How to Build Rapport with Women

If you know what you’re doing, and you’re following this path of attracting women, you’ll know how important building massive rapport is in the seduction process.

For one, if she don’t trust you enough, she won’t give your her number.

And if you don’t get her number, there’s no chance of a second meeting happening.

It just stops.

Your road is abruptly cut-off and you can not proceed with her anymore. That’s how important building rapport with women is.

It let’s you continue to play the game way with her and get past to just knowing you and having fun with you for a short amount of time.

It is what you need to do if you want to make her to fall in love with you. And if you want to make things serious with her.

Even on the first meeting, if you can’t build enough rapport, she won’t feel comfortable talking to you. And if that happens, the conversation will go nowhere. And it needs to be balanced, too.

You can’t be just pouring yourself out while she’s not even letting you get a glimpse of her life. You’ll just creep her out that way.

She’ll feel much more comfortable if you can make her talk about herself as it actually builds more trust and comfort.

You can ask her about things that you genuinely want to know about her.

Use open-ended questions instead of questions requiring only a straight answer. You want to ask her about something that gets her “feeling” something.

As it is all about her emotions when you’re building rapport with women. Of course, to get things started, you have to open up first even if it goes against your nature. Since we are men, getting all emotional is not one of our strong suits.

Actually, men tend to hide their emotions since it gets in the way of doing things most of the time. And it’s been like that even before the first men started living in caves.

But now, it’s actually more beneficial to let some emotions slip out if you want to get her to open up or if you want her to trust you.

Because she wants to know that you can understand her feelings, you have to let her know how you also feel and communicate emotionally. It’s what creates bond and a strong connection with women.

If you can’t do that yet, don’t fret there’s a way.

You have to know who you are first, your past, and what you want in your life. And what you believe in. It will make you stronger and you won’t need to hide what you’re feeling anymore.

And once you can speak freely about your feelings, building rapport with women and making her comfortable because she trust you fully, will become natural to you in no time.


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