Office romances… it’s always something to watch out for.

For one thing, it can be against the rules and for most, it never works out quite well in the end, leaving only bad memories and uncomfortable situations once it’s over. Worst, you could end up leaving the job and moving on to somewhere far, far away.

But there are also those few who successfully get to meet their mate in the workplace. You often hear stories of how they meet and how it happened while they’re on the elevator or near the coffee machine.

If you find someone at work interesting, someone you fancy, and would like to her ask out on a date, you better think about it first. Think about the consequences of what your actions will do.

What I’m saying is, think of the situation you’re in before asking your coworker out on a date. You’ll have to follow some rules on the office different from that of somewhere else when you want to attract women.

The weight becomes more heavy if you have a good position in your company which you don’t want to ruin or give up. People will notice and will start talking once something is going on. Gossip will spread around and they’ll be looking at you differently.

If you can’t handle the pressure of office romance, better be prepared for it, especially if you’re position is higher than the girl you want to date or you’re her direct superior in your department or section. You don’t want any possible legal cases filed against you later on when something goes horribly wrong.

Once you’ve taken all those things into consideration and you’re excited to go out with her, make sure she knows you, or at least she’s familiar with who you are. You can’t just bring up going out out of nowhere.

Follow the steps on how to attract women. You got to warm her to your presence first where she’s also interested in going out with you. There should be at least some flirting and teasing before you ask your coworker out on a date.

Once your interaction with her becomes ripe for the picking, suggest a casual lunch or dinner with her during workdays. It’s easier to build more comfort and connection with her if you two are alone with each other, making it easier and natural to go to the next level of the relationship.