“How to Turn Her On & Get Her Out
With Just 3 Simple Texts”

If you’re able to get a girl’s phone number but…

  • You can’t get her to go on a date with you, or…
  • You don’t know how turn her on, so she’s eager to go back to your place–even before you meet her, or…
  • You can’t get her so attracted she’ll be eagerly anticipating your next date, and…

Do all that without worrying about some other guy snatching her away. Or accidentally texting your way into the friend zone (or “text buddy”)…

Then, my friend, you need to sharpen your texting & phone game. Why?

Simply because, texting has become an essential step in the mating dance.

And it has made dating even easier since no one’s pressuring you; you can have all the time you need to put more thought composing the message you want to send to her.

Sadly, most guys get texting girls wrong. The result?

Interested girls will suddenly have second thoughts, flake, and change their mind about you.

She’ll now thinks you’re not fun!

So why not use your phone to your advantage?

Believe it or not, you can use your phone to enjoy more success with women right now using…

The key lock sequence

The key lock sequence is a series of text messages to…

  • Quickly get a date with a girl you just met
  • Turn things around on a girl who’s losing interest
  • Even spark things back up with a girl who got away

And… you do all this using just three texts. This basically follows the same exact formula of a successful interaction with a woman (or anyone).

the keylock sequence imageThe first text captures her attention so she stops whatever she’s doing and anticipates what comes next. This sets the tone for the rest of the interaction–exciting, flirty, and different.

She’ll see you as attractive, fun and charismatic.

The next text gets her imagining spending time with you in the near future. This establishes the feeling of connection and bond that goes beyond casual. And shows that you get her, and that she’s not just another number on your phone.

And finally, the last text has her desperate to spend time with you. This easily gets her to meet up with you.

That’s 3 simple texts that capture her attention, build connection and get her to meet you. (You’ll get a lot of examples from the main Magnetic Messaging ebook and from Rob’s 99 Best Texts included as a free bonus.)

What’s more, you can adjust this to fit just about any situation.

This is the ongoing theme in…

Magnetic Messaging

magnetic-messaging bookMagnetic Messaging is a refined, tested, and perfected step-by-step system to craft “magnetic” text messages to quickly engage, connect with, and turn on women.

That means you’ll be able to bang out text messages that…

  • Stand out from all the other messages she gets from other guys
  • Gets her excited wondering what you’re going to message her next
  • Allows you to quickly and easily get her out with you
    close the deal, and get her back to your bedroom

Aside from the step-by-step instructions and word-for-word examples of exactly what to send, you’ll also discover:

  • How to compose your message so it stops a woman cold, sparks an emotion, and makes her interested in what you have to say
  • How to infuse your text with your personality to get her laughing and giggling (and associate those good feelings to you)
  • The perfect initial text to send just to get on her radar and have her thinking about you. (You’re not even looking for a response, but you’ll be surprised how often she can’t stop herself from replying!)
  • The Partners in Crime Texts to have her feeling an intense connection to you. (This makes sure you stay on her mind when you’re not around).
  • 4 Types of “Inside Jokes” that show you “get” each other and drastically increase her desire to see you.
  • How to get her to share personal info about herself ensuring that you get the date. (Once she starts sharing this info, she’s like a fish caught on a hook.)
  • How to craft your “Meetup Message” in a subtle way that gets her imagining what it would be like to sleep with you. (These messages are so Jedi that she can’t help not think about having sex with you.)

And more advanced stuff like: The shocking power of the Key Lock Sequence to put texting on auto-pilot… How to use “Shredder Texts” to destroy objections, flakiness, or bad behavior…

The power of “Go Big Texts” to reel a girl back in that seemed to have slipped away… How to use the “Couple Compliment” Text to build a sense of connection, and have her imagining a future with you (If you are going to send her a compliment, this is the ONLY way to do it.)

Plus, the shocking power of the “No Big Deal” text (This is where you learn to use “subtext” to have her thinking your a cool, socially intelligent guy)… How to send texts that create “bottled up” sexual tension and have her squirming in her seat at work (Do this right and she’ll be picking out her sexiest outfit for your next date.)

And… you’ll also get templates, examples and prescribed responses when she says…

  • “Who is this?”
  • “What do you look like?”
  • “I’m sick”, “I’m tired”, or “I have work” excuses

You won’t get caught off guard and you’ll always know…

  • How to handle when she doesn’t respond
  • How soon and what to text her before the day of the date… after your first date… and… once you sleep with her
  • How to reignite an old number (Think too much time has gone by to text a girl?)
  • Texts that ensure she won’t flake the day of the date
  • How to use a few simple texts to get her chasing you
  • The right way to be funny over texts
  • How to shift gears and transition into more flirty dialogue (while making it seem like it was her idea)
  • How to drop sexual words into your messages to make her horny
  • How to heat things up over the phone and start sexting
  • How to get a girl to send you naked pictures of herself
  • How to talk your girl into a threesome with a few simple text messages

And… as I stated above, you’ll also get The 99 Best Texts of All Time as a free bonus. No need to struggle trying to craft a perfect message, just steal one of the texts that’s been proven and tested over and over.

You’ll have something to send after you first meet her, texts for getting her to respond, what to text her on her birthday, when you messed up last time you saw her, when you just want to put a smile on her face and get her thinking about you, and more…

No. That’s not all.

You’ll get two more bonuses: One is a formula you can use on a woman to make her fall in love with you, even if (right now) she’s just a friend.

And, a 30-day free trial of the (optional) Magnetic Mastermind Kit where you can learn (by watching) how to turn ordinary texts and make them magnetic, the most advanced strategies and techniques, and secrets used by the biggest players to dominate various social scenes.

And you’ll have access to all of these almost immediately.

Final Thoughts

Magnetic Messaging does an excellent job teaching where most guys go terribly wrong. texting & phone game.

It covers almost all situations you could possible encounter texting a girl–from the “You Want to Date Her” Phase all the way to “You’re Dating Her” Phase, and beyond. (There’s even a part about sexting and threesomes.)

It gives you a lot of actionable info, simple rules for each phase and, more importantly, examples of magnetic messages you can use right away.

Simply put, you’ll have the best text response available to you.

And… the case studies, which you can copy word-for-word, makes it easy to understand how to get a girl out a date and apply the principles you learn.

And of course, the addition of Rob’s 99 Best Texts of All Time gives you cheats you can use anytime thinking for text ideas seems like torture.

YES! I want To Check It Out Now »

At first, I thought this was another boring book; it was the opposite. It’s well-written and easy-to-read, humorous most of the time, and delivers the goods.

So yeah, this is good stuff.

The case studies are funny; you can almost picture how a girl will respond when you send her one of those text messages. And, for a book with almost two hundred pages, it’s not overwhelming.

This was actually a quick read.

There’s something else, I was really surprised when I opened it up. The font’s way too big for my computer screen, but for an iPhone or Android smart phone screen, the font’s just the right size.

And, although this is an excellent product, some of the humor may not be your style. But… with the huge amount of examples given, you should be able to easily mold it to fit your own personality.

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