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How to Keep a Girl Interested in You

If you want to keep a girl interested in you, you may want to get her interested first.

Invest some time and effort in learning how to get a girl interested in you.

Then, once you got a girl interested, keeping her interested can be as simple as keeping on doing what you did to get her interested in the first place.

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How to Get a Girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend

If you want to get a girlfriend but don’t know how… this could be the most important page you read all day.


Because even if you’ve been single for years and have no idea where to start.

Or been in the game playing the field but haven’t found that special girl yet…

This may help you get a girlfriend. Fast!

You see…

If you stop and think about it, you’ll get yourself a girlfriend if you can find that one girl who’ll agree to be your girlfriend, right?

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How To Find A Great, Long-Term Girlfriend

how to find a great, long-term girlfriend and keep her

If you know exactly what you’re looking for in a girl,  it becomes really easy to find a great, long-term girlfriend.

Here’s a simple exercise that can help you:

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Make Her Your Girlfriend

You’ve got this great girl and you want to make her your girlfriend. That’s good.

Some guys take a while to find a girlfriend for themselves. While others get lucky and some settle for what they can easily get, getting a girlfriend who you’ll share emotions and experiences with can make you unbelievably-excited and anxious at the same time.

Some couples remember it and celebrate that special day when the two of them became girlfriend and boyfriend. And remember how it happened like it was just yesterday. Well, some don’t give a crap about that — those less serious about about their relationship.

And there are those who wanted only to “date” and avoid going into a monogamous traditional kind of relationship with a woman since it’s easier to just date a girl casually.

Either way, making her your girlfriend is your choice and it’s usually where the most common relationships between men and women end up.

But it’s a two way street.

To make her your girlfriend she has to agree with you and be in a traditional relationship with you, where both of you won’t be seeing other people while you’re in this kind of relationship.

If she hints that she’s seeing other guys, or mentions dating other men, she may not be looking for a traditional relationship with any particular guy. Or if you never seem serious about her, she may assume the same about you.

If you want to show her that you’re serious about her and you want to let her know that you want her as your girlfriend, see her for about two or three times a week. Spend time together, and go out a couple of nights a week.

But don’t be too clingy or forget being a challenge, else you want to ruin your chances and dissolve all her attraction towards you. Be the same natural and interesting guy she likes to be with.

If you can maintain the pattern of seeing her a few times a week, she’ll come to the conclusion herself and assume that you’re serious about making her your girlfriend. She’ll decide if she don’t want to see other guys beside you and she’ll want to know that you won’t be seeing other woman besides her.

Look for signs that she’s committing to you. Does she invite you for a home-cooked dinner, introduce you to her friends, or make plans for the future? These are good indications that you’re moving in the direction you want — making her your girlfriend.

Be patient if those commitment signs don’t come right away. Show her that you care when you get the chance and build some more connection with her. Sooner or later, she’ll bring up the boyfriend-girlfriend routine and ask you if you’re seeing other woman.

Just be sincere and genuine with your answer and take it from there.

How to Break up With a Woman

Breaking up with a woman can be a tough experience to go through, especially if you’ve been together with her for a long time and you know each other quite well. Sometimes it’s emotional and messy with lots of noises and flying objects.

But there are times when there’s mutual understanding that you need to go your separate ways. Doesn’t happen all the time, and even if it does, doesn’t mean it’s easy for both of you.

One things for sure, if you’ve already decided to break up with a girl, you gotta do it right and leave her better than when you met her. Although it’s still possible to get your ex back after some time off, but when you’re the one who’ve broken off with her it’s unlikely you’ll want her back or even a good idea.

So if you’re dead set on breaking up with a woman, and you’re certain your relationship can’t be saved, don’t wait for something unpleasant to happen before break up with her.

Don’t be an ass. End the relationship with her doing as little emotional damage as possible.

Get her out to spend a few hours or minutes with you so you can tell in front of her personally. I know it’s hard but it’s the only right way to do it. It’s not a manly thing to break up with her on the phone or email.

And make sure she hears it from you first. Don’t talk about it to her friends where she can find out about it and things will start to get really messy and nasty.

Before you get to tell her, or even before you meet her, be sure you’re calm and relaxed. You want to be able to tell her clearly the truth about why you’re ending the relationship with her. You don’t have to make things complicated and drag things out one after another.

Just keep things simple and focused on your reasons for breaking up with her and ending the relationship.

Break up with her on the right time and place where you won’t be interrupted while talking. Avoid times when it’s a celebration where you’ll ruin a perfectly good day and make it worse every year.

Now, expect her to be angry, yelling, or sad. It’s perfectly fine to let her feel these emotions during this time. Let her do this now and don’t let her hold anything back. Don’t argue with her and let her release what’s on her chest.

Don’t take too long. It’s better to keep things short and let her cry if she wants. You’ve made your decision to break up with her and now it’s done.

How to Get Over a Break Up

Break ups are painful. But it happens anyway without your control. When the relationship you had is already at the point of no return.

It’s especially painful when you don’t want to let go of the relationship, your ex, and the fun times you’ve had together as a couple.

Getting over a break up is never easy, but you have to move on (even if you don’t want to) if you don’t want to be trapped in the past for the rest of your life and if getting your ex back is not an option.

To make your break up a little easier… give yourself some time to think alone. Don’t contact your ex in any way. Give yourself some space and stay away from your ex completely for a while.

During this time, you can think of the reason why you two broke up. If it’s your decision, don’t think about what could have been. Don’t second-guess yourself. Every relationship has it’s good and bad side, though, in this case the bad overwhelmed the good.

Accept the situation and don’t blame anyone about the break up. Accept your responsibility if you’ve made mistakes and caused the relationship to deteriorate. But don’t blame yourself for the past, instead try to keep that in mind so you don’t repeat it in your next relationship.

This is also a good time to have your friends around. Having them around will keep you from thinking about what happened and they’ll help you cheer up and move on. You can also do different activities and find new pleasures in life with them.

You don’t have to be stuck doing the same thing that reminds you of your ex. This is the perfect time to do something different. If you’ve always wanted to try something new, take this chance to do it.

Keep yourself busy. You could be going on a trip, tackling a new project, or just keeping your body fit and healthy. Moving your body will help you with your mood and blocks depression, too.

Do something to release all that pent-up frustration and hate. Even small things will help to letting go of those negative emotions. All those negative emotions will not help you move on and get over your break up.

Release it in some way, accept the situation, and think of the future. Forget about what happened in the past no matter how good or bad it feels. Think of it as starting over again with someone new and more exciting than your previous relationship.

How to Date Younger Women

If you’re an older guy, the idea of being able to date younger attractive women in their early twenties must have crossed your mind.

Not only are they fun to be with and exciting to around, they’re willing to try out a lot of new stuff for themselves.

Good news, a certain percentage of younger women likes to be with someone older than they are. That means they’re attracted and want to date older guys.

But you need to keep a few things in mind if you want to date younger women seriously.

Younger women expect you to be in control of yourself. They want someone who they know can handle things when it gets rough. Don’t be nervous and stay cool so you don’t destroy their expectation.

That includes being in control of the relationship even when there’s drama. Expect younger women to be full of these and learn to handle them. Even when it becomes extreme, don’t lose your cool and just tease her about it.

And even though her life is fast paced, don’t get sucked in. Be her place of stability instead. Build a stable relationship where both of you can be happy with.

Dating younger women can give your a variety of experiences and challenges. It will allow you to look at things from a different perspective.

Don’t let something like an age gap stop you from dating a younger woman. It doesn’t matter what age she is, if you know how to attract women, you’ll be able to date and build a romantic relationship with her.

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