How to ask a girl outAsking is easy. If you know she wants you to ask her out.

Here’s what you should do before you to ask a girl out.

Before you ask a girl out, make sure she’s interested. If not, she’ll less like to go out with you.

If you haven’t seen each other for a while, you have to start over and build some attraction with her first. I’m assuming you already know how to attract women.

So, here’s how you ask…

Tell her you’re going somewhere fun. Then ask her to come along. Be direct about it.

Tell her what she’ll get out of it. Give her a reason why she’ll enjoy going out with you.

The right moment to ask is when she’s enjoying your company. Be sure she’s having a good time. She’s laughing. In a good mood. And generally happy.

Ask when her best time is or what’s her schedule is like.

Some More tips…

Ask in person. It’s always preferable to ask a girl out in person so you can gauge her level of enthusiasm. There’s just a lot more information when you’re see her right in front of you.

If you’re asking in person, be sure to look nice. And smell nice.

If you have her number. And you want to ask her out over text. Do it right.

Keep the conversation light and fun. Don’t make it sound like you don’t get dates. Nonchalance is the key.

Prepare for rejection. You won’t always get a ‘yes’. Face it. If she says ‘no’, move on. Don’t show disappointment. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Just continue with what you’re talking about. Your situation is still the same when you started.

Or you can playfully tease her and show a little persistence. Maybe she just needs a little push to get a ‘yes’.

When she agrees…

Be sure to plan you date. Everything about it should be your responsibility. Keep your date simple. Lunch or coffee should do it.

Ask her out today. Don’t wait for the right time. Because it will never come.

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