively quickly. You can follow what’s outlined in this guide if you got no clue where to start.

Also take note of your posture.

Your body language tells a lot about you, and bad body language is unattractive to anyone. Working out and doing some exercise can fix your posture and a lot more.

Take pride on how you look. That’s a good start and the easy part… but if you want long lasting attractiveness. you have to take a look at your inner self because…

Personality matters most

Keeping the simplicity… it’s basically how you deal with everything in life, your attitude towards other people and your view of life. If your life’s a mess right now… get a life coach if you have to.

You want to remove any negativity and strive to be more positive.

Taking a closer look at how you do things in your life will affect your confidence. You know confidence is very attractive to women.

It shows in how you make eye contact, how you move your body (body language), and how you are around women.

So just relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself (if you find yourself around hot women).

And… don’t be boring.

Use your sense of humor. If you don’t think you’re funny… there’s always something you can do to fix that and learn the type of humor that attracts women.

Having that in your arsenal allows you to converse in interesting ways. And being able to make mundane small talk to sexy is always an attractive quality to have.

Just remember to not show too much interest in her. Give her a chance to chase. Women enjoys that more than men putting her on the pedestal.

What’s next

This is by no means everything, like I said above, it’s just something to get you started… but once you’ve cleaned up your act… all that will be left will be the “attractive” man hiding inside.

If you’re serious and do most of these things… you’ll have what attracts women to men.

The next step now on how to be attractive to women would be… to find what’s attractive about you and to emphasize them.

But know also that women have specific types of men they like (not all will be interested no matter how attractive you are).

If you want to be more attractive to women you have to learn more about attracting women the right way.

You can start by being social and developing your social intelligence. Use the assume attraction mindset, set the context of the interaction, and act and think like you are “the prize”.

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