Mixed Signals From A Girl (And What To Do About It)

mixed signals from a girl: picture of a woman sitting
Do you know why she’s sending you mixed signals?

Want to know why you’re getting mixed signals from a girl? There are a couple of possible reasons you’ll find out shortly.

As you know, dealing with mixed signals from women can be a challenge.

One day she’s warm – she flirts, she laughs, and she seems really interested in you.

Everything seems to be going well with this girl; you feel like you have a chance with her.

Then… out of nowhere.


Something destroys your world.

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Why Do Beautiful Women Like To Play Head Games

Head games, mind games, why do some women tend to play these games?

You had a date with her but, when you called her the next day… nothing. Days later, you saw her and tells you how much she missed you. Yet when you tried to get in touch with her again, she never responds.

Why do women like to play head games?

If she likes you, why make it hard for you, right?

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What Turns Women Off

Some guys have the uncanny ability to turn women off. And what’s worse, they can’t seem to understand why some (or all) women won’t give them the time of day to talk to them. While that may be common to some guys, some just end up doing something utterly-foolish that turns the woman he’s with to completely get turned off and ice-cold. You see, even when you get the chance to attract her, you still need to watch yourself and … Continue reading…

How To Handle A Woman’s Tests

Women will throw shit tests at you.

She will test you if you are or how sure you are of yourself. She will put on the pressure to see if you will crack. To see if you’re really strong or just trying to look strong. To see if your actions match your words.

A woman’s test is not bad, you can even say it’s good. Why? Because depending on how you handle them, you can increase attraction to you if you do it right.

A woman’s test is basically her defense against low value men hitting on her and trying to pick her up since she can’t let just anyone in and have access to her. This saves her time sifting through sludge.

A hot girl gets approached by a horde of hungry guys. How can she handle all of them? Since she knows very few will be able to give her what she desires, she uses a shit test. It’s a quick and easy way to vet possible candidates.

Think of it as a guard repelling anyone who tries to enter her front door. This guard is invisible to most guys and don’t even know they’re being tested. Even after they crashed and burned.

And most guys get discouraged, feel rejected and frustrated, and run away from whence they came. The few who pass her test, who don’t get easily discouraged by a little resistance gets to talk to her.

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The Types of Guys Women Can’t Help But Be Attracted To

What are the types of guys women go for?

Knowing what kind of personality types of guys women are attracted to will make it easier for you to find out why some women go for certain type of guys than others.

You’ll also have an idea of what women look for in a man as well as the things women need from a man. It’s sort of like having a model to play with and breaking it down into parts so you know what makes it work.

As a result, you’ll know how to appear more attractive to the ladies so you can attract women instantly. And more importantly, you’ll know what causes attraction between a man and a woman.

You won’t struggle to get dates.

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The Real Reasons Why Most Women Reject Men

If you’re like most men, you probably don’t like getting rejected — especially by a beautiful woman.

Just the thought of walking up to a girl, trying to talk to her, and getting rejected can make most men sick in the stomach.

But what you’ll find usually is that women are nice when a man starts talking to her as long as he doesn’t do something incredibly stupid.

The worst could happen to you normally is she says something you won’t like or just walks away.

So don’t worry about it. If you get rejected, you’ll still be fine.

If you want to know some of the reasons why women reject men so you can hopefully avoid doing them and also avoid getting rejected, read on.

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Is She Playing Hard To Get? Here’s How To Know

is she playing hard to get?

Is she playing hard to get or not interested?

Confused? Well, we’ve all been there, right? You meet a girl and you can’t tell if she actually likes you because of all the mixed signals she’s sending.

That can drive you nuts!

Well if you want to stay sane in this game, and know what to do when a woman is playing hard to get or not interested, keep reading.

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How To Make Her Think About You When You’re Not Around

You are probably thinking about her. But could you say the same about her?

If you can get on her mind, you’re already a few turns away from stepping into her heart and actual door.

Making a woman think about you when you’re not around levels the playing field a bit. If she’s not thinking about you — when you are thinking about her nonstop — it will make it hard for you to move things forward. Getting her to agree to meet with you for some drinks, for instance, may take more than a couple of texts.

And knowing she’s thinking about you is a great feeling, isn’t it?

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Why Women Love Bad Boys

Do women really love bad boys? Well, if you think about it or observe a little, bad boys have an irresistible effect to a certain type of women. While some women are wary of bad boys, those who love bad boys are attracted to the bad-boy charms and confidence a bad boy emanates. A bad boy, the stereotypical one, moves like he owns the world. He’s cocky, often rude, and most of the time, doesn’t care about what other people … Continue reading…

She Has a Boyfriend?

When you approach a girl, she’ll sometimes drop the “I have a boyfriend!” line. It may or may not be true. And it depends on how you read the situation if you can proceed and persist on attracting and moving forward with her. When she says she has a boyfriend, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t want to talk to you. Sometimes it’s a form of a test, to see if you can and know how handle her little objection … Continue reading…

Why Women Have Sex: Understanding Her Sexual Motivations

woman in bed

If you had asked me before, “Ever wonder why women have sex?” 

I’d probably answer, “Of course not! Why would I? Isn’t it obvious?”

But since understanding why women seek sex will improve your sex life in many ways, it is to your benefit that you know this.

You know this too, somewhere deep inside you, that women have sex either because it feels good, they want babies, or for love.

Yes, love… since many women find sex to be the deepest form of love and connection. 

And “it feels good” seems like an understatement to me. Why? Because while you may reach orgasm quicker, hers is often more powerful and could include multiple orgasms. 

Since many women are very sexually oriented, pure physical pleasure is one of her most common sexual motivations as you’ll see later.

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