Asking a Coworker Out

coworkers working in an office

Thinking of asking a coworker out on a date?

So you are interested in a girl at work. 

No surprise there.

Since you spend much of your time in the office, forming close bonds with your coworker happens a lot.

That bond could sometimes lead to workplace dating. 

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How to Ask a Girl Out (Without Being Weird or Awkward)

ask her out: date cover image

Know a girl who you find attractive and think of asking her out?

Unfortunately …

You don’t know how to do it since you haven’t tried it before (or you’re just not good asking girls out.)

And you worry you will make a mistake and it will all end up being awkward.

Perhaps you’ve already talked and wanted to ask her out but didn’t know how to phrase things nicely.

You even had the whole plan in your head, but when you were about to say it, you backed out the last second. 

If that sounds familiar, I’ve got some good news for you.

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