Texting a girl is one of those things that you need to get good at if you’re getting digits… but not getting dates.

It bridges the gap between your first meeting and a chance to meet for a second time. And if that bridge is shaky… the less likely you’ll reach the other side.

Now… texting has its advantage over phone calls. Some girls don’t answer their phones (or listen to their messages) for some obvious reasons but most of them read text messages.

And it’s what in those text messages that determine if she’ll ignore your text message or send you a reply.

But not only that… it’s in also how well you did when you first met her.

How do you think you did? Will she remember you? How will she remember you?

Her first impression of you plays a big part whether you’ll get ignored or get noticed.

And if she gave her number to a lot of guys that day, you have a lot of competition. The more reason you need to stand out.

Those things matter. And if you think you’re not doing great in those areas I’d start there.

How long before you text her

If you want to be remembered and you don’t want the good emotions you’ve brought her to dissipate then a few hours after meeting her works well.

A simple and casual text telling her something like… it was nice meeting her with your name is normal. And this opens the line for future texting with her.

Texting after a week or even several days later after you first met her makes it harder for her to remember you (especially if she has a very active social life).

She’ll also be looking for congruency.

She’ll be looking for the same kind of energy or vibe in your text when you first met. Just don’t being awkward and avoid the mistakes below. And follow these…

guidelines on texing a girl

In general, text messages should be light, positive, fun, and non-threatening.

It should be more upbeat and makes her want to read and wait for your text messages. So keep that in mind when you text her next.

You can text her the following day or a few days later (doesn’t really matter). Just don’t wait too long for you next message.


always have a goal in mind.

What do you want to do? Well, most of the time (and what your first thought should be) is to get her out.

Don’t beat around the bush. Plan for a second meet with her so you can build some genuine connection in person.

Get her out. That’s what the phone is for.

It’s not for getting to know her with text conversations for weeks and weeks without meeting in person. It’s a mistake most guys make. Eventually it will lead to the girl getting bored or the guy saying something stupid.

What other mistakes should you avoid?

There’s asking too many questions which lead to boring answers.

Worse is asking predictable questions that make you seem needy. And replying with long winding text after just a few seconds of getting her text. Then when she doesn’t reply… sending a barrage of text. Don’t do it!

Let’s get back to…

getting her out…

Setting up a meet with her should only take you just a few text.

You need a first text messages that’s strong enough to make her stop whatever she’s doing and immediately send you a reply.

It should excite her.

Send her something you talked about or something you remembered during your first meet. Better yet, use a callback humor. Or you just banter with her. Then build some rapport. Show you understand her.

Then hint on a meet. And plan your date. That’s it.

You’ll find more details here with some samples.

Here’s some additional…

how to text a girl tips

Again… you should vary the frequency of your replies. Don’t be too eager like you’re waiting for her messages and you have nothing better else to do. This sends her the wrong signal.

Also… keep it short and concise with some humor and wit (with the right emoticons). Those work better than long winded text conversations that seem to go nowhere.

And don’t be too predictable. Don’t be funny all the time. And always keep your goal in mind. Keep your eye on the ball. Always.

If she’s not responding. Leave it. And try again after a few weeks. There’s really nothing else you can do. Well, you can call her if the situation demands it but only in rare cases (use your judgment).

More details can be found in this book about texting and getting her out. You should take a look if you’re really struggling with texting the girl you like.

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