How to Attract Women With Consistency

how to attract women with consistency
Nice view! It makes you feel good to look at it, right?

Most people don’t have control of their own mental and emotional state.

Instead, they let what’s around them to affect and control their own emotions.

When the weather is clear and sunny, they’re out and about jumping like wild rabbits, but when the whole sky is dark and cloudy. they’re so gloomy it’s like the whole sky’s about to drop down and crash into them.

Then out of nowhere, something good happens and they’re on top of the world. Too bad it doesn’t last because the next minute, they look like they’re about to punch someone in the face.

Are you like this, too? (I admit, I am sometimes.)

Don’t you want to take control of your own happiness instead of leaving it at the mercy of unpredictable events and random thoughts that pop into your head?

Because you can!

Do you want to be able to consistently attract beautiful women?

(Not like you do well on some days and you’re so charming every girl wants to meet you, and on other days you make little children cry when they see you.)

If so, you need to start taking control.

Here’s how:

We go in and out of state because we have little to no control of our thoughts that trigger our mental and emotional state.

So, if you take control of your mind and physiology and you will gain control of your emotional and mental state.

That’s it!

It is all a decision

You can decide to change how you feel right now.

If you can create the motivation, then the state change will follow.

If you decide to proactively choose a new state, you can get out of the comfort zone and your current emotional state.

First, you have to understand the power of thoughts and words on emotions, and how changing them can greatly enhance and magnify their power.

Words elicit emotions, even by just reading them.

When you pick the right words with a much richer description, it helps evoke emotion more powerfully and more easily.

So instead of describing with just one word, use the right words that create images to increase state when you want to evoke your desired emotion.

To increase your power of mental control and to have an even stronger impact on your own emotion, you can use the varying intensity of emotions.

Like the emotion anger.

If you want to increase its intensity, you call it RAGE. When you want to lower it you go to annoyed.

Lower it a bit more and you’re in neutral.

Another way to enhance the process is by controlling your physiology, which is very easy to do.

Just by breathing, standing, walking, gesturing, and moving as you would as if you already feel a certain emotion, can trigger that emotion almost instantly.

For attraction and seduction purposes, a great way to do this is to…

Emulate a role model who’s great with women

Pick a character or actor you like.

Imagine, if you’re this person, how would you look at girls, how would you breathe, move and carry yourself.

Be like how he walks and copy his posture. What would your eyes project, how slow would you speak, move, etc.

Imitate the physiology of your role model, and feel how your emotional state follows every movement.

Eventually, you’ll be able to project your own confidence your own way, and girls will pick up on it.

You will unconsciously begin to communicate high status.

One of the biggest emotional sticking points many men have is…

Feeling anxiety when approaching women

Specifically, the moment of the approach and the fear and anxiety that comes with it.

It can cause you to approach in the wrong mental state, which gets transmitted to the girls you want to talk to.

It also keeps you from talking to strangers and approaching more proactively.

Unfortunately, this is also the reason why most guys can’t pick up girls and learn seduction.

How well you control this fear of the approach is key on how well you do in seduction. That’s how important this is in attracting women.

The truth is, it is our instinct that is protecting us from getting into something dangerous that causes fear and anxiety when we want to talk to strangers.

It comes from those caveman days when it’s like you’re staking your life just to approach a female hoping she’s not with someone else already.

Of course, you can condition yourself from feeling this fear.

If you start a conversation every single day, eventually you’ll do it without much thought.

You may even wonder how you were able to feel any fear at all. But if you stop for a while, that fear will find its way back.

If you don’t want to depend on conditioning using massive exposure to what you’re afraid of, you can learn to control your mental state.

This time, it’s completely internal.

Once you get into it, you’ll get positive feedback which will reinforce that state over and over again.

Notice the change in emotion, focus, correct your physiology, and keep doing it.

We think thousand of thoughts every day, so you don’t have to control your state of mind every moment. You only need to put yourself in the right mental and emotional state, when you start an activity.

And the right mental and emotional state is…

The state that will be the most useful to you!

Don’t draw your emotional state from your environment and events that happens around you or any random thoughts.

Start taking control if you want to have consistency in attracting and seducing women.

Take control of your mind and physiology and you’ll gain control over your emotions and you’ll take control of your life.

One more thing: It is necessary to have solid fundamentals if you want to have any form of consistency in attracting beautiful women and the Tao of Badass can help guide you and get started.



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