How to Expand Your Social Circle to Meet and Date More Women

When you lack dating options within your social circle, it’s time to tap into your extended social circle.

Meet more women through somebody you know!

If your social circle doesn’t have a lot of single and attractive women in it, you can meet a lot more girls through somebody you know using your extended social circle.

It’s common for most guys’ social circle to lack a single pretty woman in them. And if you want to meet new women, the solution to this is very simple.

It is to break out of your current social circle and tap into your extended social circle.

If you want to have access to those outside your inner social circle, you’ll have to take control of the process. And if you limit yourself to your immediate social circle, it restricts your world greatly.

Your one social circle becomes your whole world.

As you may have already heard, you are at most six introductions away from meeting anyone in the world. With Facebook and other social media, meeting anyone in the world becomes a lot more easy.

To get started, you have to actively …

Find social opportunities

Meeting someone who can bring change to your social life may be just an introduction away. Think of some of the people you know and find ways to use those connections to find more social opportunities.

If you want to expand your group of friends, don’t ignore anything that doesn’t involve the potential for girls at first. There’s a chance that there will be on the next one. So for example, if a friend invites you to a social event, don’t say no. Don’t avoid social situation even if you don’t know anyone, or even if you’re uncomfortable. You have to get over this kind of thing.

It’s not that hard.

You just have to force yourself into these kinds of situations and practice socializing with them.

Remember this is a skill.

You don’t get good by reading or watching; you get good by doing

Try this: Infiltrate social events alone.

If you get invited to a party and the only person you know is the one who invited you, make sure you take it. It’s a great way to meet new people. You’ll be forced to meet new people. new social circles, and many new pretty girls.

The best people to know, if you get the chance, are people with a lot of connections and those who organize social events. Get to know these kinds of people and connect with them.

They’re pretty easy to spot.

If you make good friends with them, you can get invited to more social events.

This one’s important: When you meet people, make sure you get to know them on a deeper level.

Ask probing questions.

Listen to their answers so you can get to know them intimately. You’ll be surprised how open most people are. [Read: Make Small Talk Sexy]

While most people meet on a superficial level, you’ll be different if you have these kinds of interactions early on. Because of that, they will easily remember you. And if they remember you, you’ll get invited to more party or gathering. And it becomes way easier to make new friends.

Be sure to get their contact info if you want to contact these people later on so you’ll get invited to places.

But that’s not all

Going out and exploring your extended social circle will allow you to gain a unique identity; your own individuality will shine through. You’ll have your own flavor when you enter a new circle.

You’ll be different, and being different works in your favor when meeting girls in new socials circles; it raises your attractiveness.

Even though some circles won’t have that many girls available than others (college party mostly beat all others and has lots of potentials) but you don’t have to avoid those.

There are girls who stay on one social circle and suck meeting guys on their own. When you meet them, they’ll be more receptive and are more open. And if there’s more than one, be prepared to get mobbed.

Know that meeting from social circles takes some time. But it will be the best thing to do if your social circle needs improving and you like to meet girls through your social circle.

Even if you’re busy and unavailable, you can still make more friends and meet more girls, especially if you know how to make a good impression.

To wrap things up…

Going out of your island of a social circle and swimming the seas of your extended circle means, you’ll have a lot more friends, meet more attractive girls and see more personal growth.

Find these social opportunities and don’t let them go, accept invitations, meet socially connected people, and be responsible when you meet them.

Also, don’t be afraid of being a little different, it can work well for you when coming in a new social circle.

Be sure to make a good impression and be remembered. And you’ll have a large social circle that allows you to meet and date women with ease.

One more thing…

If you don’t have the skills and confidence to meet new girls yet, be sure to check out How to Make Girls Chase so you’ll get to set the right foundation on the get go.

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