The world is a noisy place. Unless you know how to get her attention, almost nothing can get started with a girl.

If you fail to catch her eye…

  • You won’t be able to attract her.
  • You won’t be able to keep her interested.
  • You won’t be able get her invested.

At it’s most basic form, what holds attention holds value. What do I mean by value? Well certainly not monetary value. It’s simply having something to offer someone. Being outstanding makes you stand out.

Stages of Attention

There are three stages of attention. There is the fist stage which is a reaction to stimuli like a loud noise. The next stage is when people start to consciously focus on something. And the last stage of attention is long-term interest in something or someone. It is these three stages that most go through you have to keep in mind when you want to get a girl’s attention and keep it.

If you’re a song, it’s not enough that you get her to listen once or twice, you have to make her a lifelong fan. That’s why you have to know how to keep her coming back for more.

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Stand Out

When you stand out in a sea of other guys, you automatically can get a women’s attention.

And that extends to your group. When a group stands out in a venue, they gather the attention of women. Often, girls will want to be part of the group that’s having the most fun party. And when you’re at the center of that party, girls will tend to focus their attention on you.

Or if you play a team sport, being the star player of your team will get you more attention than you’ll know what to do with if your team wins often.

Being the leader will also make you stand out in whatever group you belong. Being a leader, someone who steps up and takes responsibility, also makes you worth paying attention to.

If you are talented at something, it will be a waste not to embrace such a worthy attention magnet. No one can’t resist knowing that one guy who’s really good at what he does. People automatically pay attention to experts or authority figures.

To get girls attention, you need to stand out. And standing out is being different.

Make Small Talk Sexy

So if most guys orbiting a beautiful woman compliment her, raise her on a pedestal, offer her gifts, and one guy comes along who’s not afraid to rock the boat, what do you think will happen?

Right. He will get her attention.

Most guys don’t approach women in the daytime, or most guys don’t approach women at all. So having the confidence and skill to start a conversation with a girl you happen to meet on your way to the station will not only get her attention, you will also imprint your encounter with her throughout her day.

If most of the people around her are frowning, scowling, and grimacing with their long faces, be the cheer in her world of gloom and you will definitely stand out and be the center of her attention. You know what that means right? Make her laugh and you can keep all her attention to yourself.

This isn’t just about being funny, but more of having a positive outlook in life and being pleasant to be around. People who are genuinely happy and smile a lot tend to naturally draw other people towards them. So be the positive in a the negativity that surrounds her. Make her feel good and she will always want to be around you. And her friends, too. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Do something you enjoy.

If you want a girl’s attention, you have to be able to relate. Most guys bottle up their emotion due to social conditioning and it usually works against them. No one is perfect, so don’t try. To have a girl identify and feel connected to you, showing vulerability is the way. You’re human with flaws, and trying to make yourself more like a superhuman will make anyone feel you’re fake. Instead, it’s better to be tangible and real so she can have something to attach her attention to.

Out of all the ways to get a girl’s attention, dressing yourself better is one of the quickest way to do that. Have your own unique style. Put a bit of extra effort in how you look and you’ll have enough heads turning, including hers. If you’re not sure how, observe what looks good and gets your attention from other people or popular publications. No matter your size or shape, you can look sexy with a little effort.

Of course, a classy suit and great tie won’t do you well if your body is out of shape and your posture is terrible. Grooming, hygiene, get it done. Take care of how you look. It shows that you respect yourself and make you worth looking at.

Have you noticed that guys who are not comfortable will often shrink back? And did you also notice no one ever pays attention to them? So if you want the attention of a girl, do the opposite and own the space around you. Throw your shoulders back, take your hands off your pocket, and instantly you become more confident. That is exactly what attracts women’s attention.

When you look at a girl, she will usually look back. You see, a girl notices when somebody notices her. Or if she’s caught up in something, call out her name. Now you have her attention.

You can also use what scientists believes captures attention like piquing someone’s interest using their natural curiosity, switching things up, and telling stories. And if you want your stories to be compelling, add suspense.

Online And Text Messages

In virtual space, there are a multitude of things competing for her attention. So the key to get a hot gir’s attention online is to zig while everyone else zags.

If you’re into online dating, you know that too many guys are telling how sexy she is every single day. She won’t be impressed by any your comment unless it’s something unique and interesting about her.

Better yet, read her profile and send her a personalized message or a thoughtful note. To stand out in her inbox, make sure you lead it with something she could not pass up. It could be about her profile, something about you, something hilarious or off-the-wall, or simple something clever. Same rules apply when you want to send her a text message.

In Closing

In a social setting, if she is paying attention to you, then so will others. If you’re not used to the attention, it can be quite the uncomfortable experience. Especially if you’re used to being a shy chameleon blending in the background. But if you want to attract women, or even friends, getting positive attention is a massive help.

Don’t try to blend. Instead, play up your individual personality and the man you are. Show it in the choices you make. But of course, don’t be too far out there. Being a little unique can turn on the charm.

Get excited. Be willing to break the mold. Most girls have already seen enough boring guys to bring them to tears. Being a little unexpected will attract her attention. Don’t be afraid to emphasize and play up why you are different. Someone who doesn’t shy away from doing the hard things in life and take the easy way out deserves respect and attention.

Be someone worth the attention.


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