Why Do Beautiful Women Like To Play Head Games

Head games, mind games, why do some women tend to play these games?

You had a date with her but, when you called her the next day… nothing. Days later, you saw her and tells you how much she missed you. Yet when you tried to get in touch with her again, she never responds.

Why do women like to play head games?

If she likes you, why make it hard for you, right?

Well, guess what? If you’re a really beautiful woman, you’ll be playing head games all day, too.

Wanna know why? It’s not as mysterious as you might think.

Playing head games is useful for her

You see, the really hot sexy women gets hit on dozens of times each day, and they need something to easily and automatically go through certain situations.

Like when every guy ask for her number and she says something like, “I don’t give it to strangers.”

Some guys would just give up and that saves her a lot of time each day.

Think about it, if she gives her number to every guy who approaches her, she’d have a lot on her hand. And not only that, she’ll be socially labelled as “easy”.

You gotta recognize that these are test women use to sift through guys. Their quest for the best guy out there for her and finding her ideal man is one of the reason behind her games.

She is looking for traits of the kinds of men women love most like dominance, success, and strength.

It’s their quality check to see if you are the “real deal”. If you are good enough for her to give her number. If you are really a confident guy, or just another loser wanna-be trying to get lucky.

You can expect to play some head games with her

And if you’ve been around women for some time, you’ll have developed your own response when you hear something from her that’s a little off.

When you’re radar detects she’s playing one of her head games, you will already have something to say to her and, in turn, get what you want.

So every time she drops a locked door in front of you, you’d already have a key to open it.

You can expect head games from almost every beautiful woman you meet. To see if you’ll lose, they will try just about anything to make you play their game. And, of course, you will–if you play her kind of game.

Playing along mind games that make you do what they want and say what they want makes you look weak and easily manipulated.

So what do you need to do to win?

You gotta prepare for it.

Expect it. If you’ve been confused by a woman before, that won’t be the last.

If you don’t have enough experience yet with women raising all kinds of objections to your every suggestion or question, you at least, need to know when they happen.

You need to know what situations they arise from most of the time. And as you can tell, it usually happens when you’re meeting her for the first time and you’re asking for her number.

And… also when you need to take things to the next level.

Know how to handle her mind games

Once you know she’s playing one of her head games, you should respond in a confident manner. Don’t give her a lame and wussy answer like a passive guy would.

Using cocky and funny responses works great if you want to power your way through her head games every time she tries to play them with you.

Show her that you see right through her games, and that you’re not like the other guys who know nothing about attracting women.

Playing hard to get works for her

Another possible reason why she likes to play head games is just to see how you’ll react.

She could be one of those girls who doesn’t know what to look for in a man due to her upbringing. If she didn’t have a healthy relationship with a father figure growing up, she may have some emotional baggage and won’t easily trust men in general.

If the girl you’re dating is too much to handle and you don’t know what to do with her, you might want to consider walking away.

She could also be playing hard to get because it has worked for her.

To deal with girls who play games, be willing to walk away if she keeps her double standards, flakes or cancel dates at the last minute.

Don’t be afraid to tell her how it is and walk away. You’ve got to look out for number one, and that’s you. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you to protect your own happiness and self-respect.

Tell her you’re not okay with what she’s doing at first. If she respect you, she’ll understand. Give her a chance and see if she’s sincerely putting effort.

If she doesn’t, you deserve better and you can find someone else.

No matter how amazing of a woman you think she is, if she’s disrespectful and constantly playing her kind of mind games, call her out on it and be willing to leave. Time for a wake up call.

Don’t let her think you’re some kind of fool she thinks you are.

You’ll know if she is really interested or just playing hard to get. You can tell her, “Let’s just be friends for now” and you can beat women at their own mind games. You can expect for her head games to stop for a time and get natural flirting happen.

Know if she like to play head games

To never waste time on women who are not serious, you should be able to notice when something seems off, so you can pull back or move on.

Sure, you can get her more attracted to you if you handle her tests well, but there’s also a chance you’ll never be more than just a friend to her.

If you focus on her actions more than what she says, you’ll know what to do next. So pay attention to what she’s doing, not what she’s saying because her actions will tell you the real story.

What do you look for to know if she’s playing you and wasting your time?

She doesn’t take the initiative whether it’s calling or texting you. She knows you’ll keep texting her first so she won’t make the effort. And this makes her feel better about herself, too. Don’t allow this to happen, see here how.

She doesn’t get back to you right away all the time. If you know she’s not supposed to be extremely busy and she takes hours to text you back, she’s saying that you’re not that important to her. Cut back on texting her and if you’re in her heart at all, she’ll take notice.

She uses her charms to get something from you. If you’re nice enough to help her and then she disappears, she was just using you. Recognize this pattern and don’t be sucker.

It’s like she’s hiding something. If you notice that she treats you differently when others are around, she tells them you’re just “friends”, or she seems embarrassed to be seen with you, then she’s not into you as you thought she was.

When you figured out what she’s doing and you’re done with her games, stop texting or seeing her. That should be loud enough to say that you’re not cool with her games and she’s wasting time.

Having options makes doing this easy. So meet and date a lot of beautiful women. And avoid getting committed too quickly.

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