Why You Keep Getting Rejected By Every Girl

photo of a rejected guy
Why am I getting rejected by every girl?

Getting rejected is better than fearing rejection.

After all, it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

Putting yourself out there and getting a ‘no’ is a whole lot better than watching other guys get all the action.

Don’t you agree?

However, when you feel like crap from being rejected by every girl, things can get tiring — especially if you do not understand why girls keep saying no to you.

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What is Keeping You Single

What are the mistakes that could be keeping you single?

What’s holding you back from having a great relationship with a girl?

Do you keep wondering why you’re spending Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, and your birthday single?

You’re still single, but you can’t put your finger on why. 

Here are some of the things that keep you single, knowingly, or unknowingly.

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How to Attract Women With Consistency

how to attract women with consistency
Nice view! It makes you feel good to look at it, right?

Most people don’t have control of their own mental and emotional state.

Instead, they let what’s around them to affect and control their own emotions.

When the weather is clear and sunny, they’re out and about jumping like wild rabbits, but when the whole sky is dark and cloudy. they’re so gloomy it’s like the whole sky’s about to drop down and crash into them.

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100 Reasons It’s Really Great To Be A Guy!

This was something that’s been passed around some time before. Unfortunately, the name of the author (probably a woman) got lost during all those passing around. Still, it doesn’t lose how much it makes you feel glad to be a guy, since most of it is true. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. Movie nudity is virtually always female. You know stuff about tanks. A five day vacation requires only one suitcase. Monday Night Football. You don’t have … Continue reading…

How to Avoid Looking Desperate To A Woman

Even if you are not actually desperate, you want to avoid looking desperate. Why?

For one, it will not help in attracting any girl.

In fact, any guy acting desperate makes him more like a creep, and most women won’t want to be near that kind of guy.

If someone’s vibe is creepy or makes women uncomfortable or anxious for seemingly no reason, he will raise alarm bells ringing through her gut, and promptly avoid him.

Some women’s creepy guy radar is sensitive and easily triggered.

So if some guy gets identified as a creepy guy, she goes on high alert, her shields go up, and swords are drawn.

You can’t blame her.

It’s a woman’s natural reaction to feel safe and comfortable.

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The Simple Cure For Shyness

Shyness can hold you back. That’s why you need this simple cure for your shyness.

Those who are not shy won’t understand the anxiety of being in a public situation, of speaking up.

If you’re shy, the thought of approaching a girl you don’t know so you can talk to her and make her like you, might have never crossed your mind.

You’re thinking you can’t because you’ll only embarrass yourself in front of her. Am I right?

You are not alone. A lot of people consider themself shy.

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How To Deal With Rejection

Know how to deal with rejection if you want to improve with women.

Getting rejected by a woman is part of the dating game. And in this game, quiters never win.

Rejection is normal when you’re approaching and attracting women regularly, so the earlier you know how to deal with it, the easier it will get for you to overcome the fear rejection.

Don’t fear rejection. Handle ’em!

You can handle and deal with rejection in the correct way and use it to your advantage.

So how do you deal with rejection from a girl?

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How to Become More Decisive

One of the most attractive traits women look for in a man is being a leader. And to lead, you have to become decisive. That means removing all hesitation from your veins like a general commanding an army about to decimate his opponents by making resolute decisions quickly. You’ll need to be decisive not only to succeed with women, but also to be successful in life. Making decisions is a vital part of living the life you want and getting … Continue reading…

Be The Man Every Woman Wants

Let’s get one thing clear: You can’t satisfy every woman out there.

Not everyone will like you and care about you. Some will bite and chew you up like pan cakes while others will spit you out. But don’t get discouraged easily.

It’s all part of the game.

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Ways to Get Better with Women

Getting better at attracting women takes time. There’s no “magic pill” you can take that can instantly transform you into a modern day Casanova or Don Juan. But it’s certainly possible to get better with women quickly, if you dedicate yourself to the art. It all depends on your pace. How fast or how slow you want to learn doesn’t really matter, unless you’re in a hurry, of course. And you want to get as good as possible to have … Continue reading…

How To Be A Pickup Artist

Pickup artists have became famous since “The Game” came out, but you don’t have to be a pickup artist to attract women on your free time. If you want to pickup girls everyday, go out with guys to pick up girls, and immerse yourself in the different lifestyle of being a player, becoming a pickup artist may not be a bad choice. You’ll learn a lot on your way to mastering the art of pickup, and you’ll be able to … Continue reading…

How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Getting rejected by a girl you like sucks!

Even though it hasn’t even happened (or if it will happen at all).

But that doesn’t seem to matter.

Just the mere thought of talking to her can paralyze you on the spot.

So how do you get over your fear of rejection?

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