Make Her Your Girlfriend

You’ve got this great girl and you want to make her your girlfriend. That’s good.

Some guys take a while to find a girlfriend for themselves. While others get lucky and some settle for what they can easily get, getting a girlfriend who you’ll share emotions and experiences with can make you unbelievably-excited and anxious at the same time.

Some couples remember it and celebrate that special day when the two of them became girlfriend and boyfriend. And remember how it happened like it was just yesterday. Well, some don’t give a crap about that — those less serious about about their relationship.

And there are those who wanted only to “date” and avoid going into a monogamous traditional kind of relationship with a woman since it’s easier to just date a girl casually.

Either way, making her your girlfriend is your choice and it’s usually where the most common relationships between men and women end up.

But it’s a two way street.

To make her your girlfriend she has to agree with you and be in a traditional relationship with you, where both of you won’t be seeing other people while you’re in this kind of relationship.

If she hints that she’s seeing other guys, or mentions dating other men, she may not be looking for a traditional relationship with any particular guy. Or if you never seem serious about her, she may assume the same about you.

If you want to show her that you’re serious about her and you want to let her know that you want her as your girlfriend, see her for about two or three times a week. Spend time together, and go out a couple of nights a week.

But don’t be too clingy or forget being a challenge, else you want to ruin your chances and dissolve all her attraction towards you. Be the same natural and interesting guy she likes to be with.

If you can maintain the pattern of seeing her a few times a week, she’ll come to the conclusion herself and assume that you’re serious about making her your girlfriend. She’ll decide if she don’t want to see other guys beside you and she’ll want to know that you won’t be seeing other woman besides her.

Look for signs that she’s committing to you. Does she invite you for a home-cooked dinner, introduce you to her friends, or make plans for the future? These are good indications that you’re moving in the direction you want — making her your girlfriend.

Be patient if those commitment signs don’t come right away. Show her that you care when you get the chance and build some more connection with her. Sooner or later, she’ll bring up the boyfriend-girlfriend routine and ask you if you’re seeing other woman.

Just be sincere and genuine with your answer and take it from there.


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