How To Initiate Sex Without Getting Rejected

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As you may have heard, most women want sex as much as you do.

It’s true.

You might be thinking about sex a lot more often than women, but they can have multiple orgasms, which implies they are having a better time in bed.

What’s more, science already proves that women do desire sex as much as men do. 

Women want to get laid, not only at least as much as their male partners do, but actually more often.

Now here’s the curious part: 

If most women want more sex than they’re having then why are they not initiating sex as much as you’d like?

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How To Talk Women Into Bed (And Get Almost Any Woman To Sleep With You)

Would you like to score more?

I knew you’d say yes.

For you to do that, you’ll have to create opportunities for sex to happen… just like what you’re grandpa did when he met your grandma so your ma or pa could be born and so that the cute little you could read what you’re reading now.

Before this gets strange, there’s something you have to know about women’s sexual psychology.

Women tend to have a sexual self, which is usually buried in her subconscious, and a nonsexual self, which is her conditioning. Since women have these two sides of self, her inner critic usually won’t let her do all she wants to do. (1)

When you as a man can bring out a woman’s sexual self, you’ll will be able to enjoy women more and she’ll thank you for it.

You can seduce her and draw out her sexual self by slowly setting her inhibitions free. Lead her where she wants to go sexually.

And where do you start turning her on, making her surrender to her sexual appetite? The first step, of course.

Now, I don’t know about you but most guys make the mistake of worrying about what to say instead of just immersing in the moment with a girl and getting to know her. When you always focus and think about what to say, choosing your words carefully, the interaction can become awkward and can make her quite uncomfortable. That’s the opposite of what you want her to experience when you’re conversing with a woman.

Your attention should not be on yourself, it should be on her.

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How to Kiss a Girl Well: Kissing Tips for a First Timer

How do you kiss a girl properly–especially if it’s your first time?

Did you know that the most sensitive part of the human body is not the genitalia?

It’s true. Lips are the most sensitive.

According to scientists, a woman’s lips are a hundred times more sensitive than her fingertips. That’s why some women can reach orgasm from kissing.

But you have to be a really good kisser to do this.

Before you can get to that level, you have to know how to kiss a girl properly. It all starts with this:

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How to Make a Woman Horny

If you wanna make a woman horny, you gotta know what turns her on. Understand her mind, so you can unlock the keys to her body. Though your favorite porn movie won’t do the trick for her like it does …

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How to Arouse a Woman

Want to know how to arouse a women?

Here’s an interesting fact:

The more aroused a woman is, the less grossed out she is by anything.

And since passionate sex normally involves actions, smells, and sounds that are well… icky, you should know how to arouse a woman.

If you want to get into hot-steaming sex with a woman, you gotta know how to arouse her first so she’s ready to receive and give some good, fun times together.

When you know how to arouse a lady, you’ll become irresistible to her whether outside or inside the bedroom.

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How to Successfully Go For The Kiss Without Making It Awkward

How To Go For The Kiss

Some guys get stuck at going for the kiss.

Because they make a big deal out of it, they get nervous and screw it up.

If you know what I’m talking about, realize that you can create a situation where you can go for the kiss without making it awkward.

Unlike most men, you can avoid blowing it. And we’ll get to that in a moment.

But first, let me tell you more about kissing and why you want to not only make going for the kiss natural, but also why you should become good at it.

The cost of being a bad kisser

I won’t leave you in suspense.

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Getting a Girl to Kiss You

So you want to get a kiss from a girl.

But you don’t like to take the lead, and you want to make her kiss you instead.

Well, if you follow the right steps, getting a girl to kiss you is in the bag.

You can make a girl kiss you like it’s meant to happen.

If you want to know how it’s done, get closer and keep reading.

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The Best Way to Seduce a Woman

If you want to know the best way to seduce a woman, you need to understand her better.

Most men are clueless when it comes to seducing women. That’s why they end up intimidated and afraid to even try.

Without being calm in front of a beautiful woman, how can you expect to impress her and seduce her successfully?

Even if you don’t appear in magazines or drive a nice car, don’t be intimidated by her stunning beauty. Instead, treat her like a normal person.

So if you want to be successful in seducing a woman, you have to deal with your own issues so you don’t set yourself up for rejection (or the dreaded friend zone).

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What Turns Women On

Knowing what turns women on can be the difference between getting ignored and getting a kiss from the girl you want to attract. It’s not always the opposite of what turns women off, there are also those things in between …

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Why Women Have Sex: Understanding Her Sexual Motivations

woman in bed

If you had asked me before, “Ever wonder why women have sex?” 

I’d probably answer, “Of course not! Why would I? Isn’t it obvious?”

But since understanding why women seek sex will improve your sex life in many ways, it is to your benefit that you know this.

You know this too, somewhere deep inside you, that women have sex either because it feels good, they want babies, or for love.

Yes, love… since many women find sex to be the deepest form of love and connection. 

And “it feels good” seems like an understatement to me. Why? Because while you may reach orgasm quicker, hers is often more powerful and could include multiple orgasms. 

Since many women are very sexually oriented, pure physical pleasure is one of her most common sexual motivations as you’ll see later.

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How to Create Sexual Tension: Turn Her On And Get Her Craving You

If you want your interaction with a girl to lead to sex, you’ll want to know how to create sexual tension.

After all, it is what makes women think about you, do crazy things without judgement, and want to sleep with you.

Sexual tension is that anticipation you create to make them look at you with desire.

Or as Wikipedia puts it:

Sexual tension occurs when one or both individual feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.*

And that’s how you make women hungry for you, mouth-watering and all.

If you can create that kind of sexual tension where the girl looks at you with desire, you don’t have to put any work in to have sex with her.

Pretty much how some girls see rock stars.

So how do you create sexual tension?

Let’s explore some of the ways to build sexual tension with someone you like.

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