The Types of Guys Women Can’t Help But Be Attracted To

types of guys
Certain types of guys are more attractive to women

What are the types of guys women go for?

Knowing what kind of personality types of guys women are attracted to will make it easier for you to find out why some women go for certain type of guys than others.

You’ll also have an idea of what women look for in a man as well as the things women need from a man. It’s sort of like having a model to play with and breaking it down into parts so you know what makes it work.

As a result, you’ll know how to appear more attractive to the ladies so you can attract women instantly. And more importantly, you’ll know what causes attraction between a man and a woman.

You won’t struggle to get dates.

Popular culture have purported the idea of a handsome, muscular, rich man as the perfect man. It’s the ideal type of what everyone believe a guy should go for.

But you should already know that women go for different types of guys. There’s not just one type of dream guy as every woman wants something different. It’s why even if you’re handsome and rich, some girls will not be into you no matter what.

So you don’t have to change who you are to match these types of guys, instead just learn what works for them so you can use it yourself or incorporate it in your own life. You don’t have to follow a certain type either and put yourself in that category to attract women.

If you look at what attracts women in a man, you’ll find a trend of qualities that a successful guy should have. And you already know the reason for that.

The Going Up And Getting Ahead Type

Famous celebrities are attractive to women because success is sexy.

Having a guy who’s ambitious and on the road to success can be all the reason a woman needs to pick him over any other guy available to her. That type of guy has the intelligence, drive, and ambition to make it up the professional ladder.

This kind of drive and ambition makes him irresistible to most women. So if you’re good at something that can make you achieve something tangible, you’ll have a much easier time dating.

And just having these attractive qualities is often enough to make you stand out and get attention from women, even when you’re still got nothing to show for it yet.

But what makes this type a dream date for many women is if he’s also generous. If you know how to take care of a woman and her experience and feelings by paying for dates, giving gifts, you’ll be making her more than happy. Why? Because you’re the type of guy who can provide for his woman.

The Friendly and Funny Type

Being able to easily make friends of almost everyone in the room without even trying, ready to party, down to almost anything, and just the all around fun type of guy can make you the center of attention of most if not all party girls.

If you can make girls laugh, it’s easy to make them think you don’t totally suck. Yes, being funny and humorous is that powerful.

Because being funny can make most people at ease, it’s a desirable quality to have. It’s no wonder then that most women would want to keep this type of guy around.

The Creative Artistic Type

But you don’t have to become rich to show your passion. You can be an artist who showcases his creativity that makes women exciting and intrigued.

If you are engaged in something that allows you to express your artistic side, you’ll be able to make women feel something no other type of guy knows how to do.

Whether it’s music, drawing, or something, done expertly enough can make you irresistible to some women. Focus on honing your craft and you’ll attract certain type of girls simply because your passion is attractive.

Being sensitive doesn’t hurt, either. This can mean being in touch with your feelings and of those people around you.

The Healthy Active Type

This could be the muscled bro, sure. But most women don’t go for that type.

Most women though appreciate the guy who knows how to take care of himself. This type of guy has a healthy diet, goes to the gym, spend time outdoors, play sports, and is generally in good shape.

It’s not hard to see many of these guys can easily land dates with women.

What Her Mother Warned Her About Type

And that works as well for the rocker bad boy type. The type a young girl’s mother warn her about as she was growing up.

This type of guy will always be on her mind as being the unpredictable, rebellious, and confident guy who shows her how to have a good time without caring what the world thinks of him.

The Take Home Type

And then there’s the guys who just being who he is and still gets the girl.

He’s got a solid personality and nice enough to make women want to introduce him to his parents. He’s the guy women go for if they want a boyfriend who’ll care for them.

If you’re genuinely caring and thoughtful, there’s no reason women won’t be attracted to you. In fact, you won’t have trouble keeping women.

In Closing

There’s a reason why girls find certain type of guys incredibly charming. It’s because they can’t resist being swept off their feet when they meet their type. But some women on the other hand can’t fathom the idea of letting this same guys get near them.

These are just some of the type of guys women are attracted to. Maybe you’ll never find someone that’s exactly fits in a certain category since most guys are a mix of different types. Only that one personality tend to surface more often than the other.

Don’t worry if you don’t exactly fit into any type. Just having a combination of the attractive qualities most of the types have will make you a type of your own. So whatever good qualities you have, hone it and let it attract the women you so desire.


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