Hi, I’m Dave.

Welcome to my site.

Ever since I was young I’ve had this problem with talking to not just girls but everyone. Getting a little older and more mature seems to help but not to where I’d hope.

So like everyone else, I turned to books and the internet.

I read and read until I began to understand why some things are the way they are. Along the way I came across great books about the subject of dating, relationship, seduction, and self-development. They all had life changing ideas. And I consider these tips and ideas treasures. And it’s amazing what these little treasures could do to the way you see the world.

I started this site because I recognized that I’m not the only one who wants to get better at meeting and attracting women (and life in general). And through this site, I want to pass these treasures to you so that you can also benefit like I did, even just a little each time you visit.

Thank you,