If you’re a really beautiful woman, you’ll be playing head games all day, too.

Wanna know why? It’s not as mysterious as you might think.

You see, the really hot sexy women gets hit on dozens of times each day, and they need something to easily and automatically go through certain situations. Like when every guy ask for her number and she says something like, “I don’t give it to strangers.”

Some guys would just give up and that saves her a lot of time each day.

Think about it, if she gives her number to every guy who approaches her, she’d have a lot on her hand. And not only that, she’ll be socially labelled as “easy”.

You gotta recognize that these are test women use to sift through guys.

It’s their quality check to see if you are the “real deal”. If you are good enough for her to give her number. If you are really a confident guy, or just another loser wanna-be trying to get lucky.

And if you’ve been around women for some time, you’ll have developed your own response when you hear something from her that’s a little off.

When you’re radar detects she’s playing one of her head games, you will already have something to say to her and, in turn, get what you want.

So every time she drops a locked door in front of you, you’d already have a key to open it.

You can expect that from every beautiful woman you meet. They will try anything to make you play their game, and see if you’ll lose. And you will, if you play her kind of game.

So what do you need to do to win?

You gotta prepare for it.

If you don’t have enough experience yet with women raising all kinds of objections to your every suggestion or question, you at least, need to know when they happen.

You need to know what situations they arise from most of the time. And as you can tell, it usually happens when you’re meeting her for the first time and you’re asking for her number.

And… also when you need to take things to the next level.

Once you know she’s playing one of her head games, you should respond in a confident manner. Don’t give her a lame and wussy answer like a passive guy would.

Using cocky and funny responses works great if you want to power your way through her head games every time she tries to play them with you.

Show her that you see right through her games, and that you’re not like the other guys who know nothing about attracting women.