How To Initiate Sex Without Getting Rejected

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As you may have heard, most women want sex as much as you do.

It’s true.

You might be thinking about sex a lot more often than women, but they can have multiple orgasms, which implies they are having a better time in bed.

What’s more, science already proves that women do desire sex as much as men do. 

Women want to get laid, not only at least as much as their male partners do, but actually more often.

Now here’s the curious part: 

If most women want more sex than they’re having then why are they not initiating sex as much as you’d like?

Sure, she may get feisty sometimes and start things up. But it is usually up to you as the man to start the sexual activity most of the time. Talk about equality of the sexes.

Why is that?

Why Don’t Women Initiate Sex More Often

Why does it fall on the man to usually start things up?

Since most women hardly initiate sex and men are generally almost always the one to start the process of having sex, is it any wonder that some men can’t help but complain about this.

If you’re also wondering about this, let’s take a look at the few reasons I found. 

Like chopping wood, hunting for food, or fixing the bedroom door, many women don’t initiate sex because they think it’s something that belongs in the category of “men’s work.” 

So they think that it’s a man’s job to get things started in the bed as well — and no matter how turned on they are, they wait for the man to initiate.

Isn’t that just… ridiculous? Next.

Another reason why many women don’t start getting sexual is that their partner would think differently of them. How so?

Women who said that when they did try to do something different in bed with the partners, the men turned around and started to look at them oddly, almost like they were wondering where they learned those moves, and wondering if they were hoes.

So they learned to pretend to almost be virginal due to the way their partner might think.

That’s a tough one to swallow.

And another reason why many women don’t even begin to get sexual is simply because, when women are just too busy dealing with work and children, sex is the last thing on their minds as they become too tired at the end of the day.

The reality of life hits hard.

Anyway, these are some of the reasons why women don’t initiate sex with their partners.

So if you want some of it, it’s up to you to start things up.

Waiting For Her to Initiate Sex is Hardly an Option

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You might as well do it right and initiate sex without ever getting rejected.

As you know, knowing how to initiate sex right can lead to a night full of fun. However, doing it wrong can lead to you going to sleep frustrated, deflated, and rejected.

Because when you don’t do things right, this can happen:

You take her out. 

Dinner was great.  

Everything seems to be “on.” 

And you can’t wait and get ready for a night of fantastic sex.

But then when you get home, she seems disinterested. 

When you make your move, she has that expression on her face and makes some excuse about getting up early the next morning.

What the actual–? 

She was clearly into you six minutes ago, but now if you go for the kiss, you get her cheek?

You are so sure that earlier in the night it was still “on.” 

Now when you make your move, she acts coldly, asks what’s wrong, and goes to sleep.

Sometimes you can sense you did something wrong but can’t figure out what or when she started to lose interest.

At other times, you notice her interest in sex just seems to be going downhill. 

And on the occasion that she’s in the mood, you might get some; but when you’re in the mood there just doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get her in the mood, too.

As a result, what could have been a beautiful, magical night of love-making or a fun evening of sex has turned into a terrible waste.

It makes you feel like maybe she just isn’t that attracted to you, that maybe you just aren’t that attractive to her.

Sometimes it’s no big deal. 

But sometimes it really does kind of hurt.

And when it happens often, it makes you feel like less of a man. 

These could signs that there could be something wrong in the relationship, too.

When you lose that sexual spark, what follows is a weakening of the relationship. Then someone might break and starts cheating.

I don’t want that to happen to you because that puts you at a higher risk if you are in a long-term relationship — especially if you have kids.

Now, do you see why you need to initiate sex right and properly seduce her?

When you want it, not properly seducing your woman can have some very serious consequences for your relationship.

Initiating Sex Without Getting Rejected

So how do you start the process of having sex without getting the cold shoulder or her back?

Here’s how: 

You make her so enthusiastic about having sex with you that she can’t wait to jump you and tear off your clothes because you’re driving her wild with sexual desire… even if it’s your first time having sex with her or the 99th time.

All that it takes is to seduce her properly.

Because when you “really” know how to seduce her properly, you can make her feel excited to be in your arms. 

And you’ll never experience the feeling of disappointment when you want it but she doesn’t.

Listen, initiating sex for the first time is not the same as starting things up for the 25th time. Some things are different. 

There are some things you have to consider during the first time you have sex with her that will be less of an issue the second or third time you’re under the sheets.

For example, if it’s your first time having sex with your girl, the first thing you have to remember, whether you get rejected or not is her level of trust in you. 

You see, a girl will have to trust you enough and feel safe with you to be alone with you and before anything could get started.

And the second thing you might want to remember is that she is concerned that you might lose respect for her if she gives in too easily. 

So you can expect there to be some last-minute resistance which you got to be prepared to handle.

And the third is that your confidence is important if you want to initiate sex successfully. Why? Because if you’re nervous, she might not go ahead with it. 

Being nervous and unsure will affect the way you perform and confidently initiate the action.

Now, after the first time, the first two won’t be much of an issue anymore. 

It is like getting through a door without a visible lock for the first time. You have to feel your way until you know where to put your key. 

But after you’ve found the right lock and the correct combination, you can pretty much not think about it anymore.

If you can do it without hitch the first time, you probably won’t be that nervous the second time and the next time after that.

These are the things to consider when you haven’t had sex with her before. The following will apply not just on the first, but also to the rest of the action you have with her.

Most men when they want to initiate sex with their woman, think only about turning her on physically. That’s what they think about when they want to get her “in the mood.”  

Fortunately, it’s easy to get her hot and bothered. Some women said kissing would help get them in a romantic mood and even a hug would help do the trick.

Unfortunately, getting physically turned on is not that important to women but most men focus on this too much.

Another tough barrier you have to break when you want to get some things started is those times when she’s had a tough day. 

You see when under stress, women do not seek pleasure. So you’ve got to do something about that and help her relax and unburdened. 

This is especially true when you don’t see eye to eye. 

So don’t argue. And ask this of yourself: do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

I will let you in on a secret:

Seduction starts long before any clothes come off.

And since women are a lot slower to warm up, you want to start early. If you want to score later, you better get her engine started early and often. (1)

The best way to do this is to plant a seed in her mind and leave her wanting more.

Keep it up throughout the day. 

And by the time you get home, she’ll be ready to jump you. rip off your clothes, and drag you to bed. 

Anticipation is an amazing aphrodisiac, believe it or not.

And that’s not all. There’s something else that recently came up which might make change how you rev her engine.

Ti’s this: If she’s not getting in the mood, it’s not because she doesn’t want to have sex but because she doesn’t want to start at that particular time or that particular way.

What that means is that if she’s like most women, she may be unhappy with the way you initiate sex.(2)

As you know, everyone is different when it comes to how they want to start sex. Some women, the minority, reports being turned on by “romance” which means that a romantic dinner or date would help get them in the mood.

Other women are turned on by other things like getting pushed against a wall in a fit of passion.

Sadly, research shows that many people have only some idea of what works for their partner while others are just completely wrong about their partner’s interest in sex.

That means it’s also up to you to find out what makes her bells jingle.

How To Have More Regular Sex

couple getting started

I don’t know about you but if you want her to initiate sex, don’t shut her down when she tries, even if her attempt is, uh, lacking. 

You know she might be nervous. So don’t give her any indication that she needs to do better.

What she needs is a safe space that allows her mind to free itself of insecurities.

Help ease her mind and you’ll loosen her body.

And the more you make her feel accepted during sex, the more she will be free, and the more she’ll want to please you and have more sex.

Look, she also wants to feel good in bed and it’ll be a lot easier for her to be in the mood when sex becomes a regular part of your lives. 

Starting things with her will never be an issue again and you’ll be comfortable getting physical at any time.

How to “Really” Seduce Her

Remember the best way to initiate sex, the best way to never get rejected is to seduce your woman properly.

So do you want to know how to REALLY seduce her properly? Yes?

I knew you’d say that, that’s why I’d like to tell you about a Special Report which can tell you exactly “How To Initiate Sex Without Ever Being Rejected” where you’ll learn how to initiate sex in a way that makes her feel special … and that makes her feel excited to be in your arms … so that getting sexual with her will be a breeze, whether the first time or the hundredth time.

initiate sex without getting rejected special report

In your copy you’ll learn: 

  • How to get her physically turned on … 
  • How to get her in the mood …
  • How to let her know you are in the mood for sex without telling her …
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This will completely change the way you start things up — whether you are on a date or if you’ve been married for years so that you never have to face the hurt feelings or disappointment of wanting it when she doesn’t again.

The best part: 

It’s FREE just for taking a look at Revolutionary Sex, the program that will take you from a tentative, shy, embarrassed, ashamed, or nervous when it comes to sex and your ability to perform … to a calm, confident, and assured in your own sexuality

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Your woman wants nothing more than a fantastic sex life; you want nothing more than a fantastic sex life, this program will get you there.

Make the seduction more exciting and desirable for your woman and you’d definitely be getting a lot more sex in your life.

Still here? You are awesome!

Since You Made It This Far…

This tells me that you’re serious about improving your situation with that lovely girl that’s been running laps in your head.

So I saved most of the advanced stuff — used by the best seducers — for serious guys like you. It’s a series of tips and secrets you can use almost immediately.

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