What are the types of guys women go for?

Knowing what kind of personality types of guys women are attracted to will make it easier for you to find out why some women go for certain type of guys than others.

You don’t have to change who you are to match these types of guys, instead just learn what works for them so you can use it yourself or incorporate it in your own life. You don’t have to follow a certain type and put yourself in that category to attract women.

If you look at what attracts women in a man, you’ll find a trend of qualities that a successful guy should have. And you already know the reason for that.

Having a guy who’s ambitious and on the road to success can be all the reason a woman needs to pick him over any other guy available to her. That type of guy has the intelligence and ambition to make it up the professional ladder.

This kind of drive and ambition makes him irresistible to most women. But you don’t have to become rich to show your passion. You can be an artist who showcases his creativity that makes women exciting and intrigued.

If you are engaged in something that allows you to express your artistic side, you’ll be able to make women feel something no other type of guy knows how to do.

And that works as well for the rocker bad boy type. The type a young girl’s mother warn her about as she was growing up.

This type of guy will always be on her mind as being the unpredictable, rebellious, and confident guy who shows her how to have a good time without caring what the world thinks of him.

And then there’s the guys who just being who he is and still gets the girl.

He’s got a solid personality and nice enough to make women want to introduce him to his parents. He’s the guy women go for if they want a boyfriend who’ll care for them.

These are just some of the type of guys women are attracted to. Maybe you’ll never find someone that’s exactly fits in a certain category since most guys are a mix of different types. Only that one personality tend to surface more often than the other.