5 Tips for Calling Girls on the Phone

girl talking on the phone

Warning: Only use these phone tips on girls who act aloof, disinterested, playing hard to get, or girls you’ve been working for a while.


Because it’s a little overkill when you use these on girls who already likes you.

There’s a high chance you’ll lose her and you won’t even know what happened since she seemed really interested in you.

Now that’s out of the way…

These phone techniques work well because it’s rooted on proven influence triggers making the process unconscious and automatic. These makes calling girls on the phone smooth.

Some of these are what even girls regularly use on guys.

Okay, enough with that. Let’s start.

Ignore her first phone call

Don’t pick up the phone on the first time she calls.


Because doing this will increase your perceived value by being unavailable.

If you call a girl and she doesn’t pick up the phone, be aware that she might be doing it consciously to make you like her more, which means she likes you enough to do that.

End the call first

This is not just good on the phone, even in-person conversation.

Being the first one to leave or end the call first leaves the impression that your time is important.

Even if she tries to end the call first, quickly re-engage her by asking a quick question. Then after that, be the one to end the call.

Flip the frame

Do this when you haven’t talked to a girl for a while or someone who’s been unresponsive or girls who dropped off the radar.

Get in contact with her again and simply assume you haven’t been in touch because you had no time for her, rather than the other way round.

Give her a reason like you’ve got some friends visiting from overseas, you were out of town, or you’ve been awfully busy with something. It’s important to have this reason included in your call.

Don’t waste time on distracted girls

Quickly end the call if you don’t have her attention.

If the girl you’re talking with is not really engaged in the conversation or seems distracted, end the call by saying you’ll call her back because someone else is calling you.

Or simply call her out on it.

Tell her, “Hey, seems like you got a lot on your mind right now, let’s catch up another time.”

When she hears this, she’ll either snap back into it and like you more for being confident; or, she’s going to take your offer and get off the phone if she’s really busy or uninterested.

If she’s busy, she might follow up with a text for a meet-up sometime soon. Be sure to move fast and clench this date.

Level the playing field

When a girl is really attractive, she’s got a lot of guys calling her. Sometimes it’s good to get her off her pedestal.

When you call her, she might be thinking: ‘Here’s another guy chasing me’. So when you call her, make her a little conscious at the beginning of the call.

Say something like, “Hey, did I wake you? You sound sleepy.”

This will snap her out of her state and make her worry how she comes across which will allow you to talk to her on even ground.


If a girl is responding through text and she’s already into you, you can skip phone calls and just use text to get her out and arrange a meet.

When it’s time to arrange a meet to see her in person again, here a couple of things you might want to use.

When you live in a big city, most girls are unbelievably busy and flaky. If your dates often get canceled at the last minute, it’s good to have a backup plan. You can schedule a second date an hour or so after your first scheduled meet.

(Just like what Todd suggests you do on 3 Girls A Day.)

If your first scheduled date doesn’t show up or unexpectedly short, you’ll have a second date to fall back on. If the first one does show up, simply postpone the second one.

Here’s another one:

If you think a girl is not likely to commit to an evening with you yet, give her a smaller commitment to make.

She’s more likely to meet you for an hour than a whole evening. Tell her to meet you at a certain time but there’s something else you have to do after an hour.

The downside of this is that she might make plans of her own.

On the upside…

If the date goes well, after an hour, she’ll probably be comfortable enough to spend the whole evening with you and the thing you have planned to do is suddenly forgotten.

Okay, let’s wrap up.

These tips and tricks are useful to get you to start seeing a lot of results. And with results, you’ll develop the right mindset and confidence to be ingrained deeply in your mind.

These things can get you there faster.

And after a while, you’ll intuitively do the right thing. And the next thing you know, you’re busy with all the girls you’re dating, and you won’t have time to call more girls even if you wanted to.

If you’re not on this stage and you’re just starting to discover the many ways to attract a girl, be sure to start by building your foundation right.

See How to Make Girls Chase on how you can do just that.



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