How to Arouse a Woman

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She’s looking at you…

Want to know how to arouse a women?

Here’s an interesting fact:

The more aroused a woman is, the less grossed out she is by anything.

And since passionate sex normally involves actions, smells, and sounds that are well… icky, you should know how to arouse a woman.

If you want to get into hot-steaming sex with a woman, you gotta know how to arouse her first so she’s ready to receive and give some good, fun times together.

When you know how to arouse a lady, you’ll become irresistible to her whether outside or inside the bedroom.

Arousing a woman starts outside the bedroom

And as you know, sex doesn’t just start when she starts losing layers of clothing. It starts much earlier than that.

So you should be able to arouse a woman even before you get inside the love chamber. What that means is you should start arousing her in your conversations.

Because without doing so, you probably won’t be able to get her into bed with you.

On the other hand, when you can arouse her anytime, anywhere, she won’t be able to help herself longing to get closer to you and start a passionate night together.

It’s all about those sexy eyes

You may have guessed by now that arousal starts with strong eye contact. In fact, many studies have found that when opposite sex strangers hold each others gaze, arousal happen… and even love.

So you see, if you can confidently look into her eyes, you’re already sending her powerful arousal signals. That’s how subtle yet effective eye contact with a woman you want to arouse can become.

Don’t even try to fake it because she will know what you’re doing. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of looking her in the eyes and forced it, she’ll see it in your eyes.

If this is one of your weak points, there’s an obvious way to fix this: do it often and always.

I don’t mean getting into a staring contest with everyone you meet. No.

Just get into the habit of holding eye contact with a woman until she breaks it off or looks away. Start with those you pass by on the streets until you get comfortable enough.

When you can hold her gaze confidently, getting a woman aroused deeply can become unexpectedly easy. And when you can combine that with right physical touch, arousing her is a forgone conclusion.

Find those areas that turn her on

Touching can really get the arousal going in a woman but… you have to know the right places that will turn her on.

A handshake won’t really warm her up to the idea of the two of you sharing the same bed. However, it is a good place to start getting her comfortable with your physical touch.

When you shake hands with a woman you want to arouse, you want to start building the sexual tension and get her comfortable. And how do you do that? By holding her hand just a tad longer than usual.

So when you shake her hands, don’t quickly let it go but don’t spend too much time with her hands either.

To arouse a girl, you have to gradually move up, escalating little by little, from casual and friendly to close and intimate. There are touches that are normal for acquaintances to do; and there are touches that you can only do in private, away from prying eyes, where she can relax.

Some arousing touches include massaging her hand, caressing her face, neck, or hair, and gently running your hand in her thigh.

You can also hug her from behind and kiss her neck, take a deep breath like you’re taking her scent, and running your fingers behind her head and grabbing her hair.

These arousing moves will melt her with anticipation.

Being an explorer helps

What’s more, every girl is unique. So you’ll have to do some experiments of your own. Don’t be afraid to explore various parts of her body when she’s ready for you. See and feel what she responds to the most.

You might not get it right the first time and the girl gets turned off. And that’s alright because there are these little nuances that you have to experience firsthand as you learn arousing women.

As I’m sure you don’t want to be that creepy guy who can’t get hands off her, you wan to be sure your hands don’t linger for too long.

Don’t get carried away.

So when you touch her shoulder when she says something amusing, don’t make it uncomfortable for her.

A woman will only be aroused by your touch if she is comfortable with them. And not every kind of touch is arousing.

You get an A for attraction

Of course, you should know how to attract women first before you even get the chance to arouse her. Without attraction, you’re only going to freak her out but… if you know the drill, you can make things happen quickly and easily as you make her desire you like crazy.

And confidence is always a major factor in arousing her primal desire to sleep with you. Hesitating and being wishy-washy with your moves won’t arouse any woman.

Either way, your “confident mode” should always be on whether your first approaching her or you’re done for the night. Show it in how you move and how sharp you look.

It’s the first thing she sees and it’s the first thing you turn on to get her aroused and get started without getting rejected.

You don’t have to look like a hip fashion model either, just dress well and stay fit and keep yourself clean. There should be no problem getting women to look at you and get close to you.

And when she’s close, you can easily find out what excites her. Whether it’s talking dirty or licking some parts of her body. You have to discover what fancies her pants with the time you have with her.

If for example she appreciates dominant men, you can try gently pushing her against the wall when she’s back at your place. Pinning her against the wall can be one of the best ways to turn her on and arouse her fast.

Heighten her arousal

You may also find that a few scents can help turn a woman on. For example, the smell of cucumber increases blood flow to the clitoris, which can heighten her arousal.

In arousing a woman, scents can be your friend. Surprising, isn’t it?

While you never know what some women want to get things going, you gotta try and find out what works to get her hot and bothered. Though, some like to start hard and rough, there are others who wants to start slow, light and just right.

Some like to hear romantic poems while others wants you to be forceful. Whatever it is, once you find out, things should start getting steamy and smoking.

Find areas in her body where she’s sensitive to the touch.

These are often times the ones that go untouched and ignored instead of going straight to her sexual parts. Use light kisses and your tongue to get her wild and aroused. And if you eliminate one of her senses, the others will heighten.

To make her more sensitive to your touches, cover her eyes with a blindfold as the things  you do to her multiplies its effect tons of times. This will drive the woman to new depths of arousal and excitement she may have never felt before.

Here are some interesting tidbits about stimulating different regions of the female body:

Through mapping the brain’s sensory cortex for the first time, scientists have proven what women have been telling men: stimulating the vagina is not the same as stimulating the clitoris. Moreover, the study may have found why some women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. (1)

What this means to you is you have to find out which region she gets more pleasure from. And you’d know there’s a way to find out what she likes without asking her if you’ve read Revolutionary Sex.

If you think some porn can arouse a woman, well… it can. In a study published in Biological Psychology, researchers found that women were aroused by both male and female pornographic stimuli, unlike the men who were only aroused by the female stimuli.

And you’ll never guess this: women are aroused by chimpanzee porn. (2)

In another study, men and women can be aroused at the same speed when watching porn. It takes about ten minutes to reach peak arousal. You’re welcome.

To move towards sex, you need to arouse a woman. You need attraction and confidence to pull that off. And the more you know how to arouse women, the more confident you’ll be around women.

Imagine how it feels if you can arouse a girl without effort.

Still here? You are awesome!

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