How To Get A One Night Stand

Men love sex. And women do, too.

But guys like it better when there’s no string attached and it happens just hours after meeting the girl. In some cultures, getting a one night stand is easier where women are more open to sex compared to others where women are more reserved.

If you’re in a place where you can easily get one night stands, then just be ready for some good times. Still, it depends on the girl you try it on and, your level of attraction skill to get two complete strangers to share a bed together within the night.

Where to go

Well, the most straightforward thing to do is to go find a place where women who will go home with guys can be found. This can either be your local nightclub or someone else’s party where guys mingle and women giggle.

To find a girl you want to have a one night stand with, look for someone having a fun night — more like a free spirit in an adventure as she socialize with other women and talk to other guys.

You’ll know she’s open to sexual encounter by the way she clothes herself.

Most of the time, she’ll be showing lots of skin to attract potential mates. You can find her with friends — if you want to challenge yourself — or she could be alone waiting for an interesting guy to talk to her.

Either way, you gotta choose the girl who’s willing to have a one night stand, or your approach will be for nothing. No matter how good you are at attracting women.

Ladies who are older and fun may be more open to good adventures and are better choices.

And then?

When you’ve chosen your target, you then make your approach with confidence thinking yourself as the prize to be won over by women. Use your conversation skills to keep the conversation flowing and taking it to where you want to go.

Of course, you should know how to arouse a woman.

As you’re making her feel comfortable, find out if she has other things to do the next day so you’ll know how to handle things later.

Get information that will help you close the deal. At the same time getting physically close to her with your teases and flirting that won’t be mistaken as friendly.

Remain confident as you imply a possible one night stand to her. Don’t say it directly. Instead, let her think that it’s exactly what you want without seeming desperate whether she gives it to you or not.

Just have fun and keep things moving forward. Make her feel good and attractive as you try to close the deal. When you pick a place, you can either go somewhere neutral or to one of either your place or hers.

When it’s all done, be sure to make her feel good and give her a great time. Make her want to come back for another encounter by giving her pleasure she won’t ever forget. Be sure to get her number to keep the lines open but make her wonder if you’d call.


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