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It’s a way of attracting women that works in person, online, with strangers as well as friends or girls you’ve already got a crush on.

Todd Valentine’s 3 Girls A Day makes getting girls online as simple as possible.

Just follow the steps on…

  • Writing your online dating profile,
  • Messaging girls using social capital,
  • Setting up your dates so it leads to sex, and
  • Taking her back to your place.

That easy!

No need to think anything complicated or figure things out. That’s all been done for you.

Of course, if you think you just have to sit in front of your computer and let the girls come to you on their own, without you doing anything, this is not gonna help you.

Nothing will.

In 3 Girls A Day (3GAD), Todd Valentine will give you a set of steps you can follow to get girls online.

They’re not hard or anything.


They’re very straightforward, in fact. He’ll guide you along the way and give you the tips and tricks to get girls from online dating sites to your front door.

You see…

Being a dating expert who’s been teaching other guys for years, Todd Valentine got the skill set to attract most women, whether on clubs and bars or online. He’s got the experience and knowledge to get women attracted to him like it’s natural for it to happen.

Also, he’s been doing this long enough that he’s got his own ‘style’ of doing things. Now.. that ‘style’ might not be the same as yours or might not be compatible with your personality.

With that being said, let me suggests something.

Sure, you can “copy and paste”. But don’t do it blindly… because you don’t have to.

When you write your online profile, it should be your own personality that is conveyed. Why?

Simply because you want to be congruent with your online profile when you meet girls in person. You’ll learn exactly how to do that when you watch the 3GAD videos. So, let’s talk more about…

What you can expect to learn from 3 Girls A Day

3GAD’s main course is mostly videos where Todd explains to you how to get dates from online dating sites. He’s got videos about his philosophy on online dating, his online dating experience, and the best online dating sites to use… which I won’t talk about here.

We’ll go straight to the main dish and start with…

How to write your online dating profile

What do you want to achieve with your online dating profile?


If you want to get 3 dates a day from online dating sites… your dating profile has to grab her attention, stand out from the other 99 percent of guys online, and…

Make her want to find
out more about you.

That sounds tough. How are you gonna manage to do that?

How do you make sure your profile says the right thing about you and, at the same time,  (subconsciously) trigger a girl’s deepest desires so she’ll be eager to reply when you message her?

Here’s how.

When you watch the ‘What is Attraction‘ video in 3GAD, you’ll learn:

  • What makes you attractive in general, and what makes you attractive as a man in a woman’s perspective.
  • How evolutionary psychology, survival, and replication relate to the characteristics of an attractive man and the deepest desires of women. (You know… this is good stuff if you haven’t heard of it before.)
  • How to convey, in your dating profile, the things that appeal to girls on an emotional level.

Having an understanding of what attraction is, you’ll have a better idea of what to put in your online dating profile.

You’ll also learn how to convey the qualities of an attractive man, showcase your personality, stand out, grab her attention, and most importantly…

Be a little bit of an asshole!


That’s right.

You see… a 3 Girls A Day online dating profile is willing to offend, polarizing, uses powerful language. and doesn’t hold back.


So the girl who thinks she’d seen it all will see something she hasn’t seen before. (And something very important which I’ll tell you in a minute.)

Look: In your dating profile, you want to come across as the selector, and make getting girls as easy as ordering from a restaurant, where you tell what you want using raw language.

And you’ll learn how to that in 3 Girls A Day.

Moving on…

The structure of the 3GAD online dating profile is very simple and focuses on the few things that are relevant to her:

  • The clever Headline that gets your profile read. (Though some online dating sites don’t need a headline, this is critical for the ones that do.)
  • The About you section where you showcase your attractive personality.
  • And, the things you want in her or, in a better frame, what she needs to do to win you over. (This part effectively screens what you’re looking for.)

Todd gives you a good example using his very own online dating profile. He also explains how he came up with each line, the reason behind it, and how you can do the same and come up with your own lines that resonate with your personality that you can put on your online dating profile.

There’s also a “shortcut” to all of these that he talks about near the end of the ‘How to write an write amazing profile‘ 3GAD video.

And… in the 3 Girls A Day Textbook reference that comes as a bonus with the main course, you’ll find more tips about writing an excellent online profile. And in the Appendix section, you’ll find two of Todd’s online profiles he’s written and used (for years) to get 3 dates a day online.

You’ll also know…

  • How to test and tweak your profile until you know it’s working and attracting the girls you want,
  • Topics you must avoid putting in your profile… at all cost,
  • How to choose the right photos and how many to have in your dating profile,
  • The biggest mistake most guys make in picking a profile picture (which almost all women hate to see the most in a guy’s dating profile), and many more…

Now that you how to be a bit of an asshole write an amazing online profile, let’s get on to the reason why you want to stand out and be “different”, the next phase of online dating… messaging girls.

How to message girls

This is the core of the 3 Girls A Day course.

And rightly so because this is the part where you’ll learn how to turn any bit of response you’re getting from a girl and turn it into something… more than just text on a screen.

Yes, any response.

But before you can do that, you’ll first have to learn the fundamental framework that makes it all work — Social Capital.

Here’s an overview of Social Capital:

Social Capital, according to Todd, is the single concept that will probably have the biggest defining factor in your success with texting, messaging, and communication in general, whether live or online with men or with women.

That’s a bit of a bold statement, isn’t it?

Here’s more…

With Social Capital, you’ll know if you can get away with or not get away with certain things,  depending on the nature of the relationship.

And, as long as you are aware of your Social Capital situation (or know exactly where you are in terms of Social Capital)… you’ll know how much you can get away with and how fast you can get it.


Let me tell you what I think. You probably already know Social Capital or the idea behind it. Maybe you’re already using it. It’s really nothing new, profound, or any big secret, either.

And there’s really nothing
complicated about it.

You’ll know more about it when you watch the ‘Social Capital’ video on 3GAD where you’ll also learn:

  • How do you build social capital?
  • How to know what you can and can’t get away with.
  • Why build up enough Social Capital before you can ask for compliance.
  • Why once she has said ‘Yes’, she’s likely to say ‘Yes’ again.

There’s also a video in the Examples section where you’ll learn how Todd came up with the Social Capital concept from making a lot of interesting mistakes.

Next, you’ll learn how to apply Social Capital on a simple system based on the four fundamental messages you can receive from a girl.

You see…

According to Todd, there are four (4) fundamental messages that a girl can send you. Whatever message you get from her, it can only be within these four.

Now… this makes it really easy to know how to respond properly to any text message you get from her.

What are these four
type of messages?

Let’s start with the first one…

This is the worst you can get after sending your first message. Or even after exchanging several messages. Either way, this is the worst type of response you can get.

Any guesses?

No. It’s not when she says, “asshole!”

It’s not even when she sends you, “F*ck you, I don’t know you!” either.

It is this:

Get it?

That’s her ignoring your messages.

Or stops talking to you, doesn’t reply back, and just goes silent.

How do you recover from that deep dark pit of silence?

Don’t worry, in 3GAD, you’ll know what to do to turn this kind of situation around, whether you get this when you first message her or mid-interaction.

Let’s move on to the next message…

This type of message is a little better than the one above. At least, she’s giving you a chance this time.

Actually, refer to the two examples above and you’ll quickly know what you’re into.

You’re in for a hard time. That’s what!

If you don’t recognize this kind of message and handle it badly (or give up), that means you failed her shit test and you’ll become just another one of those guys in her message history (or trash).

That’s too bad. Why?

Because most of the time, if she’s making things difficult for you, that means she’s at least interested. That just means she needs more assurance from you so she can rationalize to continue her interaction with you.

So… when you get a highly negative or highly challenging message from her, show her you’re not just some lame ass guy who wants to hit up on her. How?

In 3GAD, Todd will give you three (3) easy ways to show her that you’re a man who’ll show her a good time. You’ll also know the four (4) things you should never do when you get a shit test from a woman.


When you pass her “challenge”, you’ll likely get the next type of message.

Something like, “How’s your weekend?” or something similar. You know… the kind of message that can go on and on for weeks (or even months) that doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Guess what happens…

If you continue messaging her like that, you’ll end up as her online chat buddy. And you can forget about getting 3 girls a day.

How do you avoid becoming
her online “friend”?


Close! Don’t waste your time after giving your reply to her logical question. Get her number. You’ll know different ways to do this in a smooth and subtle way.

Better yet, you’ll learn the exact line Todd uses to get numbers… consistently.

You’ll also know… how long your messages should be, a simple guide you can follow on how soon you should respond to her messages, and some ideas and general message formats you can use throughout the interaction.

The 3 Girls A Day textbook also answers:

  • What about timing between messages?
  • When is a good time to diss a girl online (if any)?
  • How many messages should you be sending until you go for the number?

Of course, there are a ton of examples for your perusal.

Actually, you’ll get a whole set of videos of example messages. You’ll see how it’s done in various situations as Todd walks you through each actual online conversation and explains what’s going on behind the scenes; he’ll tell you why to send her this message or that message.

You’ll appreciate those example interactions like I did.

And just like that…

You’ll know how to handle any message a girl sends you. You’ll know exactly what to text and how to text a girl. How to time your messages so you don’t come off needy. Differences between online messaging and text messaging (and how to approach them correctly). And more…

And, once you’re well-equipped to handle any message coming your way… guess what?

You can now message a bunch of girls and not freeze up like most guys. Since you got the know-how, better make use of it, right?

But, here’s the thing…

You can’t send her something very average like most guys with your first message. Why not? Because your very first message has a very important job to do.

And what’s that?

Of course, your first message has to…

Get the girl’s attention.

No worries, though. Todd will give you more than four (4) message formats you can use for your first message.

And, like I mentioned, there are plenty of real world examples from Todd’s online dating experience over the years you can read through a few times. These are proven messages to get a girl laughing, intrigued, and attracted enough to… read your online profile.

Then, if everything goes well, a few messages later…

You’ll have her number
on your phone.

And, what’s the first thing you do once you get her phone number?

Listen: In 3GAD, Todd suggests you call her and talk to her on the phone for a couple of reasons:

  • Shows you aren’t a pussy.
  • Gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart and allow you to convey your personality more so than in a text.
  • Lends intimacy to the interaction.

Yes, most girls screen their calls, so you have to make sure she picks up the phone when you call… and you’ll know how to do that after you watch ‘What do you do once you get her phone number‘ video.

In that video, you’ll also know…

  • When to call and when not to call her,
  • What to do in the first minute, what to say when she picks up the phone, and how to open up the conversation so she doesn’t get nervous,
  • How to get her to open up so you get to know her a little,
  • How to set plans, and how to close your way to a date even if she says ‘no’ at first and more.

Yes, there are even examples of that. You can listen to Todd’s recorded phone conversations with girls from the first ‘Hello’ to ‘See you’ after setting plans with her.

Of course, you can also just use texting if you want because…

In the 3GAD textbook, you’ll get more tips on phone/text game like what to expect and how to respond when you text her, what to do when you get her voice mail, and how to practice for text game so you get better texting, and how to know what works.

Also, on the last few pages of the 3GAD textbook, you’ll learn…

  • How to set the date on your terms and why. (Don’t fall into the typical dating frame where you’re chasing and trying to appease her.)
  • Who pays for the date.
  • How to pick a venue, what kind of place to pick, and the ideal spot for a date. (And why you shouldn’t go for dinner.)(This is from Todd’s personal experience of what dates worked out best and led to sex.)
  • What you should do at the get-go.
  • How to know if you can kiss a girl on the first date.
  • What to do when you’re with her (at the bar, in the car, when you cross the street) to keep the interaction from stagnating.
  • How to tell if a girl is down for sex (even before the date starts so you can actually skip the date altogether… if you want).
  • What to do so you can smoothly take her home, without any objection from her.
  • How to bring her back to your place. (And why, when you get to your place, you should take your time.)
  • And much, much more…

These are mostly what you’ll learn from the 3 Girls A Day main videos and the 3GAD reference textbook where the examples video section ties it all together nicely and shows how it all works.

But… that’s not all.

You’ll also get extra videos including… an interview with a hot girl which talks about her perspective and online dating experience, Todd writing an online profile in front of a live audience, tips about getting girls home, four different ways to kiss a girl, dealing with multiple relationships, and much more.

And there’s an option to get a set of videos of Todd in action getting dates online and taking those dates home.

You’ll get to watch him message a girl, get her number, set up the date, get physical with her, go for the kiss, and take her home.

What’s nice about this is that the messages, phone conversations, what happened during the date all the way to his front door… are all broken down and analyzed for you.


If you want a repeatable formula you can use over and over to get hot, fun dates online, click the button below.

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P.S. You thought I’d forget about the fourth type of message, did you? Well, you thought wrong. I saved it for last because this type of message is quite easy to figure out.

It’s the kind of message where the only way you’d want to respond is to close… immediately.

Yes, immediately.

Figure it out yet?

It’s when a woman compliments you, shows a clear sign of interest, or sends you something like, “Let’s f*ck” kind of message.

P.P.S. Let me tell you something important from watching the first few videos of 3GAD. It reminded me of something that’s so obvious and in plain sight, you don’t see it only because you’re not paying attention.

It’s kinda scary, too, if used in the wrong way.

Here it is: In meeting someone new, you can literally be anyone you want to be.

When you meet someone, you’re a blank page to that person. Like when you meet a girl for the first time online or any other way, she knows nothing about you. You’re a blank canvas and you can paint anything you want her to see.

You can be anyone you want to be. So why not paint yourself as someone who’s attractive and sexy.

There’s a lot more you can learn from 3GAD. It’s not that long but it’s packed with good useful information. Most of it are…

Practical and it doesn’t set up you with
unrealistic expectations.

P.P.P.S. If you do online dating and you’re not getting the type of responses, dates, and girls that you want, you must watch this video.

Or if you’re not doing online dating, you should get on it now. Why? Because there are thousands of hot sexy (often times, horny) women actively looking to meet guys just like you.

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