How To Escalate With Women (And When To Make Your Moves)

When you know how to escalate with women …

You should always try to escalate with women.

That’s the rule you need to abide by if you want to make something happen with a woman. Whether it’s emotional or physical. If you want to move things forward, don’t stop the escalation process.

Yes, there’s a process in making a move on a girl.

What is escalating with a girl

Are you a man? Then it’s your job to lead the interaction towards sex. That is what it means to escalate with a girl.

You start small and casual and slowly become more daring.

Even if the woman is really into you, she’ll almost always wait for you to make the move. Don’t expect her to escalate on you; she won’t do it herself. That is simply not her nature. Remember, masculine energy leads and feminine energy follows.

So don’t be surprised that politely chatting and waiting for a girl to escalate on you doesn’t work.

Yes, it can be scary to verbally or physically escalate with a girl. Still, give escalation a go and do it. Why? Because if you waste your time and go too slow, you’ll feel like a wuss.

You need to follow the right steps to escalate with her because if you try to escalate quickly and she’s not interested, you can guess what happens next.

Maybe you’ll get a slap for an unwanted attempt and the night ends badly for both of you.

So only escalate with a woman when you know she wants you.

To avoid any unhappy endings, always be aware of the signs that tell you she wants you to do more than just stare.

Signs she wants you to escalate

It is not a complete list but it is enough to get you going.

She’s close and getting closer. Probably a very good sign she wants you to kiss her or get physical. Notice when she moves in and invades your personal space. That should tell you something: she’s clearly asking for it.

She can’t get her hands off of you. Now that she’s closer, she’s constantly touching you. It could a light stroke on your arm and she keeps doing it. Maybe if you don’t escalate things, she will.

She has eyes on your lips. Could it be that there’s something stuck in your teeth? Maybe she can’t hear and she’s good at lip reading. If you think not, she could be thinking what it would be like to kiss you. People tend to look at what they want so a woman focusing on your mouth is that sign.

Watch out for other signs, of course, that says she’s into you, she’s flirting, she wants you. If everything is good and you don’t notice something incongruent with her behavior, that’s a go.

Escalate with confidence

Escalating successfully from casual to intimate requires you to have the right mindset.

That could only be a problem if you don’t know how to confidently escalate with women or, you worry and fear she’ll reject your moves when you try it on her.

If you don’t have the guts to make your move, she will see it as a weakness. She may even think you’re not interested in her and feel disappointed about it.

Don’t let her get confused by your uncertainty.

Well, I gotta tell you, that would only matter if you make it a big deal. So don’t think too much.

If you continue to escalate with her like it’s the most natural thing in the world, she’ll go along with you and enjoy the ride, too.

Women, for one, enjoy the company of a confident man who knows what he’s doing. On the other, rationalizes things that happen to her — if it’s good — as something that’s “meant to be”.

But if you don’t know the right way to escalate with women, the heavens won’t be of any help. You’re on your own there, buddy.

So if you want to properly escalate with a girl, do it as early as you can.

Once you’ve set the stage and she clearly wants you to escalate, do so.

Making your move

As you know, to arouse a woman, you have to make her feel comfortable with your touch, so she’ll relax when you get physical with her. And when you go pushing her boundaries.

You can do just that on the first handshake.

Hold it a little bit longer than usual while looking directly at her eyes. And after that, see how she responds to your other attempts to be sexual.

Basically, any kind of touching is good. You can show interest and fiddle with her jewelry. Pick something out of her hair. Tap her leg when she says something that amuses you. Lead her somewhere by the hand. Pull her close and throw her arms over your shoulders. And the list goes on and on.

Have fun with it.

Use your voice, and change its tone, pitch, and frequency. The way you look at her and how you say something speaks volumes. If you speak slowly and seductively, she’ll know that you’re up to something naughty.

Properly utilize your attractive body language and see how she reacts. When you start like this, you’ll immediately know if the girl is open sexually.

And you can decide what to do next, much faster than if you delayed and waited for the right time.

Of course, you want to set the right mood for what’s to come. That means, letting her know you want her. You don’t want to hide your interests if you want to progress with her.

Anyway, again, just have fun with it.

Escalate faster than you ever think you can and find the limits only the most confident man could. But don’t forget to observe how she reacts. Only with that can you find the right balance when you move things forward.

If you can escalate with her smoothly, she’ll be laughing and giggling while getting turned on.

Of course, after you get her turned on and aroused, you want to give her the most incredible sexual experience of her life.

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