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Well, this is embarrassing. The Handsome Factor has now closed!

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Do you believe that looks don’t matter?

If you do, you wouldn’t be here reading this sentence right now.

So I won’t tell you what you already know–that anyone with good looks has an automatic advantage–over someone with unattractive or average looks.

It’s not fair, but that’s how it is.

And there are countless studies to back this up.

Each of them concludes anyone “blessed” with good looks get laid more often, earn more money, and have more friends.

In fact, good looking people are more successful in almost every aspect of life.


That’s because people are subconsciously “hard-wired” to gravitate towards attractive people.

Does it mean you’re hopeless if you’re not born on this earth good looking?

Obviously not, right?

Screw genetics!

Get this:

Subtle changes you make to your appearance can give your sex appeal a huge boost… and do wonders to your confidence.

What kind of changes?

Women notice the smallest details we guys generally often overlook.

So the little changes you make that’s “dragging” down your overall look will have a massive impact on a woman’s sexual interest.

Those little changes will completely transform your interaction and how you’re perceived by beautiful women.

How do you make these changes?

How can you…

Transform Yourself From A “Dud” Into A “Stud”?

For most men, it’s a mystery,  but… it’s detailed in this 240 page best-selling e-book called…

The Handsome Factor

The Handsome Factor

It outlines a detailed, step-by-step method that is guaranteed to improve your appearance in just a few days… no matter what you may look like right now.

This book is the “How To Look Great” bible!

It has everything you need to permanently enhance your look.

It has hundreds of different strategies and techniques that have been scientifically proven to make you more attractive to women.

Consider this:

If you know how to make your appearance work for you rather than against you…

Women Will Stare At You And Find Excuses
To Start A Conversation With You

It’s true!

Talk about using your appearance to your advantage!

And these appearance enhancement techniques will ensure that you are maximizing your own appearance potential.

Basically, it’s a guide that teaches men how to improve the way they look without resorting to expensive surgery, dangerous pills, or any other crap like that.

In short, The Handsome Factor is…

Men’s Makeover System

Here’s a “few” of the things covered in the book:

  • The five things you absolutely must check before you ever leave the house. (If you haven’t taken care of these, you’re shooting yourself in the foot…)
  • The ten golden rules of fashion that you must never, ever break if you’re serious about looking good.
  • Why women are subconsciously hard-wired to avoid men who don’t have perfect hygiene.
  • How to achieve the perfect shave. (The one shave technique that will give you a super close, irritation-free shave every single time…)
  • Why poor hygiene habits (even those that you may not know about) will have a profound impact on the way people interact with you.
  • How to cure bad breath once and for all (it’s not as simple as brushing your teeth twice a day… you have to eliminate the cause!).
  • How to assemble a quality wardrobe using step-by-step methods to shopping, fitting, and wearing clothes.
  • How to go shopping and buy a bundle of great-looking clothes without breaking the bank. (This will save you a fortune!)
  • The one thing you simply must take into account when choosing a hair style. (This one thing will make or break your look!).
  • The hairstyles that never go out of style and which ones you should avoid at all cost. (With lots of pictures to help you choose one…).
  • The four skin care products you absolutely must own and use… and why the rest are a complete waste of money.
  • One of the key factors that separates inherently beautiful people from their less attractive counterparts.
  • How to choose a deodorant, because they’re not all created equal… in fact, some are twice as effective as others. Are you buying the right one?
  • What women really think about chest and back hair – and how to make yourself look like a fitness model.
  • How you can get perfectly straight teeth without braces.
  • Ways to mask the scent of a smoker and keep your bad habit a secret from strangers.
  • Learn to wear clothing that hides any flaws in your body. Whether you’re overweight, short, skinny… you name it, there’s a style of clothing that works best for you.
  • And a lot more!

By the way, the entire Handsome Factor program also includes a Grooming & Style Mistakes Audio Course, No-Fail Body Makeover Package, 10 Laws of Sexual Attraction and more.

The handsome factor

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See It For Yourself!

This 240 page e-book, The Handsome Factor, delivers.

I believe the information here can help you and is valuable to all men. (I consider myself handsome and I found most of the content very helpful. 🙂 )

Although there are some pages I’d skip like… the section about acne (don’t have one and this one’s really long) and the chapter about weight loss and muscle building (there’s AGR for that)…

It’s all no-nonsense information written in a simple, straight-forward, and easy to read format that will guide you through your own appearance transformation.

It’s practical and can be applied almost immediately.

And, for a book with 240 pages… I was already at the last page before I knew it.


If you need help with fashion and clothing styles… or you’re desperately in need of a new haircut… or you just need to refresh your look with some new grooming techniques.

Or you just want to give genetics a kick in the nut and use your appearance to your advantage to get better and more frequent sex or make more moolah…

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