What Women Really Want In Men — This is What They Won’t Tell You

what women want from men: picture of a cute woman
What do women want in men?

What do women really look for in a man?

Is there something all women want, something that all women agree they look for in the right guy?

Keep reading to find out!

What women are attracted to

As you know, “attraction” is not a choice.*

It doesn’t happen consciously because it’s not rational–it’s instinctual.

You see, women are attracted to how you make them feel.

Attraction then becomes easy once you understand what women want. And what women want from a man is for him to make her feel a certain way.

What kind of way?

Aside from making her feel good when you’re around, because you’re confident and funny, what women want is to… feel like a real woman!

Make her feel feminine around you

That means, in a relationship, women want the feminine role and the man to take the masculine role.


If you want a relationship to work, you have to exhibit more masculine qualities like… being decisive, being strong, and being a challenge.

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Because no woman wants a man who’s physically and mentally weak.

It is against her nature.

That’s why a majority of women will almost always be attracted to stronger men, both mentally and physically, who makes her feel safe and protected.

So if you want to make a woman feel feminine around you, be masculine in the way you think, behave, and act.

Make her feel that nothing, no matter how challenging, can ever break you.**

Make her feel you will protect her from harm, and let her know you’ll keep her safe, healthy, and comfortable.

To be able to achieve that…

Here’s another important trait of the masculine man:

You need to have clear goals, ambition, direction, passion, and discipline. In short, you need to be… capable and independent!

Make women want to be a part of your life

Having a sense of independence means you should be able to live your own life, take care of yourself, and make your own decisions.

To be able to do your own thing, whether a woman is there or not.

You know, women don’t want to have to mother you. And no woman wants a needy man who depends on her for his own happiness.

What women want is the kind of man who knows what he wants and faces his fears to get it. In short:

Someone who takes action in
his life, instead of letting
life happen to him.

What’s more, being driven, hardworking, and responsible are ideal characteristics of a mate. Why? Simply because women with a successful man don’t have to worry about freezing or starving.

Also, women think passion in one sphere of life can be transferred to another sphere of life.

That’s why women admire attractive traits required for being successful like discipline and commitment. They believe it will make a guy with those traits a good partner.

You know what else?

It is also helpful if you have some elements in your life that makes it not ordinary or something that makes it above average.

Women will feel the natural urge to be part of it and be with you if your life is “exciting.”

So be sure to know what you want in your life and head in that direction.

Have a plan and follow through with confidence and determination.

And one critical skill in getting what you want in life is being able to effortlessly charm everyone in a room.

Or at least, to be able to… play well with others!

Make her naturally drawn to you

I’m talking about your social skills, of course.

And women will sense your social skills right from the start.

As you know, women react well to men who are funny, charismatic, and a mesmerizing storyteller, the guys with good social skills.


Because if you know how to handle yourself in any social situation, she won’t have to worry that you’ll creep her friends out or go catatonic when she introduces you to her pals or people you don’t know.

(And if you’re a good listener, you know how to make a girl feel special.)


Confidence plays a big part in all of this.

So if you want to be comfortable in any situation, you have to feel good about what you have to offer.

Because when you’re sure about yourself, when you’re comfortable with yourself, and when you don’t need validation from other people to confirm your status…

Then it is easy to become sociable and genuine in any social situation.

Women will be drawn to you naturally just as people can’t help but appreciate good music.

And if you’re able to make her laugh, tell a joke and take a joke, she’ll almost always think you’re awesome.

That’s because women value a man who has the ability to see the lighter side of things.


When you’re able to exhibit all of the above, it becomes very easy to attract women.

Become what women want

When you easily attract women, other women will take notice and get intrigued because…

Men other women find attractive are irresistible!


Because when you are “pre-selected” it means other women have chosen you.

It confirms your desirability.

And you’ll become what women want.

On a side note, what girls like in boys physically isn’t all that important.

Though physical appearance is important to some women, looks are not so important to ALL women.

As you can see, most women want more than that!

That means if you look nice, in good shape, dress well, and smell your best at all times, you can easily pass most girl’s physical attraction filter.

Remember, women want to be seen in the company of a real man. And once she knows you are a real man, she will cling to you like a baby to its momma.

So be a man who others can look up to, appreciate, and admire.


If you want to know more about male-female gender roles, there’s an insightful chapter about that in a book I reviewed here.


*Made famous by David DeAngelo in his book Double Your Dating

**Being masculine doesn’t mean you don’t show affection, patience, and sensuality.



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