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What Women Want: What Every Woman Wants From a Man

What do women want from men?

What are women really looking for in a potential partner?

Is there something all women want, something that all women agree they look for in the right guy (like confidence and sense of humor)?

Keep reading to find out!

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Understanding Mixed Signals And How To Avoid Going Nuts Because Of A Girl

Know a girl who’s sending you mixed signals?

One day she’s warm–she flirts, she laughs and responds well, and acts like she’s really interested.

Everything seems to be going well with this girl; you feel like you have a chance with her, and it seems like you’re both enjoying each other.

It’s fun to be with her and she’s easy to get along with. Then…

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Why Women Play Head Games With Men

If you’re a really beautiful woman, you’ll be playing head games all day, too.

Wanna know why? It’s not as mysterious as you might think.

You see, the really hot sexy women gets hit on dozens of times each day, and they need something to easily and automatically go through certain situations. Like when every guy ask for her number and she says something like, “I don’t give it to strangers.”

Some guys would just give up and that saves her a lot of time each day.

Think about it, if she gives her number to every guy who approaches her, she’d have a lot on her hand. And not only that, she’ll be socially labelled as “easy”.

You gotta recognize that these are test women use to sift through guys.

It’s their quality check to see if you are the “real deal”. If you are good enough for her to give her number. If you are really a confident guy, or just another loser wanna-be trying to get lucky.

And if you’ve been around women for some time, you’ll have developed your own response when you hear something from her that’s a little off.

When you’re radar detects she’s playing one of her head games, you will already have something to say to her and, in turn, get what you want.

So every time she drops a locked door in front of you, you’d already have a key to open it.

You can expect that from every beautiful woman you meet. They will try anything to make you play their game, and see if you’ll lose. And you will, if you play her kind of game.

So what do you need to do to win?

You gotta prepare for it.

If you don’t have enough experience yet with women raising all kinds of objections to your every suggestion or question, you at least, need to know when they happen.

You need to know what situations they arise from most of the time. And as you can tell, it usually happens when you’re meeting her for the first time and you’re asking for her number.

And… also when you need to take things to the next level.

Once you know she’s playing one of her head games, you should respond in a confident manner. Don’t give her a lame and wussy answer like a passive guy would.

Using cocky and funny responses works great if you want to power your way through her head games every time she tries to play them with you.

Show her that you see right through her games, and that you’re not like the other guys who know nothing about attracting women.

What Turns Women Off

Some guys have the uncanny ability to turn women off.

And what’s worse, they can’t seem to understand why some (or all) women won’t give them the time of day to talk to them.

While that may be common to some guys, some just end up doing something utterly-foolish that turns the woman he’s with to completely get turned off and ice-cold.

You see, even when you get the chance to attract her, you still need to watch yourself and be aware of what you are doing as you attract women.

Or, even when you’re already in a relationship, don’t change what you did when you attracted her in the first place or you’ll end up with a ice-cold woman you won’t ever have the chance of warming up again as long as you stay a turn off for her.

So don’t turn her off by doing some of the most obvious attraction killers known to man.

One of that is being too needy or clingy.

That’s wanting to be with her every minute of the day like a kid who never want to be separated from his mom. That’s just unattractive and sometimes creepy. A total turn off to all women.

Don’t be desperate for her attention, instead act like a man with lots of options. Be more of a challenge and have something going on with your life. Because if you lose that drive to live a life with passion, you’ll lose her attraction. Guaranteed.

Still, you have to balance things out. You can’t be too busy that you won’t have time for her. And you can’t be doing nothing that all you do is be with her and act all wimpy all the time.

And when you do have the time to talk to women, show some interest in her like she’s the most fascinating person in the world. It’s flattering and attractive when you give her that kind of focused attention.

She’ll enjoy the conversation more and the connection built with you will be just as strong. The opposite of that is just disrespectful and turns women off. Don’t let your eyes wander aimlessly or look at other women.

And if you’re wondering why can’t get close to women to talk to them, take a look in the mirror and see for yourself. When you neglect your appearance and go monkey, you’ll instantly turn women off.

It’s not hard to be handsome. All you need is just a proven routine that works for you to keep your appearance and health brimming and shining with confidence.

Though there are a lot more that turns women off, these are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to become a badass with attracting women so you don’t have to go scratching your head when she turns away and leave.

How to Handle a Woman’s Tests

A woman’s test is basically her defense against low value men hitting on her and trying to pick her up since she can’t let just anyone in and have access to her.

Think of it as a guard repelling anyone who tries to enter her front door.

Though it doesn’t mean that once you pass the initial test it’s over. It’s actually “on” all the time. She’ll always test you to see if you’re good enough to be her man. So you better know how to recognize when you’re being tested and how to handle a woman’s test.

The former is simple enough to do.

If you think you’re being tested, then you are. Or if she’s acting strange, in a way you wouldn’t expect of how a woman treats her friends or other people then you know what’s happening.

Better yet, just assume everything is a test so you don’t miss a thing and you’re always ready to handle her tests whenever it comes. And there are many ways to handle her tests.

But to be successful at dealing with them, you have to be calm and confident. You can’t freak out even for just a little bit, and you can’t show it even for just a second. So relax and remain calm and respond in a cocky and funny way if you know how it’s done.

That’s one way to handle a woman’s test.

Another thing you can do is just ignore her altogether and continue what you’re doing like it didn’t happen. If you’re talking to her about something and she tries something to make you react, just continue to conversation like nothing happened.

And if she tries to make you do something you don’t want to do, you can always make her jump first or attach a condition before you agree to do anything for her.

Then again, you don’t have to do anything for her and you can just defuse the situation using humor.

All you gotta remember when you’re dealing with a girl’s test is, again, to be calm and relax like a monk. Don’t argue with her, complain, or even get upset even just a little.

Know when she’s trying to be cute with you and handle it properly.

Because when you passed her tests, you’ll get better attraction from her and improve your relationship with her. And when she’s testing you, you already know that there’s some interest for you already.

Types of Guys Women Are Attracted To

What are the types of guys women go for?

Knowing what kind of personality types of guys women are attracted to will make it easier for you to find out why some women go for certain type of guys than others.

You don’t have to change who you are to match these types of guys, instead just learn what works for them so you can use it yourself or incorporate it in your own life. You don’t have to follow a certain type and put yourself in that category to attract women.

If you look at what attracts women in a man, you’ll find a trend of qualities that a successful guy should have. And you already know the reason for that.

Having a guy who’s ambitious and on the road to success can be all the reason a woman needs to pick him over any other guy available to her. That type of guy has the intelligence and ambition to make it up the professional ladder.

This kind of drive and ambition makes him irresistible to most women. But you don’t have to become rich to show your passion. You can be an artist who showcases his creativity that makes women exciting and intrigued.

If you are engaged in something that allows you to express your artistic side, you’ll be able to make women feel something no other type of guy knows how to do.

And that works as well for the rocker bad boy type. The type a young girl’s mother warn her about as she was growing up.

This type of guy will always be on her mind as being the unpredictable, rebellious, and confident guy who shows her how to have a good time without caring what the world thinks of him.

And then there’s the guys who just being who he is and still gets the girl.

He’s got a solid personality and nice enough to make women want to introduce him to his parents. He’s the guy women go for if they want a boyfriend who’ll care for them.

These are just some of the type of guys women are attracted to. Maybe you’ll never find someone that’s exactly fits in a certain category since most guys are a mix of different types. Only that one personality tend to surface more often than the other.

Reasons Why Women Reject Men

There can be a mind-numbing number of reasons why a woman will reject a man. These can either be in your control or not. What’s important is once you know the reasons why women reject men, you can do something about the ones you can change or influence in some way.

Let’s get one thing clear, sometimes women will reject men for seemingly no apparent reason. She could be bitchy because she’s having a bad day, or that’s just the way she acts with every guy who wants to meet and approaches her.

Depending on your attraction and seduction skill, you can use this to work in your favor since most guys will just leave her alone and stop bothering her altogether. But this post is not really about how to turn things around.

The point is, you can’t control how she respond to you and the circumstances she’s in the first time you try to open a conversation with her. With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the other reasons why women would turn her back on you or reject you out right.

It’s been said many times before, but if you’re not showing a good amount of confidence when you meet women, you’ll most likely get rejected every time.

Some will think it’s cute and give you a chance, but the majority will just turn the other way like you’re think air who didn’t register in their eyes even a little.

Or worse, you’ll be seen as a creep, and all your chances of talking to her will disappear into thin air. So, get your body language to show how confident and attractive you are. And once you approach her, smile and talk to her like a good friend you haven’t seen for a while.

Don’t act in any way that will make you seem needy or clingy.

That’s another reason why women reject men. The moment she realizes you’re needy, she’ll be freaked out and move away from you, immediately.

Instead, show you’re in control of your life and you have options. It wouldn’t matter to you if she doesn’t talk to you again. You’re just enjoying the moment with her, right now.

Although, you’d like to see her again and take her out on a date, you’re not too hang up about it. This will let you avoid getting rejected instantly.

Actually, she’ll be attracted to you and will want to go out with someone like you.

Is She Playing Hard To Get?

Confused? Whether a woman is playing hard to get or not?

Well, there are some things you can do to know what a woman feels for you so you don’t have to be frustrated for long. To do that, you’ll have to know first why girls make you confused and do such confusing things.

And if you look at it from their point of view, you’ll know that they have to protect themselves. No. Not from wild animals. But from what other people may think about them — especially their friends and close peers.

They don’t want anything going around that they’re easy to get — sluts. It becomes social suicide for them and their reputation suffers. You know how important that is for all women to be in good terms with their friends.

Another thing they’re trying to protect is their emotions. They fear of getting hurt like what happened with a previous guy she went along with. If they’re not sure whether you’re good for them or not, they’ll pretty much hold off to giving you concrete signs of attraction.

And something else you have to consider: She wants to lead you on and chase her as a sort of test to see if you’re a man who can handle her. She wants to know if you can play her games and win her in the end.

So, don’t go crazy, all right?

On the bright side, if you can’t clearly tell if she’s interested in you or not, that means you’re almost there. If she’s showing you some signs of interest but pull back at the last minute, you gotta make it easy for her to decide and go all the way.

That will be easy if you know how to attract women. And you know the stage or phase you’re currently in in the attraction model you’re using.

So, to know if she’s playing hard to get… you need to look at her actions or better yet get a thermometer and get her temperature. You’ll know she’s playing when she’s hot one day and cold the next.

If she enjoys a conversation with you one day and out of nowhere she ignores you and doesn’t even greet you the next day. Or she responds to your teasing, laughs at your jokes and, well, interact with you completely then completely flips to a statue the next time.

That will make most men go out of the mind and run for the hills. But not you, since you already know what and why she’s doing this. You won’t chase her when she ignores you and repeat the pattern.

Instead, you’ll call her games and take advantage of the times when she’s responding well to your approaches. You can also do what she does and ignore her when she ignores you, but still be cool with it.

Then later on, have a serious talk with her and tell her you know what’s going on. Tell her you understand what she’s going through, not in a needy and desperate way, but in a more confident, manly way.

If that doesn’t resolve the situation of her playing hard to get, then you have to make the choice whether you really want this woman or not. In the meantime, go out there and meet more women.

How To Make Women Think About You

If you can make a women think about you most of time, and fill her mind with good thoughts of about you, you can be sure she’ll want you and try to get close to you.

She’ll want to talk to you or be giving off come hither signals in your direction.

You starts with giving off a good first impression which is only possible if you’re always presenting your best self. That’s taking care of yourself, and dressing appropriately — wearing comfortable, fitting clothes, and letting your unique sense of style show.

To the way you talk to her and how you interact with your surroundings and other people. It all adds up to how her first impression of you forms and settles.

If you can do all that without effort, you’ll be able to give her a good experience and something she won’t be able to forget anytime soon. Follow the steps to every successful interaction and she’ll be thinking of you, her mind filled with thoughts of your first encounter.

It’s doing everything right and recovering gracefully when you slip and stumble on your way to her mind. And after the initial attraction, keeping her aware of your existence, using your mobile phone to send her text messages that keeps the mating game going.

Now, it doesn’t matter how long you wait before you text or call her. What matters is you do it sooner rather than later (but not too soon and too often, the next day works for most). If you keep thinking about it or confused about how long you should wait, just let it go. It’s not that important.

Get busy and do something else. Meet other women and get their number so you’ll have other options and better chances of going out on a date on any specific day. Give the girl some space to miss you and let her anticipation build — if you did a solid job of attracting her.

And building a solid connection with her.

If you did that, she won’t be having time to rest while you’re on her mind running simulation and building attraction all on her own. And the next time you see, she’ll not only be happy but truly excited and pumped to spend time together with you.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Do women really love bad boys?

Well, if you think about it or observe a little, bad boys have an irresistible effect to a certain type of women. While some women are wary of bad boys, those who love bad boys are attracted to the bad-ass charms and confidence a bad boy emanates.

A bad boy, the stereotypical one, moves like he owns the world. He’s cocky, often rude, and most of the time, doesn’t care about what other people think of him.

Now, most of these bad boy qualities are seen by other guys as not-so-good qualities to have, women on the other hand, sees something else. Many of the most powerful qualities women are looking for in a man can be found in a bad boy.

Namely, that massively-overflowing confidence reflected on a bad boys “don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude. We all know women loves a man with confidence, and bad boys show that when talking to women and other people, and all the other things he do with confidence.

He wouldn’t be able to move and do what he does if he’s not confident and cocky enough. And women are turned on by that brimming confidence bad boys have, showing that their manliness and masculinity.

And they aslo know what they want, and confidently takes it if they can. They’re in control of what they do and their bad boy way of life. And women likes that in man, a man who confidently takes care of everything in an exciting, wild, ans unpredictable way.

Bad boys give women excitement, and takes them on adventures which women can’t get enough of. They’re intrigued by his way of life — always pushing things forward and never bogged down by every little thing. They don’t make excuses and just do what they want.

It makes life a mystery for their woman since no one knows what tomorrow will bring or where she’ll be taken. Women just can’t seem to read them and that challenges them. And since bad boys are no pushover, it sends women in a dizzying ride of their life.

And with all the things women love about bad boys, add to that their “don’t care” attitude and you have someone who doesn’t care if he gets rejected or not. He just simply moves on to the next girl without batting an eye.

This take it or leave it attitude is what most guys lack and should definitely adopt if they want to get good at attracting women. That’s how bad boys can get enough experience with women and quickly get good at talking to them.

And since women are already interested in what they’re seeing, they’ll be open to his approaches. She’ll be challenged and intrigued, and the next thing you know, she’s in his arms walking towards the sunset together.

She Has a Boyfriend?

When you approach a girl, she’ll sometimes drop the “I have a boyfriend!” line. It may or may not be true. And it depends on how you read the situation if you can proceed and persist on attracting and moving forward with her.

When she says she has a boyfriend, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t want to talk to you. Sometimes it’s a form of a test, to see if you can and know how handle her little objection — if you know how to attract women.

It also makes her look like she’s desirable and popular with the guys. Or she just wants to feel good about herself just by saying it.And sometimes, she just automatically says it (for no particular reason at all) to every guy who approaches her.

Either way, you don’t need to be discouraged when she drops the I-have-a-boyfriend line. If she really has a boyfriend, you’ll know sooner or later by how she acts in front of you.

So what do you do?

Well, don’t react to what she says, particularly to the boyfriend word. You can either just ignore it and continue the conversation as if she didn’t say it or you didn’t hear it. It shows that you know something about women and that you’ve heard it before and know what to do.

If you can’t figure out if she really has a boyfriend or not, don’t worry about it. Just wait it out and soon it will become obvious. But if she brings it up again or mentions him directly or by name, you know the deal. You have to acknowledge it and take what you can.

And, even if it’s true, you can still move things along with a girl if she wants to.

Sometimes the boyfriend thing is not serious or she’s looking for someone else to replace him with a better boyfriend — which could be you.

It’s all up to you what you want to do. Just know that there are a lot of single women out there. And you may just be wasting your time with this one who has a “boyfriend”.

If you got her number and want to text her, you can. You can attract her or at least add her to your social circle. It’s a win for you whatever you decide to do.

Why Women Have Sex

It’s natural for women to want to have sex with a man.

After all, it’s what we’re all here — on this planet — to do. If women are not having sex with men, the human species will simply not survive.

But they don’t really care about that consciously, even though survival is the underlying reason behind their every action and even though it’s encoded in their genes. Well, that’s the almost hidden reason why women have sex.

So with that out of the way… let’s look at the emotional and physical reason (and sometimes material reasons) why women have sex. (Although, it’s obviously because it feels good.)

According to a research interview done by a couple of scientist asking the same question… one of the reasons why women have sex is to boost their self-esteem or to keep their lovers. That makes sense, since no one wants to be left alone.

On the other side, women can use sex to get all sorts of things she wants. Money, promotion, and revenge are only some of the things women can get using sex in any stage of a relationship.

They also use it to keep their partner so he doesn’t stray off, make him feel good, make him feel bad for cheating, even to get him into a relationship with her.

But, even with all that, the majority of women have sex for pure physical pleasure.

Because it feels so damn good. Even at an early age, they’ll have sex to find out if they like it. Then they’ll brag about it to their friends.

And there are a few more other reasons why women have sex from the honestly good to the downright bad. But the majority is as you’ve read.

No wonder they give out subtle “come hither” signals to any man they like. And it’s your job to notice those signals at the right time. Then make your move if you find her attractive and interesting enough.

Things You Need to Know About Women

If you want to successfully attract beautiful women, there are certain things you need to know about them so you can understand them. And when you understand them deep enough, attracting women will come to you naturally and effortlessly.

That’s an undeniable fact.

Those who don’t know things about women simply don’t last with them and are forever confused by the species known as human females.

One of the things you need to know about women is their wants. What are they looking for in man. What makes them attracted to a man they’ll willing to get him no matter what it takes.

Yes, women are willing to chase a man if the man knows what he’s doing and he’s high value enough to make the effort worthwhile for the women.

Making women chase you works better than the other way around. And for one thing, women love the chase. And they enjoy it as much as men do.

Another thing you need to know about women is that they’re socially adept. Most women always have a group of close friends they gossip with and go shopping with every week. They talk about men and stuffs about relationship most guys have no interest in.

They particularly love drama.

It’s a regular part of their life and their drama never seems to run out since they create one whenever they feel like it. If you want to handle women, you got to know how to handle her drama.

If they involve you in their drama, you gotta be prepared. They’ll intuitively know whether you can handle it or not. They’ll see right through you since women can easily read your body language. They’re natural experts at it.

That’s why you can’t treat them like one of the guys. They’re fundamentally different from us guys. They’re emotional and sometimes unstable on a certain time each month.

So, you need to play your role as man a woman follows and covet. They have their own roles to play to make the relationship work. If one of you neglects your role, there will be drama for sure.

If you want to learn about modern gender roles, you can read about it from the book reviewed here.

And lastly, if you want to know more about women, spend more time with them and get to know them deeper both emotionally and physically.

And once you’re able to understand them at a level where you can bring them happiness consistently, you’ll reap the rewards only very few men in history were able to taste.

Emotional Attraction Triggers

Attraction and comfort are both emotions.

If you want to attract women, you have to hit their emotional attraction triggers. That’s a known fact far and wide.

You can’t convince them to like you.

You can’t use logic in creating emotional attraction.

There are different types of attraction triggers, but the emotional attraction triggers are the one you actively hit most of the time.

Making her feel good about herself should be your main goal every time you interact with a girl. She should feel good just by being with you.

She should enjoy the “experience of you”.

But it’s even more important to let her feel a “roller coaster” of emotions if you really want to connect and bond with her… if you want her to trust you completely.

Good emotions. Different kind of emotions, going up and down. If you can create that experience every time you’re with her, you’ll be able to create attraction like she’d never felt before.

You can make her feel happy, irritated, or jealous. It’s better than making her feel nothing at all.

If you look at what attracts women in men, you’ll easily know some of these emotional triggers and how you can trigger each one of them.

If you can feel emotional attraction towards her, it’s also possible to make her feel these emotions towards you.

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