If you “feel the need” to impress a girl… it shows that you don’t know a thing about women. And that you need an education, not the kind you get at school, but the kind that can get you girls.

I get it.

You want a girl (in school, on Facebook, online, or the one you’re on a date with) to like you.

That’s understandable.

You want to stand out from all the other guys she’s been with and the rest who wants to be with her. You want to show her that you’re better.

You want to impress her

But… that way of thinking tells her something very different.

Thinking that you need to impress a girl will make you do things that appear unnatural, exaggerated, and over-the-top.

You’ll look like you’re showing off or bragging.

It will only show your insecurity. And they’ll smell it. It will be obvious that you’re desperate.

And that does the opposite effect on women (or anyone). They won’t be impressed. Instead they’ll be turned off big time.

They don’t want to be around a guy who’s needy and insecure. They want a secure and confident man who doesn’t need to do anything to impress them.

And that’s what you need to do.

Remove the “I-need-to-impress-a-girl” thought that from your head and replace it with something else. Replace it with something like: “She should be doing everything to impress you” kind of thought.

That’s way better, don’t you think?

So how do you impress a girl… without trying to impress her?

Sounds crazy, right?

First, you have to know what attracts women to men. Once you know that, you’ll get a picture in your head… you’ll get an idea of what you’re supposed to be, do, and have.

Let’s start with the basics. You won’t believe how many guys ignore this part and wonder why… they can’t get dates.

Your appearance

It’s taking care of yourself. Taking a shower everyday, keeping yourself clean, and wearing clean clothes.

You want to be and look healthy. Clean and put together. And with a good style.

There’s a whole guide on being handsome… if you’re one of those guys who ignore the power of first impressions.

Then there’s…

Your personality

Have a great attitude.

Treat other people with respect… especially on your dates with her.  Why? Because she’ll be watching how you treat others. And she’ll add or deduct points on how you do.

So be positive, fun, and have interesting things to say in…

Your conversations

You need to be comfortable talking to her. Flirt and banter with her like you know what you’re doing.

Give her some nice and genuine compliments once in a while. Make her feel good about herself.

And have interesting things to say about…

Your interesting life

Follow your passion. Get involved. And learn about it. But be mysterious. And hint only on what you do. Don’t be “too” eager to tell your tale.

Take control of your life, have direction, and goals. And she’ll be impressed that you’re one of the few men who knows what he wants.

Make friends with cool girls and be the guy everyone wants to be around.

There’s something impressive about someone who has a lot of friends and has lots of options when it comes to women. You’ll…

Have a presence

An aura that says you’re not insecure about anything.

Take space. And use your body language to show your confidence.

These takes some work and it’s not even everything — there’s no such thing as a quick fix on how to impress a girl — but once you have things covered… you’ll be impressive without trying to impress.

You don’t need to do anything… because YOU are impressive to women.

When you stop trying to impress, that’s how you impress a girl!

Become the man you want. Be the best version of you.

Get fit. Set goals. And be excellent. And it will radiate in everything you do.

You’ll no longer feel the need to impress.

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