Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
Models: Attract Women Through Honesty is written by Mark Manson and first published in 2011.

Models is a book about being a little less needy through vulnerability.

Why vulnerability?

Because not only is vulnerability the path of true human connection and becoming a truly attractive person…

But also because most dating problems (from Mark Manson’s experience working with hundreds of men around the world) had little to do with “knowing what to say” or tactics to get women quickly.


The vast majority of men’s problem was emotional.

Because they have a negative self-perception of themselves that came from a lifetime of feeling inferior and inadequate around women.

That is why the core ideas of Models are deeper, more personal, and more emotional.

Which makes this book a good starting point for beginners, especially if…

  • You are afraid to approach women you find attractive, or ask them out on a date,
  • You can’t express your true feelings and intentions very well,
  • You consistently fall into boring conversation topics because you don’t have to risk offending anyone with them,
  • You didn’t want to stand out too much so you haven’t groomed yourself to the extent you could,
  • The idea of openly hitting on a woman scares you because of the possible rejection, or
  • Smiling at strangers makes you feel creepy.

And if you want to…

  • Feel confident and empowered around the women you know and the women you don’t know but want to meet.
  • Be sexual without shame or hesitation or regret or pain.
  • Learn the behaviors that will allow you to form the emotional foundation you never received in adolescence.
  • Feel in control of your relationships.
  • Be the attractive male you can be.

What’s more, you’ll have an in-depth perspective into your emotions and how you operate as well as a practical education on women and attraction.

Now, before you read further, I’ll have to disappoint you.

What “Models” Mean

Though there is a section in there about getting the most beautiful women, the top 1% in physical appearance… Models is not a book about getting fashion models or that category of women.

No, what Models really talks about is a different kind of “model”.

What Models refer to is a model of masculine behavior on how to be attractive, powerful, and in control of your relationships with women. The one you missed out on growing up.

You’ll know what being an attractive man of maturity and integrity looks like.

Now, let’s take a peek at…

What’s Inside

Models is a long read.

The first version of Models which came out in 2011 was 366 pages long, while the latest revision has been cleaned up to just 260 pages. (It took me a while to read the first version, by the way.)

And these pages contain all the tools a man will (ever?) need to reform and fine-tune himself and become more successful with women.

To explain the core ideas and advice of the book…

Models starts with the realities of attraction, gender behavior, and what makes you attractive as a man as its foundation.

As you’ll see, the core ideas of Models isn’t just about intellectually understanding how to stand, how to talk, and how to behave to attract women.


It is much deeper than that.

In fact, the core ideas of Models will lead you to permanent and unconscious changes and begin to transform you into the attractive man you can be.


The first part of Models look at female attraction based on scientific research and the second part gives you…

An overview of a dating strategy that is designed to take you from “no women in my life” to “lots of amazing women in my life” as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible.

You’ll know things like:

  • How to turn her on to the point where she comes around and wants to get to know you, even if she wasn’t interested in you, to begin with.
  • What turns women on; what a rape fantasy and a romantic marriage proposal have in common.
  • Why women find men who display great strength and skill to be attractive.
  • What you want to focus on if you want women to want to get into a relationship with you.
  • Why women can be turned off at the most innocuous moment or by the most unimportant statement that may seem harmless at first.
  • What defines attractive behavior. (Being an independent and confident person depends on this.)
  • How to stop attracting women who play games and how to stop the women you attract from playing games.
  • How to sub-communicate the most powerful elements of attraction to her.
  • The two main exceptions that prevent women from wanting to be with you, even when she finds you attractive. (And why things are simply not going to work no matter what you do.)
  • What to do when a woman has categorized you as a friend and not a potential lover.
  • Why you can’t avoid rejections (or saying something stupid or embarrassing yourself) while at the same time being this attractive, amazing guy who women fall for.
  • How to make women who had absolutely no interest in meeting you before to suddenly become uncontrollably attracted around you.
  • What to do if you’re one of those men who only experience rejection.
  • Why you’re afraid to approach women. (Why when you see a beautiful girl and have the desire to meet her, you don’ take action.)
  • And much, much more…

As the book goes on, it becomes more technical and specific, slowly honing in on the necessary actions and habits that will bring you lots of amazing women in your life.

The last three parts of Models is where you’ll learn how to put what you learned in the first two parts into practice in your life as soon as you can. These are what Mark Manson calls…

The Three Fundamentals

These fundamentals are the core areas you want to begin implementing into your life. And it starts with…

Honest Living

This is all about building an attractive and abundant lifestyle so that quality women, who are most compatible with you, naturally gravitate into your life.

This part will question and make clear to you what you’re doing with your life, what your identity is, what you want out of your relationships and what kind of women you’d like to attract.

Honest Action

This part will help you to overcome your fears and anxieties so that you may act on your impulses and desires without hesitation or shame.

You’ll also learn how to portray yourself in a way that stands out, including… why what you say isn’t so important, how you approach isn’t so important, and what’s really important.

Honest Communication

This part teaches you how to revamp your communication and how to make good impressions upon everyone you meet.

You’ll know how to express yourself openly and effectively, in a dynamic and interesting way that will keep women interested in you and help you make that transition to becoming physical with them.

You’ll also know the most effective way to create lasting and genuine attraction with women who will make you happiest, including what will ultimately determine how much success you have with women in the long run more than anything else. (By far the most integral piece of seduction and dating women–have it and you’ll constantly have options.)

Action Plan

As you can see, there is a lot to digest in this book.

And it can be easy to get overwhelmed and wonder where to start, especially if you haven’t started in your journey of self-improvement and becoming more attractive to women,

So at the end of Models, there is an action plan to not only give you a clear place to start but also help you see what you should focus on and in which order.

It is divided into tasks laid out to challenge you and give you clearly defined goals and benchmarks to strive for.


I can honestly say that I’ve grown a little after reading this book.

The first half of Models is where it really shines.

But even though it is better than the latter half, I suggest you read all of it because…

As a book crafted to help you behave as a less needy man, Models also present many ways to change your life.

And it’s possibly one of the best books on attracting women you can read.

It can help you approach women on the street, make women laugh, express yourself better in conversation, become physically intimate, and build a network of friends who make you happy.


You’re going to feel uncomfortable.

And you’re going to come up with rationalizations about how you’ll do it next time.

Maybe you’ve already spent months avoiding taking action because you’re afraid of the consequences.

But, as you know, to overcome your fears and anxieties and to develop your inner game or confidence requires testing yourself in social situations.

So go out there, experiment, and connect.

Remember, most men’s failures with women aren’t because they say the wrong things or because of their appearance — these are merely symptoms of a greater internal problem.

It has little to nothing to do with what you’re saying.

It has everything to do with body, expression, emotion, and movement.

And once you start and begin to experience your inner transformation, you’ll find that saying the right things, knowing when to go for the kiss, knowing how to approach a woman, etc., will all begin to fall into place in the most profound way.

If you want to see it for yourself, simply click the button below:

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What Others Say

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty has a lot of glowing reviews on Amazon.

The vast majority of readers like it and recommend it highly.

As of writing, 80% give Models 5 stars and 12% 4 stars.

One reader says that not only did Mark give me a clear perspective on what exactly he had been doing wrong for so many years, but he practically narrowed down the reason many guys get laid.

While another reader on Goodreads says that as far as dating/seduction books go, this is one of the most realistic and down-to-earth. Less about having “game” and more about living as authentically as possible.

If you’d like to read more reader review…

Click here for more of what they have to say about Mark Manson’s Models: Attract Women Through Honesty



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