How To Make Her Want You Over Text

Making a girl want you over text doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Can you make her want you over text?

if you don’t know how to make a girl want you over text, she will lose interest fast.

Understand that, unlike guys, girls use feelings and emotions to decide if she wants a guy. 

Making a girl like you over a few text messages seems a bit too far fetched if you ask me. Well, that is true if you don’t know how to create infatuation and emotional connection with her.

Do you feel you’re pushing her away with your text?

You’re not sure what you should say to her?

Here’s what you need to do to make a girl want you over text.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Short 

You can start texting a girl with a simple text message. Just have a casual conversation as a start and go from there.

Whether you’re looking for a reason to text her again or you’re still wondering what to say in your text message, your opening text message should be simple enough that it’s easy to respond to

Keeping your text messages short also makes the interaction feel fast. Think about it. It can keep her in the action and make her feel the excitement of the back and forth conversation.

When she doesn’t need to wait, the flow of conversation can keep going with every ping notifying her of your quick reply and keeping her engaged.

Make Her Day Alright

It’s normal when you don’t know what to say at the start. You don’t know that much about her. This is what makes getting to know her exciting, right? 

You want her to open up to you and let you in, at the same time keeping her interested in you.

But whatever you do or text her, it should make her day just a bit better than it already is. If you want to make a girl want you, through texting or in person, being a positive force in her life makes you more attractive to her. 

If you start out boring by asking boring questions, you’re saying to her that you’re gonna be just another boring number on her phone.

If she’s nice and bored, maybe she’ll answer after reading your message. But you can’t expect a girl today to not have other apps on her phone vying for her attention.

Make her feel alive.

Texting is not for serious talk. It should be light, exciting, and playful. If you can make her want to read your text messages because you make her day, the sooner she’ll want you.

This is where teasing and flirting comes in. When the opportunity presents itself, flirt with her, playfully tease her, and challenge her.

I want you to read what you’re going to text her twice.

If your text message is not saying anything good, don’t send it. And while you’re reading it, check your spelling and grammar as well. 

If you want to make her want you over text, it helps to let her know that you’re not one of those idiot guys who send stupid texts.

Choose The Right Time To Text Her

Choosing the right time to text her is important. She should not feel you are interrupting her.

And definitely don’t text her all day long. 

Though it’s important that when you text her that she should not be busy so you can hog her attention and focus on reading your message, you really can’t know the perfect time to text a girl — unless you’re spying (stalking?) on her every second of the day.

However, after texting her for a few days, you can get a sense of when she’s likely to engage in a text conversation with you. 

Usually, the time before she sleeps, as she is getting into bed, is a good time to text a girl. So you should give good night text messages a try. 

If she is comfortable texting you at night, your chances of making her want you just got higher.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Wait

Another good practice to always do when you’re texting a girl who you want to want you that makes it irrelevant whether she’s busy or not is to not wait for a reply when you send her a text message. 

This stops you from going crazy. 

What you want to do is to do something else during or after you’ve sent her a message. Even if she is busy and doesn’t reply immediately, it will not have any effect on you. 

Doing this will also make it easier for you to be in control of the text interaction. Even when she replies quickly, she’ll be the one waiting and wondering what you’re doing. 

This gives her the space to think about you.

And while you’re in her mind, she’ll be thinking of other things about you. 

When she starts to work harder to get your attention, she’ll slowly start wanting you. 

Get Know More About Her

To make her want you, you need to know what she wants and what type of girl she is.

And that includes how she texts.

So pay attention to her texting style, from the actual words she uses to the number of words, and adapt how you text her to it. You don’t need to be an exact copy, however.

The more you know about her interests, the less you’ll be at a loss for words. 

And the more you’ll be able to send her the right kind of texts that make her sit up and pay attention with almost every text message you send.When

Know It’s Time For The Next Step

Next, it’s also important to know when to stop, when she wants you to ask her out.

When she’s ready, you want to be able to pull the trigger and ask her out.

Continuing the conversation over text can be a mistake at this point.

When you know she’ll bite your invite, don’t chicken out. Asking her out over text, when you’ve already primed her up, is just another text message away.

If you already got her hooked, time to get to the next stage of making her want you. 

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