How To Initiate Sex Without Getting Rejected

couple sitting

As you may have heard, most women want sex as much as you do.

It’s true.

You might be thinking about sex a lot more often than women, but they can have multiple orgasms, which implies they are having a better time in bed.

What’s more, science already proves that women do desire sex as much as men do. 

Women want to get laid, not only at least as much as their male partners do, but actually more often.

Now here’s the curious part: 

If most women want more sex than they’re having then why are they not initiating sex as much as you’d like?

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How to Kiss a Girl Well: Kissing Tips for a First Timer

How do you kiss a girl properly–especially if it’s your first time?


Did you know that the most sensitive part of the human body is not the genitalia?

It’s true. Lips are the most sensitive.

According to scientists, a woman’s lips are a hundred times more sensitive than her fingertips. That’s why some women can reach orgasm from kissing.

But you have to be a really good kisser to do this.

Before you can get to that level, you have to know how to kiss a girl properly. It all starts with this:

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